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Frito Lay - Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings Chips Review from Chicago, Illinois
6oz bag of Funyons, had 2 rings that had a funny looking black mark in them, threw out thinking nothing of it, then the third had one that looked similar to some type of worm baked into it, *** this bag and the company, i will NOT but another bag....consumer complaint...
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LadyScot It is impossible to tell what that is.


Anonymous If you go to the fritolay website, the CONTACT option is at the very top of the website. Your communication options are: Live Chat, Call or Email. They are going to ask you ...

Frito Lay - Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings Chips Review from Fairfield, Virginia
Was eating a bag of funnions with my little girl when she started choking on sumthng , *** to find out it was a piece of plastic found in the bottom if the bag.I will be seeking legal action for this so test can be run to find out if frito lay is responsible. Thank god...
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Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings Chips Review

Your funyuns are FLAVORLESS they have NO taste at all and i REFUSE to continue to buy any frito lay product because of it!!!!! UTZ is taking over! They are not stingy with seasoning...... Up your game frito lay
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