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this {{Redacted}} is despised by tenants. employees, town offices wherever he has property, board of health, police, insurance, neighbors, essentially everyone. only a few creatures like himself in his social circle will have anything to do with him and that is in case they may need him in a business deal. oh yeah, and the cheap 19 year olds who are with him hoping to get a house, car, trips, *** jobs, money. he let's people in to tenants apartment's to help themselves, many have retaliated against him by severely destroying property but all he does is put in an insurance claim abd get his undocumented cheap labor to clean up. they tell you there is a washer and dryer, but forget to tell you they havent worked in years.
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map-marker Sheffield, Alabama

Gallo is a terror

Gallo needs to leave his former tenants alone. He tries to milk out money from every tenant that moves out for this so called damages. He terrorizes college students even years after they move out of his *** overpriced apartments! The women that work in his office are rude and impolite. I seriously have never hated someone more than this man. He needs to get his license pulled, too bad he's worked his way up to some Boston "socialite." He is still harassing me YEARS after I have moved out. Nothing will stop this man from getting unearned money that he does not deserve.
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Hey, here's an idea! Stop answering phone calls from him!

What's he gonna do, sue you? If he was going to then he would have by now. Chances are his allegations of damage are BS and he knows it. Just ignore him, or if you're the fightin' type start recording the phone calls you get from him.

If you feel they are truly harrassment then amass as much evidence as you can and SUE HIM INSTEAD.

He obviously has enough money to make it worth your while. Just a couple suggestions...


I completely agree. He's doing the same thing to me even after ive moved out and its been years!

its so bad.

the women in the office are so rude to me too. horrible.

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Svetlana Wcx
map-marker Boston, Massachusetts

Gallo & Co Real Estate has terrible customer service

Matteo Gallo and Company Real Estate, North End, Boston, MA has terrible service. They do not respond to calls and emails. Rent checks often go missing. Realtors enter units without tenant authorization even when the unit is not for rent, and they take photographs of your home and belongings to post online for rental advertisements without your permission. Rent is very expensive and increased each year without any improvements made to the apartments or properties. They make you give 6 months notice for whether or not you will be renewing your lease, but do not send the paperwork until 30 days out. Apartment ads are often misrepresented, i.e., listing central air or roofdeck as features when in fact not provided. This company is nothing but a headache. Avoid doing business with them.
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Run the other way !!! This *** is the worst landlord I have ever come across.

I leased a high priced apartment from him for $3500 a month in the North End. For FOUR MONTHS, scalding hot water comes out of both the hot AND cold faucets in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathroom shower, and even the toilet is filled with hot water! I called this *** and he sent rude incompetent *** to look at it. They come and say they fixed it but the problem still exists.

I keep calling and he sends to *** back but they do not fix the problem. If you seek an honest honorable, respectable landlord, DO NOT USE GALLO !!! This guy is a *** who treats his customers like *** !!!!! I am currently weighing my options - unleashing my legal team on this clown or calling every city and state housing authority I can find and reporting his *** all the way up the ladder.

What a loser - what a disappointment.

If you want a nice place to live where you can focus on your life - find a different landlord. If on the other hand, you want to live in an unlivable apartment and spend all your time trying to get an inconsiderate *** to fix glaring problems - by all means rent from this joker.


WORST customer service EVER!!!!n They are rude, unresponsive, and try to play dumb when you try to hold them accountable. They are a 3 person operation and always keep people on hold, avoid phone calls, and dont get back to people with unit issues.

I'm actually shocked at how disrespectful and unapologetic they are in regards to their mismanagement!!!!!!! DONT EVER RENT WITH THEM GALLO IS A NIGHTMARE!!!


I'm interested in his business practices.


Horrible!!!! I rented from him years ago and we clearly signed a 12 month lease,we moved out.

They re-rented the 13th month and said that we signed a 13 month lease. Ru kidding?? They took us to court and that *** bag won,even though he said he didn't re-rent. Our old neighbors even wrote a note stating he did.

The lease stated 12 months but they tricked us on the dates.

