Vicky T Glr

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The sales manager penalized customer for a bad survey

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Original review Aug 25, 2023
The delivery date of our Tacoma truck purchase kept being postponed (4 times). The first time, we took a day off to plan for a pick it and found out the day before its not there yet. After that, each time they told us about delivery date, we had to call a day before and again the truck is not there yet. For that reason, my husband gave them a bad survey. After nearly 5 months, the truck finally came and on the day we came to pick it up, the sales manager told us that he doesnt want to sell us the truck because we gave them a bad survey. I asked about our $1000 deposit, he said it will be issued the following Monday; we waited for 2 weeks so we called to follow up with the refund of our deposit but no replies up until I called the customer relation dept and they confirmed I will be receiving a check by mail; after 3 weeks, it finally came in the form of credit back on my credit card. I really think the sales manager held our deposit because of the bad survey. It only shows me hes a coward. Whats a purpose of a customer survey? You would think it is for improvement right! Dont trust what theyre saying We love to hear what our customers are saying while they cant even take a bad survey not to mention the coward act of the sales manager by holding on our deposit.
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Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Fred Anderson does not deserve your time!

Angelica R Orj

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| map-marker Candler, North Carolina

Fred Anderson Toyota of Asheville is awful..

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Just. ... go somewhere else. Literally anywhere else. If you choose to do business with Fred Anderson Toyota, be prepared to be ignored by their "Manager" Josh Cassano when you need an issue addressed. It's going on 6 weeks with no resolution, and multiple times that he doesn't reply to texts/calls. I should have listened to the multitude of previous customers who told me not to do business with this dealership. Every person I have vented my frustrations to has had similar or worse interactions with Fred Anderson Toyota of Asheville. I was prepared for the typical tactics that salesmen use but this group had to be told no repeatedly before they got the point. I would ask "how do they sleep at night knowing how awful they treat people?", but honestly they probably just take some melatonin and call it a night. The detail job to my car would have been done better if a toddler did it. Of course, that's "not" the dealerships fault as they pay someone else to detail. Maybe if you're paying someone else to do a job, be sure they are doing the job right. I would request that you look into how your salesmen and managers operate, but I'll just assume upper management is fully aware and just doesn't care.. Do better, Fred Anderson Toyota. For everyone else, just go somewhere else to buy your next vehicl
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User's recommendation: Go somewhere else to buy your next vehicle..

Alex S Euc
map-marker Houston, Texas

2021 RAF4 XLE, 23K miles,

Car still under warranty, have bad quality Firestone front tire. Dealership estimated for replace like new tire with Full price ($250 up), real upset with this decision. Only 23K miles. Tire loosing pressure, check, some piece of tire cut
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SJWB 28806

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| map-marker Asheville, North Carolina

Dealership will not rectify numerous problems with car

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Updated by user Mar 14, 2022

It took me writing the CEO (Michael Anderson) and corporate office for Fred Anderson Automotive in Raleigh for the Asheville dealership to even respond. In the end, they tried to sell me an even more expensive, brand new Corolla which I declined. I counter-offered...

Updated by user Feb 14, 2022

Manager nor customer service will respond to my emails or calls. This is ridiculous.

Original review Feb 11, 2022
Ive held off writing a review since buying last summer. I wanted to give it 6 months & see if things improved. They haven't. From the Youre not gonna get a better deal type sale with this 18 Corolla Lemon, many service trips & warranty refusals, Im stuck with a poorly made, unreliable car. I shouldve learned from my first used car purchase from them. But, that one felt solid and ran well enough- until it didnt. Which is why I took it back thinking Toyota will make it right. Hasnt happened. Initially, I noticed someone did a shoddy silver paint job covering damaged interior & was told they wouldnt fix it because it was cosmetic & they couldnt put more money into it. I also asked about the trunk seals that were torn/ripped and was told the same thing. Seals prevent water damage; Its not cosmetic & should have been replaced. They still havent been. Problems only continued. I found shattered auto glass under the floor mats a month after buying the Corolla so I know something happened to this car before I got it. During one of my early visits, I asked the service guy What can be done about this car? to which he replied Theres nothing that can be done now except fix it. But they wont/cant/dont care. Many service department communication problems early on so the manager said to call/email him directly. Took a week to get a response. On my second or third service visit, I had to go back to sales guy & get the owners manual/vehicle maintenance book after the service fella I dealt with that day said Well, if you look in your manual, it says. I told him I would if I had one. He was unprofessional and condescending. Its already needed a new catalytic converter (it wasnt stolen), new battery because several mornings it wouldnt start this winter. Recently, the headliner has started detaching across the windshield so much that I can stick my finger in it. Their warranty company refused it claiming its cosmetic. Its not, its a driving hazard the more it detaches. This is ludicrous. While paying for the new battery, the nice fella says Toyota paid for the oil change and tire rotation. I replied, No, I paid for it buying the maintenance plan. But I need my only vehicle to start on cold mornings to take my kids to school and go to work so I had to pay for a new one. I get he was only doing his job & was one of the nicer guys Ive dealt with there but enough with the scripted, feel-good verbiage. Its misleading to the other customers, so I corrected him. As for the Lifetime Loaner deal, only one time did I get a loaner car. A few other times, I had to pay for it as a rental. Im a single, widowed Mom of two school aged kids & a home care worker. I need reliable transportation to care for all the people who depend on me. Why claim to have loaner cars when that is really not the deal? I either miss a day of work or have to go Saturdays so I dont have to rent another loaner car. On a Saturday visit, it was fairly entertaining that a Prius caught fire because of faulty wiring (from what the service person said) in the employee parking lot. I digress, Im paying a LOT for this car, the Toyota Certification, the Family Plan & Additional 100k mile Warranty. I feel completely scammed with this purchase. Toyotas used to be my go-to but seem to have gone the way of Saturn in the late 90s. Its a shame. They used to be one of the more affordable & reliable vehicles. My Tercel from the 1980s was far better made than this 2018 Corolla. Im seriously disappointed with the dealership as a whole, the Family/Maintenance Plans & the additional 100k mile warranty I was told would prevent me from paying a lot of out of pocket costs over the life I own this Corolla Le-mon. I thought itd be a good enough car for my line of work and feel safe letting my daughter drive it as her first car. Unfortunately, it is neither. Toyota needs to step up.
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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else. Seriously.

