I had no concerns or complaints about my shopping and purchasing experience at gallery furniture until now. I have used GF for furniture needs for over 15 years. About 1 and half years ago I purchased close to $9000 worth of new furniture from gallery furniture. One item was a new mattress that I was told had a lifetime guarantee and that GF would stand by their products. I just called in to inquire how to access a replacement mattress for a...
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I didn't like
  • Guarantee offered is not true
My Husband and I were trying to purchase a chair to match a Mayo Sofa we purchased about 6 months ago. After trying to purchase two sectionals (very poorly made by Jonathan Luis) we had to return them to Gallery. We also paid $4K for a United Leather Chair and Ottoman that arrived to our home with the bottom of the chair slashed. Delivery Guys said it could be "repaired", yeah, not for the money we paid, it needed to be delivered in perfect...
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I liked
  • May couch and media room sectional
My name Irene ...... I want to share This happen last sat 02/27/2016 After 10+ years of devoting my life to Gallery Furniture, today I was fired. Why you may ask... Simply because Jim McIngvale aka "Mattress Mack" is a racist, sexist, homophobic, capitalist who TRULY has no care for his employees. As a single mother of two, I devoted my life, gave up late nights and every weekend to establish a career at Gallery Furniture and stabilize a...
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Anonymous She is telling the truth. He is rude and degrading to his employees and also very rude to customers. Stop being fooled by Mattress Mac. He is not the nice guy everyone thinks ...


Short Review for September 04, 2016, plc_good_service

9/3/16....I visited the Gallery Furniture in Richmond yesterday and was treated so good as a customer that I for sure will be back. BEE our salesman was the BEST!!! Thx MAC....Jerri

bedroom set Review

I have been looking for a bed set I hadn't been there in 30 yrs now i know why i stayed away over priced and also forced into credit approval only to get approved for just enough for a bed nothing else so disappointed never again !!!

Other product Review

I had a bad deal with these people
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. I have actually cancelled my order and paid 10% of my order price just so that they didn't get my full business. I regret ever stepping foot in this place. The owner was rude, the receptionist was rude and they gave me the biggest run around I have ever experienced. Any time I called, they acted as if asking when my order would be in was the biggest inconvenience. I'm considering taking them to...
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Anonymous Mattress Mack is a ego maniac and rude to all. His furniture is not all that and will take u for a financial ride if u let them. Too many other good furniture stores to go to ...

I bought Ashley Furniture and non-Ashley furniture at texas Gallery Furniture. I paid and ordered on 3/10/11. Their paperwork stated my order was not placed until the 19th of March. I was told my furniture would come in on 4/4/11 and some did, but all was defective, broken and wrong bed was delivered. The other item i ordered was on backorder but I was never told it would not be delivered with the first shipment. 1.5 months later, my sons bed...
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unhappy customer DO NOT SHOP at Texas Furniture Gallery. No matter how great the deal is. Horrible customer service AFTER purchase was made, delivery date came and went and when we complained,...


goldie2013 we also had a bad experience with this place. the owner, larry, cursed at us and threw us out saying he would keep our down payment.another worker said later we could get stor...

We bought a new bed at Gallery Furniture and I had also just gotten a brand new iPhone. These phones are $200 when you add a new line but once you add the line, the phone is at $400 to replace. My phone was sitting on table in my bedroom and the door bell rang. It was the wonderful Gallery Furniture delivery guys (two of them). Long story short, when they left, so did my iPhone. We called the store as soon as we realized it and had turned our...
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M, Morris I agree Very disrespectfull people,rude and disohnest. I Had very bad experience with Texas Gallery Furniture located at 5550 N.W Loop 410 San Antonio, Texas 78238 Ow...


Mattresses for Less You are welcome to visit our showroom, before gallery, we are Mattresses for Less, lower prices, and we respect our customers belonging.... ;)

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