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Georgia department of community affairs personal injury liability and discrimination

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Georgia department of community affairs personal injury liability and discrimination
Georgia department of community affairs personal injury liability and discrimination - Image 2
Updated by user Oct 14, 2012

Former Georgia resident now living in (ASHEVILLE, NC)

Original review Oct 14, 2012
Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs rental assistance unit employees intentionally discriminate, retailate, and put those on the housing choice voucher program in harms way thru negligent housing inpsections and forcing participants to remain in those homes out of indifference to the safety of the participants, they also do this in retaliation for participants reporting the agency to the federal government for abuse of power, and state created dangers that are imposed on participants in the state of Georgia. In my 3+ years of attempting to get justice and compensation as mandated (by FEDERAL AND STATE LAW) for absolute proof of GA DCA'S national origin (American Indian- Cherokee)/ color/ race discrimination, disability and family status discrimination, retaliation, and personal injury my family suffered due to STATE CREATED DANGERS and all the cruel and intentional acts done by Georgia DCA's rental assistance employees of the as of May 1 2012 closed Carrollton GA DCA rental assistance office that employed 5 named employees who are Karen Loveless, Laruth Holloway, Jeff Abney, Jacqueline Nunis, Geoffrey Parker who were involved in the said acts above. Not to mention the fact that the Head of GA DCA Commissioner Michael Beatty repeatedly ignored the liable acts of his employees when it was reported to him and to the state of Georgia. I can't change the facts because the facts are what occurred, GA DCA can't change the facts of what its employees did, nor can any HUD Fair Housing or Equal Opportunity Investigator namely Renetta Lee who made a claim that none of the said acts ever happened and who underhandedly worked with the state of Georgia to cover up the facts of the case against GA DCA by either hiding and or twisting these facts, and lastly neither can any other government agency conceal the truth because the people can see the facts as they are and the facts are as clear and bright as the sun shining with truth for all to see, so much that even the blind would feel the heat of truth shining on their faces, the truth is the truth and the facts are the facts. Investigate the truth for yourself and don't ever 100% depend on the facts as presented by any third party government official or MSM news source. HOW TO FIND OUT THE REAL TRUTH: FOR ONE, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING SO IMPRESSED BY AN OFFICIAL TITLE AND BEGIN ASKING YOURSELF WHAT IS THIS PERSON DOING WITH THAT POSTITION OF POWER? ARE THEY BEING FAIR AND FOLLOWING THE LAW, OR ARE THEY DOING FAVORS, ABUSING POWER, AND LYING TO THE PUBLIC... WHEN YOU BEGIN ASKING YOURSELF THIS THEN YOU CAN BEGIN TO KNOW THE TRUTH. DOCUMENTED PROOF OF SETTLEMENT ATTEMPT BY GA DCA SEE VIDEO PROOF OF GA DCA ATTEMPTING TO SETTLE CLAIM'S FROM 2009 AND 2010 THAT HUD'S RENETTA LEE AND GA DCA CLAIM DOES NOT EXIST. DATE OF DOCUMENTED SETTLEMENT ATTEMPT BY GA DCA APRIL 2012 The FACTS don't change, can't be hidden, and will remain the same... GA DCA acknowledged their fault and liability for the illegal acts of its employees thru their settlement attempt with me-Sonya Braxton(sb4justice) thru a HUD official. Whatever HUD's Atlanta office does to cover for GA DCA doesn't cover up DCA's admitted liability for acts of discrimination, retaliation, and exposing my family to state created dangers. I was warned by others that HUD's Atlanta office was corrupt and now I see everything connected to government in Georgia is corrupt whether it be federal or state these government agencies including HUD Atlanta will try to cover up illegal acts of the state of Georgia, including some within the court of Atlanta, GA. The only good thing that came out of the mess of a HUD investigation done by HUD's Atlanta Renetta Lee is that in April 2012 GA DCA ABSOLUTELY attempted to settle the same claims HUD Atlanta Renetta Lee aka Georgia's FLUNKY falsely stated I didn't have, so if my claims of discrimination, retaliation, and personal injury due to state created dangers were not proven by my audio and document evidence that GA DCA did review WHY DID GA DCA ON THEIR OWN AS A STATE OF GEORGIA AGENCY try to settle the personal injury, discrimination, and retaliation claims this past April 2012??? WHO IN ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY WOULD EXPOSE THEMSELVES TO ACKNOWLEDGING LIABILITY WITH ATTEMPTED SETTLEMENT UNLESS THEY KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THEY ARE LIABLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF, AND WHO WOULD TRY TO SETTLE CLAIMS FROM AS FAR BACK AS 2009 & 2010 IN APRIL 2012 IF THEY ARE NOT ABSOLUTELY LIABLE??? sb4justice on Twitter, sb4justice on Open Salon, sb4justice Youtube, and Sonya Braxton as interviewed in Lawless America The Movie TRUTH ALWAYS WINS BECAUSE THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT NO MATTER HOW DEEP SOMEONE TRIES TO BURY IT, THE TRUTH STANDS STRONG AND WILL KNOCK DOWN A LIE EVERY SINGLE TIME, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS IN THE END! ------------------------------------------------ Previously a Georgia resident: Who with children moved from the state of Georgia in Dec. 2011 back to North Carolina and have been the victims of discrimination while residing in GEORGIA based on race, national origin, color, family status, and disability, and also a state created danger due to employees of the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs Rental Assistance Unit in Carrollton GA being the culprits. 