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Rip off on refund policy

My wife signed up to take lessons. Large sum of money. Before the first contract was a third completed they asked her to sing on for more with a second contract. Before the first was over half way they wanted her to sign a third contract for more lessons. After several months my wife was having so mush pain after the lessons and requested a refund of the 45 classes left. It should have been 4500 dollars. They put in so many cancelations fees and other deductions she only got less than half back. Stay away or only sign up for small amount of classes. They are poor trainers. They give lessons on dances you are not interested in.
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Poor customer service
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The fort Walton beach Florida Fred Astaire took my dad for thousands on trips to Daytona for $5000 and similar scams he was in the throes of dementia the whole time.

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This is my teacher

not sure where Fred Astaire is getting their instructors but I have the feeling they are just walking in off the street and getting a job! I took lessons here thinking it would be comparable to classes I had taken in another state, WRONG! My first clue should have been that none of the employees looked like dancers but I stuck it out. I was INSTRUCTED by a young girl who should have been taking lessons herself! Not only was she a poor dancer and just a genrally awkward girl but she seemed to think she had this stuff down. She was clueless and it embarassed me. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND TIME TAKE LESSONS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!
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Franchise studios like this are revenue based and they will hire experienced dancers yes, but they also hire alot of people who are not experienced at all, they train them for month and then put them out there on the floor. Then when this rookie doesn't make sales because they have no clue what they're doing, the managers get angry as to why they're aren't bringing in new students.

As a professional dancer and also a person with good morals, I say it's dishonest what they're doing and unethical. Hire professionals off the bat, and you should have less problems, is my advice for the franchise. I was so close to working here and signing with them, but I didn't, because my morals told me not to. This is why I independently teach now, give my students what they ask for, and not overcharge them.

It's about dancing and giving the people something new, not about how much money I can make off them. I also think they should change the name of the franchise.

Fred Astaire, the guy we see in classic movies, was awesome. The studio franchise, not so awesome.


We'll give you the INSIDE story on Dance Studios in general such as FA and AM--both are nearly identical. The teachers that are DANCE experienced in studios [if any] are BACK DEPARTMENT teachers typically reserved for the competitive students or those who have signed-up for the expensive programs or the for the students with the studio a long time who know a lot and who won't tolerate the inexperienced teachers.

The FRONT DEPARTMENT teachers are SALES TRAINED primarily and often you'll encounter a COMPLETE rookie teacher who just graduated from a teacher training class. Repeat...SALES TRAINED. The best Front department people DO INDEED have dance expertise--but often the studios have discovered that tossing a rookie with a PRETTY SMILE who is PUMPED UP can indeed get a good sale going. Excitement and ATTENTION sells a LOT in the dance studio business.

The DANCE INSTRUCTION the average teacher gets is knowing steps~~which is about 2% of the real knowledge of dancing but good enough to fool the public. Largely their forced to learn via the students. It would take time to develop a good teacher and many don't have the patience to "go back continually to fundamentals" to get very good at all as a teacher...and of course the studios don't want to invest the training for fear the teacher will just go elsewhere as many "teacher training contracts" are not enforceable anymore. Many teachers actually teach WRONG ideas and habits that are hard to break to correct.

Now all that said, people do learn to get over their shyness at dancing what's that worth? And many people do INDEED have fun there.

Now for those who comment that you just got done paying for lessons and they want to sell you thousands of dollars of lessons. Your comment is EXACTLY how AMDS works and also how FADS works--same thing year in and year out. Both major chains are the same ILK of people having cross bred back and forth numerous times.

You sign-up for a teaser package and they work a "procedure" on you. That procedure is to sell you the next package of lessons--typically around a couple hundred dollars. They'll sell you a package of so many private, group and practice sessions. [FYI: Only the private lessons are typically contractually binding.] You THINK that is ALL there is to it.

In other words, you THINK their goal is to teach you how to dance under that package. NOT TRUE! [yeah, you'll learn something and probably be confused...] Their goal? They're actually working ANOTHER procedure on you where EACH lesson is carefully constructed to determine your objections to not signing up for the next package which is in the THOUSAND dollar range.

