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One of their insureds hit my parked unoccupied vehicle in my apartment complex parking lot, she did leave card on my windshield (great) decided to go through her carrier (Gallager Bassett) That was in November 2016, it is now January 9, 2016 and they are still disputing my rental vehicle!The body shop could not complete the work because they would not answer any phone calls, etc. Adjuster on vacation, any excuse, therefore, making me stay in the...
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Anonymous That is the same exact situation that I am in. Their insured hit my parked unoccupied car, left their insurance info and all I get from them is voicemail boxes. It happened in...

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I had a fender bender with a rental car and had my claim submitted to Gallagher Basset. I was informed that my check was mailed 9/15 but to date I have not received it(10/5). I called the adjuster Jami Gillham a week ago and was told that she would email me an affidavit to sign indicating that I had not received the check, but we agreed that I would wait a few days before signing and returning the paperwork, which has to be notorized( at my...
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Gallagher Bassett Auto Claim Review

I am currently dealing with Gallagher Bassett on a claim of their injured party who hit my vehicle. The accident occurred on October 18th 2016 the vehicle was totaled on November 10th 2016 and as of today December 13th 2016 I am now out of a job I have depleted my finances I have no vehicle and I have yet to still be paid from Gallagher Bassett Duluth GA division.