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Strip Club Staff Strangles Client

Georges Dancin Bare - Strip Club Staff Strangles Client
Georges Dancin Bare - Strip Club Staff Strangles Client
Georges Dancin Bare - Strip Club Staff Strangles Client
I was recently assaulted and strangled to death by a staff member at Georges Dancin Bare. A "gentleman's club" located at 440 North Interstate Avenue in Portland, Oregon. What began as fun night with friends at a never before seen dive known for its filthiness ended with a nearly fatal assault on a customer by employees with an established track record of both rude and violent behavior. If I had done my research before my friends mentioned going to a club called "Dancin Bare" I would have both suggested a better place or reacted with something other than a joke about what sounded like "dancing bear" being the possible name of a place for overweight gay men. From the second you enter Dancin Bare you will see why one City Search review titled "eww" described it as "Yuck dirty. Won't go near the place again. The entertainment was as dirty as the rest of it. This place should not be located in a residential neighborhood." A filthy dive of a bar that rivals the most "Animal House" like fraternity basements. Not surprising for what on the outside looks like sleazy hotel in one of Portland's most ghetto areas not ideal for slumming. The behavior of the staff members has been well documented in recent years as one ranter describes, "Staff was very rude and would never go back" and another describes the bartenders as "the most unfriendly i've ever encountered". A Feeling shared by a City Search reviewer who had "never been treated so bad by a bartender". Most alarming is the review about the security staff "throwing me on my head" as one man describes his ejection on a night where he "out drank Ireland" and "jumped on stage topless". None of this compares to the blatant assault on me by an out of control security guard. It all started early on, but the exact timing I don't recall. I had been drinking beers and barhopping with some old friends from college. I was sitting at the rack with my cell phone in my lap as i looked down at the screen thumbing through options. A guard came over and asked me to put the phone away and I obliged. I think he might have thought I was taking pictures of the dancers, but he never asked to see the phone (not that I would have given it to him) or to see any of the media folders (where pictures and videos are stored). A little bit later I came back from the bathroom and found that my friends had moved from the stage to the pool table. They had already started a game so I just stood by and sipped on a beer that they gave me while talking and watching them play. After a few minutes a guard came over and told me that I was cutoff. In a civil tone I started questioning him as to why due to the fact that I had not been causing trouble or bothering anyone. After a minute or two the negotiations were going nowhere, as I was finishing my beer when all of a sudden he grabbed my arm and I jerked away in a natural reaction before being tackled and placed in a choke hold. After I was on the ground being strangled from behind to the point of nearly loosing consciousness I kept signaling a tap out wresting style (one free hand tapping three times against the ground), but he continued to strangle me multiple times despite the fact that I was in no position to fight back or otherwise pose a threat to him. He let me go eventually and I never plan on going back. I'm just your average sized intellectual with no notable physical strength. One look at me and most guys won't be concerned about ever getting into a physical confrontation. If he wanted me out of there so badly he should have just called the police to have me escorted out without attacking me. Even if using a life threatening choke hold is necessary it should not be applied to someone after they tap out at which point its continued use becomes deliberate life threatening torture of a defenseless person. I am currently thinking of going lawyer shopping depending on what kind of evidence and/or witnesses I can compile. Not even the guy on Bar Fly Mag who jumped on the stage topless got put in a choke hold and certainly someone standing still minding his own business does not deserve to be subjected to a martial arts move the use of which is currently discouraged, restricted, or banned by all U.S. law enforcement agencies due to risk of fatal injuries. Cited Sources:****?reviewId=4861****
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You didnt use APA citations, therefore I had to turn this paper over to tge dept head. Plagiarism is unacceptable.

However, if you were choked to death how are you writing this long winded *** session?


It takes time to be strangled to death so the guy is correct . . .strangulation leads to death.


Im so sorry this happened to you. You didnt deserve that. Maybe get a good physical therapist and verbally express your ordeal would help.


Riiigghtt... You were "strangled to death" yet lived to tell your sordid tale on complaint websites...


ded. no big surprise


thanks for the laugh. your post was too funny.


Firstly, an "intellectual" wouldn't be caught dead at a dive like this, not even for the sake of irony.

Secondly, if you're going to whine, err.. I mean attempt to "review" a business, the words should be your own. Quoting other reviews seems unoriginal.

Lastly, it would seem the only real problem here would be your problem handling alcohol.


I don't condone the behavior. However, stating that you've been "strangled to death" when you're clearly alive enough to type a review weakens your credibility.

I am not saying I don't believe you, but others will have a difficult time supporting you when they find an inconsistency (or hyperbole) in the first five (5) words. I DO want the word out if this indeed happened. You deserve that and the perpetrators brought to justice.

I just want to help you realize that your presentation of the situation might be counter-productive to what is an otherwise important message. Hope this message finds you well.


This experience taught you more than a thousand advises. If it looks like ghetto run.

Don't care where your friends want to be, go away, that is why i tell my sons and daughter take your car, so you can leave when you want to and do not have to depend on anyone.

It is a warning for you, you almost lost your life. Where there is liquor there is problem and likely drugs, which seems to me, that was the case with the bartender, he has probably ingested some drugs and wanted to vent his violent beast on someone who was alone and that was no physical match for him.


"Assaulted and strangled to death"? Yet you have posted this review.

Dead men can't tell tales!

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