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On Wednesday July24th 2016 i brought my dell tower to Geek Squad in Roseville Michigan,I brought it in to fix one problem an Explorer.exe problem. , which worked when it was broughtThat was all it need to be fixed. Now 6 days later i am still without my computer. I asked that they not restore of format it unless absolutely necessary. I did not want to lose my data. So i paid 100.00 to have them back up the data, which in itself is a ripoff....
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I didn't like
  • Workers lack of expertise and lying
I recently took my custom built computer to Geek Squad. I was charged the standard $100 to diagnose. I then received a call from the technician who informed me they were not able to diagnose, and if they could, they could not repair because it was a Cyberpower machine. They told me parts had to be ordered from Cyberpower, and they weren't authorized to order from them. When i picked up my machine, i did receive my $100 back, but it would have...
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