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I have had to replace this machine 3 times now,at $50 each time for whatever,that is 150 plus the next $50 to replace this one.This just sucks.DO NOT WASTE UR CASH ON THIS GARBAGE.HOW do you replace or should I say how many times do you continue to replace this or decide to cut your losses?With the amount of money you initially spend and then purchase the bags and continue to pay fees when do you stop? I have never had a "one pass" experience...
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I didn't like
  • Not being able to contact costumer service or go onto website
While using vacuum the handle simply broke in half about half way down vacuum.Second time we had an issue with vacuum. Got a replacement the first time, but now I believe they are out of business. So much for lifetime warranty. I wonder how long the free bags for life will continue before they simply run out of bags. I wonder if you can file a suit against them to get my money back or a new vacuum.I have tried to call them, but their only number...
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I have had a Garry Vacuum for 5-6 years, the first one lasted less than a year, they replaced it, cost me $50 shipping. The 2nd one burned up recently and I have been waiting for a new one to replace it for 2 months, they say they are on back order. BS. I have called 3 times and it does not seem like they care. I would not purchase this vacuum do to there poor service. They give you free bags but charge a high handling fee, they still want to...
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Garry Vacuum Ultra Light Vacuum Cleaner Review

Broken at handle halfway replace
I purchased a Gary Vacuum in 2011 and it has been the best vacuum that I have ever owned. I haven't had one problem with it and I purchased the Ultralight Professional.I change the bags regularly. I sucked up something hard into the fan and it broke the vacuum.I called and they sent me a free vacuum, no hassle in a reasonable amount of time.I did pay postage but that is okay it was my fault. I'm sorry these other people are pissed off and had a...
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