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List of department defects:

1. Having a Chief that resists city imposition of secondary educational requirements from recognizable accredited learning institutions as prerequisite for promotion. Fish rots from the head down.

2. Having a Chief that hires and promotes based almost entirely on loyalty and willingness to do as instructed, regardless of integrity, as opposed to promotion based on credentials, accomplishments, and meritocracy. Example, officer Charles W. Starnes, Riverside County Sheriffs Department reject and closet alcoholic. Perhaps this is why his wife left him? How ironic it is that the benevolent “Chief” promoted this reject to head the department’s staffing efforts.

3. When a department’s chosen hires fail to graduate the academy, rather than direct scrutiny upon those department members who selected the underachievers, they enact an aggressive policy of recruiting other department graduates, or even in the past, guaranteeing badges to recruits willing to pay their own way through the academy, the latter being the proverbial equivalent of selling badges. Once these “lateral” transfer officers leave their previous department, the deception is complete. Knowing such transfers will likely be barred from returning to their previous department, GGPD has little motivation to honor the pledge that yielded the transfer. On a positive note, GGPD has a reputation for hiring those deemed unfit by other departments so disciplinary problem officers are encouraged to apply, just don’t try and “lateral transfer” from GGPD. The traits recognized and honored by this department are valued by no other respectable department or agency.

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9. In this month of March, 2018, Garden Grove Police shot ant killed a yet to be named man age of 31.

In an event that stinks of murder, officers shot a claimed probation violator in the city of Santa Ana. With a firm grasp of both departmental and operational jurisdiction, I cannot begin the fathom why GGPD would be surveiling a probation violator(this responsibility belongs with the county sheriff and probation department) in the city of Santa Ana( who bears ultimate jurisdiction for crimes committed in city) by an agency without operational jurisdiction or even probable cause.

To the attorney that sues this agency, focus on the statistical accuracy of department complaint figures. Compare their figures to any other department.


8. This is a quote taken directly from Garden Grove Police Association website.

Perhaps you can spot the contradiction.In order to achieve this goal, the GGPA strives to promote a high level of commitment to public safety and professionalism within the ranks of the Garden Grove Police Department via an emphasis on education, legal support, community outreach and trust building.Both the current Chief, Todd Elgin, and several previous misfits attended University of Phoenix, a diploma mill “university” lacking the respectability of either the UC or Cal State university systems, or any of the other 50 states university systems. This diploma mill university will graduate with honors, virtually any student capable of attending their online courses, regardless of any testing or assignment submission.

Your men and wife must be so proud of your education Mr. Elgin


7. Those filing a complaint against an officer need to understand this department’s illegitimacy, and how to avoid their abuse.This department has a couple requirements for their review of your complaint.

One such rule is to require you meet with supervisor, prior to receiving a complaint form. Another rule is they require filers endure an interview at a later date, but before their final considerationless determination. These requirements are both unconstitutional, and obstacles designed solely to frustrate the process. Do not consent to either, demand all information in writing, no matter how much they press you to call them on the phone.

In your complaint, stipulate in your complaint requesting final determination based on the submission alone. Advise the you waive this request, but still expect a written determination including finding of fact. Do not except their “unfounded” determination lacking accurate fact finding. Any questions of this department’s integrity are obvious upon their proclaimed annual complaint statistics.

GET EVERYTHING in writing, always mail traceable delivery. Assume the inevitable fact that they will conceal, lie, and deceive, in petty ways that will lead you to question their intelligent, in addition to integrity. I can’t overemphasize the value recording every call, meeting, or document during the ordeal. If you follow these suggestion, when they render their considerationless, unfair decision, you can either file a writ at local courthouse, to compel their performance, but my favorite is submit your claim to local DA, state attorney general, also the FBI.

It is not easy, but the process is bearable. Just don’t expect legitimacy, this department is rotten!


6.I personally like how the department’s most proud accomplishment is membership to CALEA. GGPD literally mentions this meaningless fact in the beginning of all department marketing collateral in an effort to suggest department professionalism.

Interestingly they pay $3000 a year for this Better Business Bureau type dinstiction. Also interesting, of the dozens of police and law enforcement agencies in Southern California, only Tustin and Garden Grove patronizes CALEA.

Unlike Garden Grove suggest, Tustin is a professional department, and they barely mention CALEA in any public published material. Perhaps a better measure of professional might better be calculated by counting the number of citizens killed after police encounters?


5. When a police chief possessing a degree from diploma mill “university” is in need of relief from embarrassing news reports, what does he do?

Ply the media with news of officer assisted child delivery as opposed the taking responsibility for the death of a healthy young man because your stupid officers didn’t understand the need to remove finger from tazer button. Don’t forget to justify the “probation violator”, the one you killed outside of your jurisdiction both precedural and operational


4. Only the worst law enforcement departments would actually promote partial body camera and officer encounter recordings as beneficial to society and the community.

The department knows, as do those in the industry, that partial recordings, or more aptly named “selective recording” is worst than no recording. It is well established that when partial recording officer encounters are allowed, department’s will simply not record or present recordings of events that demonstrate evidence of their poor behavior. Perhaps this is why most legitimate departments subject their officers to threat of termination for unauthorized interruption of police encounter recordings.

Of course, GGPD is hardly a legitimate law enforcement department. This department proudly acknowledges selective officer encounter recordings, is this fact surprising?

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