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Complaint about service department

I can't begin to tell you about the manager at Ganley Volkswagen in Bedford Ohio her name is Margaret and she is very nasty this is about the third hands again that I've had with her the one that I had today was unbearable and I just ignored her I waited a week and a half to get my car in she told me you don't have to admit she had was at 10 in the morning I said well I have to be at work and I have to see if I can get off early to bring my car in and I also told her that I would need a rental to get back to work and I also have a second job she told me today that she didn't have a runner for me but she would get me a ride back to work or home I was speechless my blood pressure Rose I wanted to the waiting room and waited for someone to come and get me and take me home the person that took me home was very nice even apologized that the situation was happening. to me I told him that I couldn't take anymore from her and that I would have my wife call when I got home my wife wanted me to call corporate and complain sorry it took me so long to get back with you guys but this has been nothing but a big headache to me I would love for someone from this department to give me a call anytime tomorrow 216-512-**** also I'm the same person called before about me picking up my car and the mechanic that worked on my car had grease all over the steering wheel and the door handle inside and out which got all over my clothes all I got was an apology I am really dreading going back up there to pick up my car I'm doing my best with the upkeep of my car Margaret takes it upon herself to come into the waiting room full of people and read off everything that's wrong with my car instead of calling me to the desk like they normally do this is really too much
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service