They spend a lot of time working their FRONT DEPARTMENT people in sales training so that when they present the CLOSER with you the student at the end of your package, that the closer knows all your objections to going on and can hence sign-you-up easily. YOU KNOW WHAT?? It works WELL IF they follow the procedure, get the student pumped up, etc. Now I'm NOT saying they don't deliver something--many people have fun there...and VALUE is determined by who will pay for it.

But what EXACTLY IS the "something"? I contend AMDS and FADS are not really DANCE STUDIOS but are "SOCIAL CLUBS"...that teach a little dancing.

How do I know all the terms only employees would know? Take a guess...

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None of this surprises me given the businesses mentioned are chains. Anytime a business becomes a chain money is the driving factor behind their success.

In the case of dance it is VERY easy to convince someone without prior experience they are doing great and rope them into more lessons so they can become even better.

This is SO prevalent in dance studios that cater to small children through teens. These kids are praised for their excellent skill when many of them will never be more than mediocre, but they gotta keep them coming so they'll BS the clueless parent(s) who want to be proud of their kid. Money is usually no object in these cases and the studios make out like bandits while the kid and parents dream of a Broadway career that will never happen. It also doesn't hurt that there are lazy parents that simply want someone else to 'babysit' their kids after soccer practice or the myriad of other things they sign their kids up for to get rid of them for a while.

It is painful sometimes to watch the resulting recitals that are often little more than a hot mess.

The only somewhat pleasurable part are the teeny tiny kids that are cute to watch because they are clueless or when there is a student or group that were obviously taught by someone that REALLY knows what they're doing.

Even with kids that will never be excellent dancers the fact they've been taught by someone experienced will show. Unfortunately it is rare indeed to find someone that really knows what they're doing and even less rare to see them working in one of the studios that you find on just about every block these days.


Yikes! Thanks for the heads up.

I have read similar complaintson other web pages

About the instructors lacking experience and skill. I will look elsewhere

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Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Stuart Florida

I would not recommend this studio. The people there are fakes. I worked there for a couple months just recently got fired for no reason.. So i know all the insight on that company. They lie to customers and say they are "World champions" and there not, they have never won a world championship. The manager hires unexperienced people to be there dance instructors. So when a teacher is teaching you a dance they probably just learned it the same day as you. They are grown men that work in there and they are very unprofessional. They cuss and talk about women(in a dirty way) infront of customers. The manager would make numerous racial jokes about me and other employees that worked there. I bent over backwards for the company worked long hours, painted when im not a painter, did construction work when im not a professional, and then I get let go because my boss mixes business with pleasure. I would not recommend any female to try and get a job there because ur just going to lose your job in a month because the bosses wife is jealous of u.
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I always say "Show me the proof" if u can't prove what u say then it's obviously not TRUE . I can PROVE everything Ive said thru video and voice records on my phone also pictures and voice/text messages from the company..

But what uve said CAN'T be provin and I know that for a fact. Your statement is oviously an "opinion" :-) have a good day!


I LOVE this Fred Astaire! Don't listen to her, she has problems and it was HER OWN fault she was let go!

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Pique R
map-marker Broomfield, Colorado

Fred Astaire (Westminster, CO): overpriced, lacks talented staff

I took lessons at Fred Astaire of Westminster because I had taken lessons at F.A.'s in another city and had an enjoyable experience. This dance shop is far from enjoyable. At my previous studio my instructor was knowledgeable and had been dancing for the better part of a decade. The Westminster studio takes avg joes off the street, train them for a couple weeks and have them instruct. Their abilities and knowledge of dance is minimal. Many of the students are superior dancers to the staff. After talking to the students I became aware that I should keep track of my lessons as they will just disappear. The manager is incredibly smug, crass and lacks talent of a dancer and does not look like a dancer. The only time they were nice to students was when it was money collection time. The night time parties lack energy and enthusiasm and should not be called 'parties.' I know take lessons at a different studio in town, for cheaper, with much more talented personnel. DON'T TAKE LESSONS AT FRED ASTAIRE!
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Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Westminster is amazing. The staff is all very friendly and very talented.

I have been dancing for years, and I still learn so much new information every time I have a lesson.

Take lessons from this studio. You won't regret it as long as you don't turn yourself off before you try it.

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