Bob Mcdougal the broker is theft. You will struggle to get paid. He has no INTEREST in your commission all he is concerned about is covering himself. He lies to is agents for his own gain,
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Columbus, Georgia
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Future Home Reality - Simply The Worst Experience Ever

FHR Agent Derek Donnelly was my "buyer agent". He literally served as a junior assistant to the Sellers Agent. I reached out to the FHR managing broker during the transaction. He seemed accepting of the deviant actions and behavior of Mr. Donnelly. I had a 93 page home inspection report of which "my agent" battled against me to have the sellers fix anything. The FHR agents act as unsupervised lone cowboys. Worse yet, "my agent" along with a second FHR Agent have stalked me in public settings. What a nightmare. Stick with a known brand real estate firm.
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Keystone-Citrus Park, Florida
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Derek Donnelly should be reported to the State Real Estate Board

Bad experience with agent

An agent there by the name of Karen wanted nothing to do with me when she found out my credit was bad. Made me feel very bad
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Problem with Future Home Realty

I listed my home with an agent from this firm (Kristin Orr) and she began to be very busy. There are too many things to mention here, however, I contacted Jim Schanz (Vice President of Sales) in Tampa regarding some of the issues yesterday, 6/20/18. He assured me that the contract will be cancelled the same day. Kristin Orr still has the house listed with her and there is no lock box at my empty house and no viewers will go by since she is not working for me. Though, she is still keeping it listed under her name to sort of keep me hostage I guess. I have attempted to call Jim today and sent emails to him and her today regarding this situation but nobody is returning my emails/calls. I have never ever had such a bad business to deal with. My fiance and I are very upset and really wish we would have done further homework before signing with Future Home Realty. I have to find out how to contact the main broker tomorrow since we are at a stand still and my house is sitting without any chance of being sold now.
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It’s unfortunate this complaint was written to begin with, and that the issues brought up here, were already resolved on the date this was posted...also unfortunate. I do respect the need to remedy issues and bring disappointments to the attention of who one hires to conduct business on one’s behalf.

However, upon finding this complaint, it would not be right to leave this comment here, without reflecting the other side of the story. First, being a client under an agreement to sell your home, your interests were of the single-most importance to me. I appreciate all of my clients and respect all of your concerns and opinions, which is why I always request your input. Please recall I offered to sell your home at a rate which would help you retain more of your equity, without reducing any of the quality service I provide to all other clients.

You received professional photography and marketing, experienced consultation, extensive and frequent communication, open houses, maximum paid and targeted exposure online, as well as aggressive follow up with all agents and leads/inquiries. No stone was left unturned while we were under an agreement to list and sell your home. Additionally, I brought three offers for you within the first several weeks. One of those offers ending up being a full price offer, but you instructed me to tell the buyer you would not come down if it didn’t appraise - which I told you I was afraid it may not, at that price.

Another of those offers was the exact price it ended up selling for several months later - months after you listed with another agent. Had you taken my advice, it could have sold approx 3 months earlier than it did. It seemed as though you were rejecting those offers and refusing to negotiate or take my advice because I did not personally represent the buyers who made those offers, which would have further increased your equity, per our agreed upon terms. I never held the listing hostage.

I’m not even sure how one does that. You said, “Kristin Orr has the house listed with her and there is no lockbox at my empty house and no viewers will go by since she is not working for me” We were under agreement, & we were discussing solutions and a cancellation agreement to exclude buyers I brought to your house, for any future listing agreement you signed with another broker. Plus, we had several showings scheduled and I certainly agreed to, and did allow, the listing to expire on the date we finalized the cancellation. You took my sign down prior to the agreement being cancelled, and were rather impolite and demanding to me, while I was trying to conduct business properly - under my broker’s guidance.