map-marker Raleigh, North Carolina

Review in Other category from Raleigh, North Carolina

Fred Anderson Toyota - Review in Other category from Raleigh, North Carolina
Fred Anderson Toyota - Review in Other category from Raleigh, North Carolina - Image 2
Fraud, false documents, damage to personal property, assault on service animal, discrimination, harassment, slander, libel, breach of contract, defamation, illegally voiding warranties to try and avoid liability for damages, refusing federal magnussen moss act, refusing over 200 requests for arbitration, and lots of other *** all on video with loads of documents and reports from their own shop and multiple other Toyota dealers. Fred Anderson Toyota ruined my truck 9/25/2015 and submitted false documents to corporate to void my warranty and admits to lying about not finding anything on or about my truck and says they think I have aftermarket parts because of a YouTube somebody else posted as a joke video with ridiculous claims for his YouTube channel in the dark at like 2am, in the rain and fog, with a cellphone flashlight, with the engine running, and a different color rather than looking at my truck they've had in their shop 15+ times and only after damaging it do they have something to say about aftermarket parts to void my warranty while admitting to lying to corporate and threatening to lie more. They destroyed my truck I've had for a year that they did the pre sale inspection on again documenting no aftermarket parts and still warrantied. Fred Anderson toyota decided to reflash my computer without permission or telling me when it was in for warranty work on my catalytic converter they replaced 2 times in 3 months. Now it needs a 3rd one in 5 months due to them not doing any diagnostics as they say clearly they didn't perform in the video among other wonderful lies admitted on tape. Here they are trying to justify the lies they told toyota right after ruining my truck. Here's how it drove after they ruined it and Marc Jacobson Toyota stopped working on it because Fred Anderson spoke to them and fed them more lies which I also have screen shots of and more video proof of. They told me to "take it somewhere else" to have my warrantied truck fixed from the damage that was caused while it was in for a different warranty claim. D The invoice notes that "we didn't write that or void your warranty" I can't even think of a way to describe how terrible you have treated me at every single interaction that your managers constantly lie about and fabricate. I spent 14 hours waiting for my truck outside on the street of your dealership in the pouring rain because I couldn't wait inside without your staff harassing me about my disability and service animal which hurt my back so badly I have been in bed in pain. It was worth waiting outside in the rain with my dog rather than having your staff constantly ask me what's wrong with me and why I need a service dog, what he does, what did he cost, what can he do, how much does he eat, how much does he weigh, what else can't you do, what can the dog do, can we pet him and then having to justify why not, while they ignore me and did so anyway, all of which is illegal and listed on the ADA website and NCDOJ website. Fred Anderson "The Family Store" is filled with disregard for it's customers and their legally binding contractual agreements with them and disrespect for the handicapped and their service animals. Would you ask a man in an electric wheelchair to play with the buttons or ask to sit in his lap and go for a ride, or ask him what's wrong with him and why he needs a wheel chair and then tell him you're afraid of it and don't want to help him because he has it? No? So I just must be the lucky one then I guess. HERE'S A 34 Minute video of not 1 not 2 BUT 3 managers treating me like *** and lying and fabricating bs documents. Your manager can't even come up with a decent way to justify the *** that was coming out of his mouth over and over again while your other immature lying managers run by our discussion and yell more fake made up lies about me and my car IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT FILLED WITH CUSTOMERS! On my way out of the store when a new manager joins the discussion and starts yelling to call the cops while I'm walking out the door 4 different customer apologized to me for Fred Anderson's staff and how absolutely ridiculous they treated me and EVERYBODY HEARD IT because your managers not even in the office were yelling more and more lies into our conversation. What do I want out of this? I want to be treated with respect and get 1/10th the treatment you blast out in your commercials. I also want my truck fixed for the first time out of my 11 visits without being told to take it somewhere else or that "you don't want to check it". I want the tune that jacked my truck up fixed or put back to the previous tune. I want to know why the engine is knocking and ticking after you re-flashed it with the new tune. I don't even want an apology because I am so far beyond ever forgiving you and your company that it's just a waste of words and I'm sure just more lies. I want Fred Anderson to train their staff and teach the 7 employees at their store that harassed me about my handicap, my disabilities, my service dog, and my federal rights through the ADA, that not only is it wrong all the things they asked me but it is also a misdemeanor and it is also assault to reach out and grab my dog to touch it on top of the discrimination and questioning I had to deal with regarding my disabilities. I cannot even tell you how pissed off and upset I am by being disrespected and violated in basically every way possible that I could have been.
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Reason of review:
Warranty issue

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