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Worse experience not only on insurance side but on the customer service level will never do business with them or recommend them at all.

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The Company is based out of El Paso, TX so in actuality I think they are run by the Juarez Cartel, and it shows. It's been a wild ride by this company and I'm still not done with them. Wtf? Unbelievable experience. After reading some of these other reviews, my situation is no where near as dramatic as some of the others, but here goes. Two months ago on 4/20/16 my car while in the parking garage of the building where I currently work was hit... Read more

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We have been Fred Loya customers for over 4 yrs, none of the agents on business site can answer any questions, they never know what to say, just that they are sorry, yet they harassed every month a week before payment was due, and we were never late with our policy. Twice i had a fender bender and we paid for a rental in our policy for 30 days, and let me tell you, every other day they kept calling harassing to turn in the rental, even before my... Read more

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I auto draft my bills, and haven't had a failed paymen't since 1999: I received a refund check from Fred Loya. Called the customer service line. Said my policy was cancelled due to lack of response of a credit app. Well, I received my insurance card, paid my policy on-time and was cancelled. I was drafted again the next month. Called CS again, said oops goto the branch they will fix it, Went to the branch, this rep had no sense, said the UW... Read more

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Stay away from Fred Loya insurance. Worse customer service ever, they talk to you like if you are an *** asking them for a favor. I been there customer for 6 years. Another of their customer hit me. It has taking them all really four week to solve the situation. They do not rent you a car to move around, you have to pay for it and then they will reimbursed you the money (how many wks after?). They do not send an inspector to check the vehicle at... Read more

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I am and have been a Fred loya customer for quite some time. My car was recent deemed a total loss, the appraisers report for supplemental damages sat on the adjusters desk for 2 Weeks before they made this decision delaying the process further) now all the sudden, the check for initial repairs already sent was voided, and my rental car coverage was cut in half vs what is on my policy without any explanation other than "a coverage issue has... Read more

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I recently got into an accident with another Fred Loya insured, and pretty much knew the claim wasn't going to go my way because (1) I work in insurance and (2) the other party's damages would cost less to fix. However, I was totally shocked as to how incompetent the claim process was in general. Without ever seeing any photos, coming to take any photos, seeing the intersection or at all researching the intersection where our accident... Read more

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They stole m6 car on feb 25 and I still dnt have my car bk theu be playing witb u theu say they do one thing and do aanother they say day gave me 1400 dollars when I hvt resive a cent wtf... day wer suppost to find me a seat dt costes 2000 dollars and end up with one that is 280 dollars it looks worses then mi *** like wt kind 0f *** is that fucken fred loyal suks like *** don't ever ever trust them fucken fake as ppl der gwd 2 kall u wn get... Read more

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I used to work for Fred Loya I loved the people I worked with but for a missunderstanding with my supervisor I had to leave again if it wasent for him I probably would have stayed a little my particular situation I had no other option than to quit because my manager in the reginals brother I felt I couldent go up the chain of command and also because everybody (managers and assistant managers) in the company are related. Again I... Read more

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Mi car was stolen in Mexico and obvious I Called they to let them know what happened, they arguing that my insurance don't cover in Mexico, but when you buy the insurance they never told you that you don't have the right to go to Mexico certain times. so know they are refusing to pay me back my car or at least pay it to my dealer. they have a very bad service they never want to pay anything they have the worst investigators that only... Read more

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