I picked my lockbox up from your house - and the sign you took down and placed in the shrubs - the day after we finalized the cancellation. Also, to reiterate, we had showings the day we were discussing your cancellation request - the date this was posted. How were buyers not viewing your house, if we had showings scheduled through the date we cancelles the listing? Jim and I were both very responsive to your demands and complaints, however unfair those were.

In fact, I put the remainder of a tour for a previously-scheduled out of state client on hold while I took care of cancelling. To properly do anything with legal agreements, attention to detail is pertinent. In my opinion, I carefully detailed advice, opinions, processes, efforts, feedback, target-audience, and all things related because, by nature, I am detail-oriented, provide attention to detail always, and care about my clients. I will not, however, cancel an agreement without making certain the loose ends are tied, per the commands of another, while I am with another client doing business.

It would be doing all involved, a disservice. To date, I pride myself on the service I provided to you, and the integrity myself (and my Broker) exhibited, because without those two traits, I would not be as successful as I am, and have been, for a very long time in this industry. To possible clients doing your due diligence: It was upsetting to find this complaint as I was evaluating my online presence, which I periodically do. I take this very seriously and have plenty of happy clients I welcome you to contact.

We resolved the concerns and canceled this client’s listing. My goal is always to provide you with the quality representation you deserve.

I invite anyone to contact me, personally, if you would like to learn more about this scenario and how problem-solving and honest advice is part of my service repertoire, as well as how we navigated the unscrupulous complaint. 386.336.5059.

@Elvie Xmi

Good feedback from the realtor.


After posting yesterday the home is now not tied to the firm. The agent released the contract. I just wish there was more customer appreciation or service before this review had to be made.

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  • Attention to detail
  • Customer service
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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Keri Walker & everyone that works for future home realty are incompetent liars-horrible customer service skills

Filed a complaint with the BBB and still no one responds. Is this company still in operation b/c I still see houses for rent online but when I try to contact the listing agent NO ONE REPLIES!! I tried contacting every location in the state of Florida and still no one replies. Keri Walker was my agent. After reading a lease on a possible house rental-it stated "no smoking inside or outside this house". Keri stated "I wouldn't worry about that", knowing I am a smoker and some of my family members. I could not in good faith sign the lease and than potentially get kicked out. After talking directly with the landlord we discarded the lease and never heard from Keri Walker again. I understand agents don't make much money dealing with rentals but that is NOT my problem as a potential renter. This company is a joke! They are liars!! I would stay clear of Future Home Realty. Keri Walker Realty Solutions Group Future Home Realty M: 813-922-**** O: 813-855-**** F: 813-855-**** Keriwalker1@***.com www.rsgtampa.com Certified 203K Renovation Specialist
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I don't see any details of the alleged wrong doing.


My agent seemed to cancel the listing finally. So it seems the agency took care of my issue.


K. Lee, if you obtain further information regarding contact information with home office I would also need this. Thank you.


Jim, I have an issue with my agent in Jacksonville. If you can let me know what phone number to call so I can speak with a manager as soon as possible. Thank you


This is Jim Schanz, the VP of Operations at Future Home Realty. The BBB contacted me this morning, 06.14.18, and I immediately contacted Keri Walker who responded to the complaint within 15 minutes.

As Realtors get busy at times, it can become difficult to contact customers back. As stated in the response, she was working with you quite successfully for over a month, but was unable to find you a suitable home to rent based on your criteria. Suggestions were made in our response to contact a company that specializes in rental homes and Property Management. We feel you will find a home quicker and one that can suit your needs because they have access to a much larger pool of rental homes that are not on the MLS that Realtors have access to.

We apologize for not being able to help you, and we wish you all the best. I am unsure what numbers you called, but you may reach out to me anytime directly at 727-417-**** if you have further concerns or issues.

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Tampa, Florida
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
This is serious and I believe a discrimination issue so I want to speak to the regional manager or someone competent enough to assist me! I am sick and tired of being ignored

Krystin Lee of Future Home Realty SHOULD NOT BE A REALTOR