New-Age Pryamid Scam

All of these comments/complaints are correct. The Gatway promotions I am referring is in Parsiphany NJ ran by Nicole This company will lure you in by careerbuilder ads saying "Marketing specialist" or "Marketing Manager" and they will not tell you the truth until you have committed to the company, moved, and can't escape. I was told I would make at MINIMUM roughly 500/week and I would work SOME nights and weekends. In truth, you may make 600/2weeks AND you will work every weekend and late night 3-4 times a week. On top of that, your travel can be up to 80 miles per day and they will ONLY give you a $10 travel expense when you go from the office directly to SAMS Club or Costco. They nickel and dime you here as well because they give you hours that may be an hour after the office, so you won't get travel expenses. They also have the nerve to give you the excuse "Well we don't know where you're going after you get out of the office so we're not going to pay for your travel." For real? You wouldn't even have time to go home, and what would the difference be. This is the type of idiocy that can be expected... They nickel and dime their sales reps in numerous ways, not only for travel (Cost me about 80$/weeks in gas and I'd be lucky if i got 20$ travel expense because they would pull that hour after office so they didn't have to pay me). Another way they nickel and dime you is when you travel (Which is REQUIRED to be promoted in any way). They will send you away for 12 days to a hotel with not kitchen and refuse to give you a meal allowance. Stock up on microwavable meals..which will still cost you about 2 days work for the trip just to eat like ***. They're excuse for not paying a meal allowance is " Well we don't feed you when you're here in NJ so why would we pay for your food when your away on business...Yes, they actually say this. They also ask for "flexibility" from their reps, but what they are really saying is that "I lack brain cells so I can't organize work hours for my employees so i'll constantly change your hours throughout the week so you can't have ANY plans because if you don't adhere to the changes I make, you won't be promoted." On a good week you will have your RIDICULOUS schedule the Saturday before your work week. Hours for a typical week will be 11-7, 11-3, 3-7, 10-6, 3-8:30. Work that around a human beings life and you'l realize you can't have one. All in all,this is a business model that does work, but you must suffer for about a year before you can make more than minimum wage. If you stick it out, you will have to move to another area to open up your own office. It is truly amazing that most of the sales reps don't have a problem with these ridiculous business practices because they are so naive they do not know how a REAL business should work. This type of business model is this generations version of a pyramid scam like Amway, Quickstar, trump network ETC. Similar companys are 5 North and QIPC. Know what you are getting into before you actually make a serious commitment. This job is only IDEAL for people who are taking one class in community college. I tried my best with this company for almost a year. I became a "Leader" ( a useless promotion where you don't get paid any more but you split your commission with new hires who can't sell anything) semi quickly but I have a child and a boyfriend and this job is so demanding (with so little compensation) that even if I made it to Manager of my own office, my life would be in shambles so bad that it would take me a year to get back my life so I could enjoy the success...if i could live with myself for putting others through the same *** without fear of afterlife servitude of Satan If you're into this ***. go ahead and apply, but it's not for people who want to have a life, friends, or a family for 1-2 years of your life. Hope you don't make the same mistake I did. - Pissed
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I "worked" here for 2 weeks last summer. Everything posted above is spot on.

I am ashamed it took for me to get my first excuse for a paycheck combined with an over the phone business meeting on "blind faith in the system" before I realized that I had been heartlessly duped by Nicole. I thought I was going to start a new career for my growing family, but I was dead wrong and downright decieved into thinking so. Anytime money was discussed the subject was quickly changed. The hours were rediculous, starting with a worthless "business meeting" starting at the office around 7:00 and ending around 9.

You then went to a costco or sam's club and proceeded to slave away for less money than the actual employees at said stores. It was a complete joke. I cannot believe that they had so many people fooled. They have "employees" who are genuinly good people who are being duped.

I wish I would have spoken up to everyone I worked with when I finally realized that I had been caught up in a very intricate and well disguised pyramid scheme. Some of them were recent college graduates who were wasting their precious time. I hope in hindsight that they came to the same realization that I did and have since found an actual career. I cannot believe I fell for this and I hope this post keeps others from making the same mistake I did.

I even went as far as to skip a trip home to see my family meet my baby boy for the first time to stay and work here.

A decision I will regret for the rest of my life.


I have a call with this company in about an hour...I had a feeling something was going on....Glad I read this...I'll still take the call and see what kinda BS they have to say...

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Gateway Promotions in Morristown NJ

This company is a joke. I had recieved an interview for a position in which I applied to. The position was entirely different than I applied to. If you would like to slave away and sell mediocre products in a SAMs club or Costco, than be my guest. In the interview the lady stated that they will choose from the ten best candidates, halfway through the interview I had to stop the interviewer and tell her I could not hear her cause another interviewer was saying the same exact thing to another individual. This company is a scam. Do not apply to them.
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Everything above is absolutely true. Complete scam.

Stay away. I am ashamed to say I lasted two weeks before I realized I had been duped. A heartless fleecing of actual people who want to better their professional lives. Nicole even had the audacity to put down traditional retirement routes taken by my family during one of her "meetings" I cannot stress to you enough how much of a scam this whole thing is.

I feel for the people who are still there. The only way to make any real money is to become a "manager" and dupe others into making no money and having no life. If you can live with yourself doing this for a living, be my gues.

Just know that bad karma will be coming your way at some point. I cannot stress this enough: STAY AWAY!


This complaint is absolutely correct. I was suspicious of this company after I was called back for a position with their Management Training Program instead of the position that I applied for (Marketing Coordinator).

The job was also in a different location than listed in the advertisement. I really knew something was up when they scheduled me for an "event interview" at a Sam's Club.

After seeing the interview details I emailed them back and asked them to reschedule the interview until after they were able to answer a few in-depth questions for me that I had pertaining to the job and their company... they never responded to my email or questions.


What's with all these scam jobs and how are they even in business is appalling!This is a scam job I can tell...but I won't give away how I can tell because I'm not going to play with these horrible joke for a company. Since I've been looking for a job...

I been to able to notice the scam jobs, but this one is new to me. Thank you for your post Cag 336!

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