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This company offered me a loan in the amount of $5,000 with a payment of $152.00 a month for 36 months. This company refuses to be paid by ACH. They requested my user name and my password for my checking account, so that they could have access to ones account to take their payment. I refused to give them these personal access to my account. I refused the loan and hung up. Be careful out there. We live in dishonest times! THE COMPANY went... Read more

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I am closing my Account with Pay Pal Smart Connect and from what I have heard this will not be an easy thing to do.My payments are credited late.....They hold back one moth before your last payments get to be on the statement they send.You never seem to know what your real balance is.....It's difficult to find anywhere where my payments are that I made//I called and tell me go to Wallet and you will find it there .I did and Nothing....I am... Read more

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Hello everyone, Be very careful with Paypal Smart Connect.... They're not your friends of credit. They will not send you a statement/bill and tell you they have. I spent over two hours on the phone with costumer no service, which in that time I was disconnected on 3 times. I found out that I was late on a small balance that I never knew I had and they reported me to all credit agency as a high risk client. My credit score dropped over 10% of my... Read more

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I had a PayPal Extras Master Card until 2/12/2015 when I received a letter from SYNCHRONY BANK, P. O. BOX 965004, ORLANDO, FL 32896-4483 informing me the account was closed because my payments submitted by my Credit Union were not honored. Checking with SYNCHRONY BANK and OUR CREDIT UNION on a conference call it was determined the last number on my account was changed from a 5 (five) to a 0 (zero). The bank denied the number was changed from a 5... Read more

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There will be copies of documents that I have sent to the various state & federal agencies since 2011. I can't even picture how many Billions & Billions of dollars these "EVIL CROOKS" have made compliments of the Confused Financial Protection Bureau along with the other state & federal agencies which in my opinion are "ILLEGAL"! They can send you statements which inform you that you owe more then you actually do, then they can take... Read more

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GE Capital 'Synchrony Bank' has to be one of the most crooked companies every known. I've had a good standing with them until we opened a new account in January-2015. They sent a statement for the new balance the very next day and demanded initial payment within 24 days. Naturally, I didn't realize the short notice statement since the account was JUST OPENED, however incorrectly assumed I'd be invoiced in 15-30 days or so. In any event, the... Read more

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Please look at the uploaded documents so that you can see what I'm talking about. I do not understand why "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" closed their files on all the documents & complaints that I sent to them about these "Evil Corporations" a copy & paste is at the bottom of this post on how they based there decision. Just think how many "Billions & Billions & Billions" they continue to make. I like to refer them as... Read more

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This company's billing practices are very tricky. The interest charges are very punitive, and since changing their name from GE to Synchrony deliberately try to deceive and confuse accounts and money debited from checking accounts. They deny receiving payments and you never get a straight answer from the folks in "INDIA"... Currently I am trying to get this company to acknowledge they have been receiving payments from my account and not giving... Read more

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Dear ##### We are responding to your recent application for a PAYPAL (Reference Number: K5P4M4). Please click here to review the response on our secure site. To help reduce our impact on the environment, we are sending this letter to you electronically. You can download or print the letter for your records. If you have trouble opening this within your email system, copy the link below into a new browser and hit enter. This will bring you to an... Read more

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I have been using Pay PAl for a long time now and I have recently found out about the "smart card" account with a balance of over three hundred dollars. I saw that there were several items that I had bought but I thought I was using Pay Pal like IU always had. I always paid my bills on time on line. I would call Pay Pal at times to check my account and would be told my balance was zero and everything was alright. I recently called Pay Pal about... Read more

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