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Went to Friendly's to meet friends who came from out of town.When I arrived I ordered a soda and as I tried to explain to server to place my order first because I had to go to work, he walked away. When he returned I asked why he walked away he said he heard me and they were understaffed, and the grill was 6 orders behind. I asked to speak to a manager, When the manager came over he said he would personally make sure my order came out quickly....
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Hello, I'm Rosa Cruz I went with my husband this morning for breakfast in North Haven.I was very disappointed. we waited half hour for our food, I do not mind waiting, I'm sending the picture of what I got. The weitress didn't come to ask if we were ok or if we need more drinks. I love going to Friendly's, I'm not sure what happened or if they were short of staff.I didn't call the manager because i didnt want to make a scene thank you Rosa...
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JeepSux she might have bought something else and got eggs and tost insted


LadyScot Eggs and toast....what is wrong with them?

On Monday August 15, 2016 around 11:47am my wife, my mother in law, and I had a very unfortunate experience when we went to Friendly Resturant in Springfield Mall which is located on Baltimore Ave (Rt.1).First of all there was no one in the front of the house to Greet and Seat customers, I had to cough, tap on the counter and call out to get someone's attention, and finally someone came from the kitchen area (I could hear them talking) to...
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Anonymous This was a Mondat so inventory takes priority. At some locations the server has to also cook..and do the dishes...and clean the bathrooms.