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Asia Maynard update

Fox 4 Kansas City - Asia Maynard update
Fox 4 Kansas City - Asia Maynard update
My daughter is dead because of sex trafficking her kids father had her killed Brian Keeley he is a sex finder who a finder my girls KCPD would not let me press charges on him for rap kidnapping so I called that attorney general to have picked up now the FBI took my kids from me because I tuned in the sex a finder but he as Asia kids and he should not have kids at wyandotte county is backing him up Brian Keeley wyandotte release my kids to a sex a finder without doing a back ground check after he traffic my girls and he rapped them my kids were picked up in Kansas on a curfew that wyandotte *** the sheriff released the kids to Brian Keeley who is a sex a finder out of mo now I am going to court over my kids that was taken from me I have not done thing but try to press charges against Brian Keeley now I am try to get my kids back they do not no why they took my kids from me I have been jumping threw ozannam the who the state contracted my cass to the state as no worker so when we go to court the people who playing like they are the state they are not licensed they are doing there inturn they are not social worker at I have been going to court for a year done got a house a job everything I done and I still do not have my kids I go to trill on Sept 7 my attorney said we do not need to go trill they need to give my kids attorney is Mr master.
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