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Every year it seems that my mortgage is increased!Every time I call, it has to do with the escrow. Nobody can explain why every year my escrow is short and I am sick of it!! They say my escrow is short even when my insurance has not been increased and my taxes have been the same. I am in Real Estate and work with many mortgage companies, so I know a little about the mortgage business. This one is by far the worst! I refinanced to get away from...
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Anonymous can you send me the escrow analysis letter that you have from Freedom...I am a mortgage banker and I am working on a little something and may want to use your situation as an ...

I didn't like
  • There is no help
  • Unorganized
  • Entire process
My loan was recently sold/transferred from OCWEN to Freedom Mortgage. Earlier this year OCWEN sent me a letter that my loan was adjusting down from 2.5% to 2.25%. I was so excited to read that letter. Two months later, my loan was sold/transferred to Freedom Mortgage. I received a letter from Freedom yesterday stating that my loan was adjusting to 2.5% (which is actually staying the same). I have tried calling both banks. I realize it is...
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