5 rogue employees of GA DCA Carrollton GA Rental Assistance unit who are LaRuth Holloway, Karen Loveless, Jeff Abney, Jaqueline Nunis, and Geoffrey Parker all went out of their way to violate Sonya Braxton and children rights. These GA DCA employees did culpable acts by interfering with housing area choices by stopping Sonya Braxton's voucher use in white area's of Georgia that include Cherokee, Pickens, Paulding, Fannin, Gilmer and also Bartow counties, tampered with racial data in that is sent to the federal government for HUD funding and accuracy in population count by race by changing Sonya Braxton and children race from the race they are American Indian to a race they are not African American in order for GA DCA to receive funding for her voucher based on fraudulent racial data entered into federal record by GA DCA employees, endangering the wellness and safety of this former section 8 participant and children by forcing all to live in substandard housing with a failed septic and possible run off of waste to the well water supply on property, and also exposing the family to faulty wiring and a crooked landlord who demaned side payments and GA DCA was still paying rent to this crooked landlord even after he was reported for landlord fraud by Sonya Braxton but Sonya Braxton's voucher was taken out of discrimation and from that point on Sonya Braxton and children faced acts of retaliation by GA DCA employees for reporting these facts to HUD. Family was also made homeless and had to live in their car because of Laruth Holloway by retaliation holding a housing voucher all the way until Sept 2009 that should have been given to Sonya Braxton and family in July 2009, some family members suffered health issues from exposure to bad air quality in Haralson County, GA section 8 rental due to septic gases in the unrepaired home family was forces to remain in due to retaliation among other wrongs done to Sonya Braxton and family. Thru coercion the Sonya Braxton and family were forced by GA DCA employees to give up the housing voucher due to the oppression and discrimination done by GA DCA and its employees toward Sonya Braxton and children. The Federal Court in Atlanta, GA thru corrupt judge William S. Duffey, Jr. and a few appeal court judges helped cover up the wrong doings of Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs after Sonya Braxton filed a strong complaint against GA DCA, et al. The courts and court clerks hid evidence and dismissed the case number 1:10_cv_2446wsd and 11th circuit appeal number 10-1**** in order to help GA DCA, et al avoid a lawsuit that could have paid damages and punitive damages to family in the millions. NOTICE: The Carrollton - GA DCA office located at 158 Parkwood Circle, Carrollton GA # 770-838-**** has been permanently closed as of May 1st 2012, this office closure has also taken place during the current HUD investigation into Sonya Braxton and Family complaints against Georgia Department of Community Affairs, et al due to 5 DCA employees illegal act against Sonya Braxton and Family, these same 5 employees named on Sonya Braxton sb4justice blog were employed at the Carrollton, GA location. This abrupt closure of the Carrollton office is more than an out of the blue consolidation as some GA DCA employees in the Central office in Atlanta, GA suggest due to the fact there are only a handful of Carrollton GA DCA employees left out of approx. 21 which also includes the 5 rogue employees named in Sonya Braxton's complaint that were employed by the Carrollton office, but now only a handful out of 21 employees will be transferred to other GA DCA office locations.
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All tenants are not dirty some actually keep a clean house, the state of Georgia will always be at fault for the faulty septic tank on that property in Haralson County, GA, and also the mold infestation in that same house BOTH which caused the lung injuries of the mother and child in this complaint. GA DCA did not follow HUD HQS, end of story.

You are stereotyping low income tenants.

You probably work for GA DCA, they probably paid $$$ you to post your comment. Liability and responsibility is on GA DCA FOREVER for injuries caused by their negligent and spiteful action against this family in retaliation because GA DCA was reported by this family to HUD for GA DCA racism against this family.


Im all for fighting authorities who abuse the power. Still thuough if people are getting thrown out for having a nasty *** place. Read the rules and clean that place up before inspection, yeah the rules are nazi like but what do you expect for a place that is based off your income, i believe in fighting for your right and owning to your mistakes, dont be *** and the abusive power will fall helped by your actions.

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