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GALAXY LANDSCAPE REVIEW I first contacted Leeza Bock, the owner of Galaxy Landscaping in March of 2020 to get a quote on 2 of my houses that were next door to each other. She made an appointment, with her brother who was the IT guy, and showed up to give us their ideas. We discussed the plants to be put in, the concrete to be poured, the curbing to be done, and the turf to be installed both houses, a fountain to be erected in my yard only. They submitted computer visuals for us to review approximately 1 week. Leeza told us both yards would be done in 2 weeks, give or take a day or two. 50% was paid upon starting in early April, 2020, and thats where the problems started to occur. The crew worked the first 1 ½ weeks without incident, but then individual persons would not show up, so they would have to go to the other house and do something else. They were alternating between both houses in stages, letting the concrete dry in one, and pouring in the other, or cleaning up one yard at a time. When construction on my fountain was started, the foreman, Florie, was there with 2 other workers who did not have the same experience in fountains as he did. He would show up with them, and then leave every day after a few hours and left them there. Leeza told me it was because he had some personal issues he was dealing with. In any event, the fountain took about a week longer than I feel was warranted because of this. When the yards were done, On either Thursday April 30th or Friday May 1st, Leeza asked me to open my daughters garage door for her guy to check watering timers, my daughter poked her head out into the garage because she was working from home at the time. She was told they were checking things and asked to have it explained to her later. This never happened, so we trusted that your team had set them to the proper settings, which at that time, would have been summer settings according to your warranty denial letter. WE NEVER CHANGED THE TIMERS OURSELVES, NOR HAD SOMEONE ELSE DO IT AT ANY TIME AFTER THEY WERE SET BY THEM. After both yards were done and Leeza had been paid in full, about 2 weeks later, my daughter noticed flooding in her yard around the curbing and the turf area. Leeza was called and she stated that the irrigation was not properly connected and sent someone out to fix it. Around the same time, I noticed that my fountain water basin was draining all the way down to nothing 2-3 times a week all of a sudden, and noticed more water around the outside of it and the curbing area. I called Leeza and asked what was going on, telling her I believed it may have a leak. She sent 2 guys out, who said there was no leak, but they rearranged the basin lining and suddenly there is no more water coming out, nor do I have to refill it every 2-3 days. Sounds like a cover up to me. BUT NOW, in the middle of Aug. 2020, THE FOUNTAIN IS OOZING A BLACK SUBSTANCE FROM AROUND THE TOP WATERFALL OUTLET, AND A YELLOW SUBSTANCE IS OOZING OUT FROM THE FOUNTAIN WALL NEAR THE WATER BASIN! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY DID, BUT IT NOW LOOKS LIKE THE ADHESIVE IS GIVING WAY OR MELTING. After contacting Leeza 2 weeks ago, she stated: Thats what happens to water in 112 degree heat, its just algae, and we told you to put hydrogen peroxide in it during the summer THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE! SHE NEVER MENTIONED THAT TO ME AT ANY TIME! I subsequently had 2 other landscapers come out and look at the fountain, and was told that NOTHING should be coming out of the fountain, heat or no heat! We both had trusted that Leeza, a supposed professional company, would make sure the water timers were set properly and that the Summer schedule was on them, since it changed May 1, 2020, and they were setting them on May 6, 2020. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. At no time did they tell us how to reset them in 3 months again due to the fall schedule. WE ARE NOT LANDSCAPERS OR GARDNERS. Unfortunately, my daughter was hospitalized for a week in mid-june due to covid, and needless to say, checking my plants was not a top priority for several weeks tending to her needs. In mid-July, we started to notice one of my trees was dying, along with several plants in both yards. We immediately called Leeza to come out and check them. She did, and told us that my daughters timer was set for 3 days/week, and that mine was set for only 2 days/week, when it should have been set for 6 days/week! When questioned about why they didnt set it correctly, or tell us how to set them in the first place, all she said was: the manual is on the wall, read it! Then she outright blamed us for being negligent! I think that a landscaping company that has been in business for over 11 years would have the professionalism, if not the courtesy, to make sure their customers understand the watering process after charging so much to have the landscaping done in the first place. Apparently, they feel that it is not their responsibility to adjust said times upon the completion of the work, or to make sure their customers are informed on how to do it when needed??? What kind of unprofessional company takes that attitude? Galaxy Landscaping, apparently. I own a service business myself, and I would NEVER treat my customers like this! Even if I believed the problem was partially their fault, I would try to work with that customer to resolve it and not just tell them it was their negligence! I would want that customer to want to use my company in the future, or to refer their friends to us by making them happy. Offering to replace the plants/trees at cost and labor is not working with me on any level---ITS MERELY ANOTHER SCAM TO GET MORE MONEY WITHOUT CLAIMING ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ERRORS! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES---THEY ARE ALL NICE AND FRIENDLY IN THE BEGINNINGUNTIL THEY GET ALL YOUR MONEY---THEN THEY ACT AS IF EVERYTHING THEY DID WRONG IS THE CUSTOMERS FAULT!
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