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Total Ripoff, Intimidation and Extortion!

I hired this company to help me move apartments within the same building. I needed help moving some furniture and a few boxes to the next floor up. According to a sign and original correspondence, I was expecting to pay $195, base rate for 2 movers for 2 hours, plus an extra $50 for every extra hour. Even though I set up this appointment weeks in advance, they showed up almost an hour late. Then, they flashed a contract that had overinflated prices, including a $75 service fee and $125 for an extra hour. I figured that this was fine, since I only needed them to move my things up 1 floor by elevator. After they were done, they demanded payment on the spot in CASH, even though their website said that they took credit card. They also refused personal checks. They wanted over $500 in extra fees and charged me for the extra hour because they were factoring in transportation time. I refused to pay because I did not have that amount of cash on me and asked for an itemized bill, to which they refused, at which point the older mover started to become belligerent and threatening to charge me more in the future if I didn't pay immediately. He also threatened to cook and eat my cat if I didn't comply. I finally left my apartment, so I could visit an ATM just to get the men to leave. I managed to "talk them down" to $430 before they finally left. They did not leave me a copy of the contract. As far as I am aware, this was extortion, plain and simple. I tried getting in contact with the company, but they are not returning any of my calls. On Yelp, the company has dozens of 1* reviews from people complaining about the exact same thing. They are listed under both G&C Moving Services and G&C Multiservices llc. I tried calling the company at all numbers listed but received no response.
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User's recommendation: AVOID AT ALL COSTS