***! *** Matt,hope you read these.


im a 15 year old kid. me and my mom broke the lease to move out after they didn't fix the stove that emitted nauseating chemicals into the air that gave you headaches and made your eyes hurt.

my mom had to go to mass eye and ear to get her eyes checked out due to the chemical.

on numberous occasions they came into our apartment without warning and unexpectedly. 6 months after we moved out of the apartment they called my mom telling her that we were getting sued in small claims court. i know how hard it is for her to provide for me and i thought that was it, we had lost. we both though that once she got her taxes back they were all going to gallo.

luckily i write this after the ordeal and we won the court case. is a nutcase and if he trys to sue you over anything he will try to settle with you before going in. DONT SETTLE!! he has no experience whatsoever with how to represent himself.

The Magistrate strictly asked him all these questions that he simply could not answer and he was very nice to my mom. NEVER RENT FROM THIS #^$HOLE.

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this is unbelievable, I wrote this when i was 15 and used my entire real name naively and these fools wont help me take it down.


Matteo Gallo's method of operation is to scam as much money out of his tenants as he can. He does not discriminate when it comes to money.

All he wants is the "green" and maybe his photo in a newspaper wearing one of his awful and ridiculous suits. @ Are we talking about the same...this is! What part of Pissed-Consumer don't you understand?

This isn't a pep rally to support your landlord. The website is about real people with real issues who were affected by this company in a negative way.


I lived in a Gallo apartment about 3 years ago and experienced ALL of the same issues that the people here have mentioned. On top of that, my boiler broke during the coldest week of the winter. It was so cold in my apartment that my toilet was frozen. Gallo dragged his feet, refusing to acknowledge the problem. His best suggestion for me to keep warm? Turn the oven on & open the door! Gee, thanks.... What a clown. It was finally fixed about 9 days later. Unacceptable.

Like others have said, he paraded realtors through my apartment unannounced before I even said that I would not be renewing my lease. Including once when I was still in bed, and another time when I was in the shower.

Once I finally moved out, I continued to receive incessant phone calls from his office insisting that I was not paying my rent? Each time I explained that I no longer lived there and that they needed to take my phone number off of their list. The calls continued for about a year, however, until I finally had my attorney call them.

The fact that this *** clown posts on this thread suggesting that a disgruntled employee could be logging these complaints is a joke.

Next time you see him sitting courtside at the celtics in his ostrich coat, toss your beer on him for me.


Pitiful excuse for a "legit" business. This guy is a real piece of...

work. He prances around the North End in ridiculous get-ups trying to get himself noticed. He LOVES attention. Too bad he doesn't even like being a good, legit landlord.

This office made my life living in one of his apartments a complete nightmare. They allowed realtors to come in whenever they wanted (and then claimed not to have known about it- oh great! So you don't know that random people are entering your buildings?? Any ideas where they got the keys then?) They never answer the phone and never reply to emails (unless of course you are a new customer and fresh meat for their cons to get money out of innocent victims).

I almost made the mistake of renewing my lease for another year with them because a few months before my lease was up they called me to ask if I was staying and tell me that the rent was NOT going up at all. They told me I had to let them know that day. So I said to send me the new lease which they promised in about a week. A week goes by, then a month and so on and I still have no lease.

When I call to ask about it they tell me that it's not ready and they are not sure about the price. Huh? You forced me to give you an answer months ago and now assured me the rent was staying the same and now you don't know the price and don't have my lease ready? This continues for several more weeks- they couldn't tell me how much my rent would be if I stayed and couldn't produce a new lease.

I sent an email every day about this and they never replied to them and when I called they had no answers for me. Thankfully I decided to move out after all the *** they pulled. When I saw my apartment advertised on craigslist, they increased the rent $300! Not at all worth that amount of money- they never make any repairs or improvements.

Oh, and when I moved out, they owed me my $100 key deposit which was in my original lease. They never returned it to me! I finally gave up trying to get it because I was sick of calling and emailing every day (again) about it with no results. That's part of their *** as well I'm sure- rip people off and just ignore them until they give up and go away and you keep their hard-earned money.

This place is just full of deception. Please don't do business with them- you will regret it.



I have been a long time resident of the North End, and I must say that 12 years ago when I moved here I rented my first apartment from Mr.Gallo. He personally showed me the 7 or 8 units I was interested in, untill I found the right one.

Now 12 yeras later, I am on my 3rd apartment with his company. I must say that its unfortunate to hear you all are having such issues, if it was that bad, why did you continue to renew your leases??

Like I said, last May I rented my 3rd unit from Gallo & Co., and I have nothing by good things to say about Mr.Gallo and the woman in his office who has taken my calls over the years whether it be a broken stove, or just a question about the neighborhood. I would give you 5 stars Mr.Gallo!

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