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A person insured by Fred Loya Insurance rear ended my car at a red light. Getting the claim started the next day took 45 minutes on the first call. Each the next three calls suffered 15+ minutes of hold time before running me in circles just getting my car released from the original towing yard. The original claim rep told me to call the 800 number for conference with the tow yard to release the car; on doing that the new rep said to call... Read more

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I had the same problem as 5312729. FL Insurance will ask for a BIG down payment, then they say the bank will draft on a certain date; however, they will DRAFT from your bank 5 days ahead of schedule, thus leaving the client with not only the bank fee but a Fred Loya fee. I'm on a budget and can't afford another fee. This is insane! I had two vehicles covered under FL Ins. One had full coverage and the other liability only with a... Read more

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Fred Loya Insurance - Fred Loya was great!
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Someone with Fred Loya insurance totaled my truck (December 2013). They took 100% liability and I had a very fair check in my hands 2 weeks later. The Fred Loya adjuster and appraiser worked fast and their communication was excellent. I read many complaints online about Fred Loya and was very concerned. My fears were relieved when they immediately settled the claim and cut me a check. I was happy with the appraiser and didn't have to haggle for... Read more

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I had 2 cars same model and make asked they *** the 2011 traded in they took off the 2012?? AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS they put the 2012 back on policy under WRONG coverage. Lien holder added over 2,000.00 to my car payment for FRED LOYA'S *** UP!!!! SO NO they NEVER PAY, but quick to screw people over. They do not accept and or correct their mistake. This company will not even wright. A letter admitting they can mess up ur *** and go on if you have... Read more

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I was ran over by an illegal immigrant last month with Fred Loya Insurance. I have been told on a daily basis "Oh sorry, I don't know what happened to the check. Here talk to this person. I have been transferred to 10 different adjusters so far all claiming the check is in the mail. Today alone I have been promised by 4 different people they would pull up at my house within the hour. How is this legal? What can be done? How is it... Read more

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My husband needed a new car, we went to CARMAX and had the most unbelievable customer service ever. It was such an easy time - that is, however.... until we had to transfer the insurance with Fred Loya... It started about 7 o'clock - I make the call: Fred Loya "You have to bring the car in so we can take pictures" Me "We're at the dealership and can't leave without insurance" Fred Loya "Maybe you could do it tomorrow?" Me... Read more

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Been a customer of Fred Loya for 4 Years. I'm tired of the un professionalism of their employee's. At first I thought it was just my bad luck, but now I'm convinced 90% of their employees are un-educated, lazy and ghetto! I called 3 times last week to process my payment over the phone (atm card they had on file was stolen, and I had new card #) and each time they stated their systems were down. When I finally was able to make a... Read more

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My 16 yr old took my truck with out permission and totalled it. My husband at the the time didn't file charges at the time. He is my son's stepfather I did press charges against my son and he was taken to jail. Now Fred Loya says because I made a delay in filling theft charges against my son, they are not going to pay!!! I've been with this company for many years now! My son even addmitted it!!I intend to fight this injustice and... Read more

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on my way to the river when a drunk driver came in my lane narrowly avoided head on wreck I hit the ditch he hit my boat and flipped it. He had Fred Loya insurance, 2 weeks now I finally got an offer to settle, claims adjuster valued my loss @ $17167 on a 8 month old 2008 boat and 2009 motor and trailer. They want to settle for $8450 which would barely cover the cost of a new motor, much less the boat and trailer, they seldom return calls, Ive... Read more

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I tried to cancel my policy with Fred Loya Insurance. To my knowledge it was done. But the next month it was drafted from my account again, putting me in the negative. Now in order for them to credit my account, i have to *** work, go to the bank to get a statement, and fax it to their *** corporate office to prove to them that they are idiots. That means i am missing out on more money by having to leave work and cancel my appts. They owe me for... Read more

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