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I priced out my 4th generation iPad with gazelle. I was quoted a price for an average condition model and accepted the amount. To my pleasant surprise, when they received the iPad, they sent a note saying they were upping my amount because it was in great condition. All was great to this point...then it happened. I received the check for the higher amount and deposited into my checking account. Two days later and the check is rejected from the...
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Anonymous OMG!!! The exact same thing just happened to me right now!


Mailed off my devices ipad2 and iPod classic in their pre paid boxes.They claimed they never got the items. I contacted customer service after a couple of weeks and they said this is an issue for you to take up with the post office. Will never ever suggest anyone use them. There must be better places out there. I could have sold them on eBay for a little more money but did not want to go thru the hassle of listing etc. what ever you do. Did not...
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smokepetfree I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Does the tracking status shows that the item never arrived? Check your Gazelle account for the tracking number. Or ask Gazelle directly...