Garbageman Waste Recycling Service Reviews

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Value for money
GarbageMan, A Green Company is not reliable. On several occasions they did not pick up my trash. When I called their 800 number, I NEVER got a live person, only an answering machine. Most of the time they called back but several times they did not. They always said that I must not have put my trash out in time (I put it out the night before). Once they said their trucks were broken down and they couldn't get out until the following week. Don't...
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Garbage Man a Green Company, Aurora CO is horrible. They missed my recycling on the first pick up in July. We let that go. They missed my recycle day on Monday 3 August 15. They have missed before and have always picked up on Tuesday. When this did not happen I called Wednesday. They apologized and said it would be picked up Wednesday the 5th. Well nobody showed up. I called Thursday and was put on hold while they contacted the driver. The...
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I didn't like
  • Stopped picking up our recycle
  • Promised to pick up next day and never show up
  • 100 dollars to cancel contract even when services not provided
If you are looking for a garbage Hauler in the Sioux Falls area do not go with Garbage Man.I have had more issues with them than I have with all the other garbage Haulers I have dealt with. For example I have a single car driveway and they keep leaving the cans at the front and middle of the driveway. They have also not picked up all my garbage and recycling at times. Their customer service sounds like they will take care of it but they same...
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I didn't like
  • Problems not being fixed