Nafeesah Qfh

Very horrible experience with non professional FotographyWorx Studios

Me and my wife hired sorry, poor excuse of a photographer Derrick Jerome Kane to photo our engagement shoot and wedding ceremony. He showed up to the engagement shoot on 3-11-** **mins late with some excuse of how he had a emergency so we didn't hold it against him and still gave him a try. The engagement photos turned out horrible and the communication and cooperation from Derrick is horrible, he was so hard to reach so we could discuss our concerns about the engagement photos..... So now it's the day of our wedding 4-30-17 and Derrick DID NOT show up to our wedding to photo it which is a memory everyone knows you can't get back. We had to spend more money last minute hiring another photographer. 3 days later I get a call from him talking about how he had another emergency and how he was arrested because of a warrant he had for FTA which is (failure to appear) for court. It seems to me this guy Derrick Jerome Kane doesn't like to appear for anything jus likes to take people money and run off. We paid him $1200 long ago before the engagement/wedding to cover the photos but he did not deliver on his end. Nobody please don't use this guy for no photography work nor support his Kane Realty business he's a straight crook!!
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Makisha Jco

Unprofessional and Bad Services

I hired Derrick J. Kane and his company FotographyWorx Studios to do my wedding. Upon first meeting he seemed professional and serious about his work so I thought it would have beautiful moments captured from my ceremony. After my wedding is where things went south; he became hard to reach and took forever to provide me with my finished products. I received my DVD and it had no important moments but rather 20 minutes of people dancing and when contacted about it, it turned out that the first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, bouquet toss, and garter toss were never even recorded. So I was lucky enough to track down footage of everything except the bouquet toss and provided it to him. From there I received nothing but lies as to where my updated DVD was and my album even after being so understanding of a major screw up the company had made. Not only did it take months to get my work (finally received it a month after my 1 year anniversary) but the work was amateur. The videos provided were just thrown in the previous DVD and not blended and the album contained three repeat photos and my husband’s head was cut off on the cover. After reaching out to him about it I received no response back in regards to the poor quality work. So if you are looking for a well put together memory of your special day I would not recommend him or his company. Save yourself the heartache that I had to endure.
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  • Unprofessional-ism and ameteur work
Reason of review:
Bad quality