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Did not honor verbal agreement with me

Purchased a vehicle with $2500.00 additional repair coverage. In 2 days I had an approximate $400.00 repair charge from a mouse eating into the rubber hose of my vehicle. I was told before purchasing the vehicle that they thoroughly check the cars before selling them. The service company that repaired my car said it was very unlikely that Fort could have missed this issue. Just beware of empty promises from this dealership and phrases such as " Have a blessed day. " What they are really saying is " You're a sucker, so suck it up. " What else can be said, purchase from these people at your own risk and avoid service agreements that mean little to nothing.
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Dont waste your money or time with Forts Toyota in Pekjn.

We purchased a new 2013 Toyota Rav4 Limited and specfically asked for body side moldings to be installed by time of delivery. They claimed they were back ordered. After 3 weeks of BS I finally looked on line and was able to get them next day. I had another dealer install them. So don't waste your time with Fort's Toyota of Pekin. Save your money and find another dealer. They won't return calls or answer emails. They evidently don't need the business otherwise they wouldn't treat people this way. I did get the molding installed by another dealership where I will return with all future business.
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If you go to Peoria Toyota, you will know what POOR service is.

map-marker Peoria, Illinois

Bought a vehicle when it was Fort's Plymouth

We had purchased a 1993 Plymouth voyager from Fort's and had a idler pulley go bad but they insisted it was a belt I am mechanically inclined and I knew for a fact that it was a pulley. They refused to replace it and I went to the BBB and finally they did something. We then traded that vehicle and purchased a 1995 gmc safari conversion van that had no title for 3 years. The bank told me they haven't received a title from Fort's and we had the vehicle sold but lost our purchaser's due to no title. I had my wife and kids with me and was leaving the lot in Pekin when my youngest son told me" Dad that guy flipped you off" meaning the salesmen had used his middle finger and said F%$# you.
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It was a Plymouth dealership in 1996 when I bought a new dodge intrepid there. I bought a 2008 Toyota Prius there and they stole from me using an extended warranty making the claim in my name on my trade in vehicle.

They are "CROOKS" plain and simple. The Better Business Bureau is a farce and a joke. They would not help me because it was a criminal act, which to them had nothing to do with poor business practices.

I haven't checked lately, but back then as long as a company paid their $265 annual dues they were given an A+ rating regardless of claims against them. You can create a phony business that doesn't exist as long as you pay you will have a good rating.


This must of been EONS ago. When was it ever a Plymouth dealership?

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map-marker Normal, Illinois

Don't buy a car at Fort's Toyota in Pekin

We purchased a new 2005 Toyota Corolla several years ago and had a good experience with the sales team and service department. Although we lived out of town, we continued to bring the Corolla back to Pekin for its regularly scheduled service appointments. All had gone well until the vehicle went through a costly 100,000 mile check-up. No problems were reported but a couple weeks later, the heater was not working. We called the service department and they recommended that we bring it back in for a check-up. The service department indicated that the heating coils were "gummed over" and that they needed to have a chemical added to circulate through the heating system to "chew through the gum." We were instructed to drive the vehicle for 2 weeks and let it "circulate" through the system. Within days, the car reeked of a chemical smell. After 1 week, the needle began to indicate that the car was getting hot. The next day, the engine light came on. We called the service department and were told to bring it back to Pekin to have it serviced. The car died on the way back to Pekin. We paid to have it towed to Pekin and the service department ran $500 worth of diagnostic testing and indicated that the engine was ruined and would have to be replaced. We were told that the cost to replace the engine was equal to the value of the car. The service department provided us with a loaner to use at no charge until we were able to obtain another car; however, they would not admit that their course of action to repair the heater was the likely cause of the engine failure, but the sales team offered to help us find another vehicle because they "appreciated our business." They would offer us very little for the trade in of our now, damaged Corolla and could not provide us with a reasonable deal on the vehicle of our choice. We made arrangements with a towing company to tow our Corolla back to our home town, at our expense and made arrangements with the service manager to return the loaner car the following day since we would be traveling once again from out of town. When the operations manager, Tom Zwicky learned that we would not be purchasing a car from them, he called me at my place of employment, cursed and yelled at me, threatened me and then hung up on me before I had a chance to speak. I called the dealership back, asking for the name of the individual who had just called and asking to speak to him. I was once again threatened and cursed at and hung up on. We ended up having to pay the $500 of our service bill and a loaner vehicle charge for everyday we used the loaner, (which we had been told prior would be waived--until we opted to not purchase a car from them).
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Hey Mr. Fort do you know how you employees are being treated.

How would you like to have your *** chewed in the showroom floor in front of all your peers. It happened today.

Now you have lost a salesman. I will make sure a lot of people know how people are treated at your business.


I could tell you without even looking at your car that it was the heater core that went out


Dealership staff are very unprofessional. Last instance was when they completed our paperwork incorrectly costing us a few thousand dollars.Ray Stark screamed at me that he wasn't going to be called a liar.

Screamed. When i asked to speak to his manager, Mr Fort, I was told he wasn't available. And no one else on site could speak with me.

As a consumer, I am amazed by the level of unprofessional and unethical behavior at Fort's Toyota in Pekin, IL.

I encourage consumrrs to be aware. My case is currently being handled by Toyota Consumer Affairs.

I don't know what the outcome will be. I have lost confidence in Toyota as a company.


i was looking at a vehicle at fort's. they gave me a purchase price of 27,500.

the next day toyota added a 2000 rebait. i said i would take that deal. when they did the papers they wrote it up for 26,000 and said "well that's less than 27,500" i told them i passed my third grade *** class and if they didn't want to do it right i was leaving with my check. the two sales people planned to split 500 of my rebate.

then all the sudden they realized the MISTAKE!!!

fat chance!!!! JC

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JC Congrats on passing 3rd grade *** class should have taken some of that $2000 rebait (rebate) and invested it into 4th grade English. I bet you still bought the car didn't you?


I bought a car from them 10 years ago and had a bad experience. Even the salesman that sold us the car left since then.

I saw him at another car dealer ship and told us he left because of the lies and misleading the customers. Never went back.


Once again Forts' not taking responsibility for their actions. They committed a criminal act against me involving identity theft and using my warranty without my knowledge. I am sure someday they will suffer the consequences of their actions.

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Bruce Ati
map-marker Peoria, Illinois

Forts' Toyota of Pekin Illinois Stole My Identity

On 5/12/08 I traded a 2004 Ford Explorer at Fort's Toyota of Pekin Illinois for a 2008 Prius. The sales manager noticed a possible problem with the AWD system on the Explorer and offered me a low trade in value due to possible needed repairs, however I was asked if I had an extended warranty which I did. I offered to hold off on the trade and have the Explorer checked which they convinced me not to do, saying it wouldn't make a difference and that they had a waiting list to buy the Prius if I didn't want to trade now. I traded and without my knowledge or consent they had the Explorer repaired at Uftring Auto mall under my extended warranty on 5/22/08 (ten days after the trade) Ryan contract # BY52989 which is nontransferable to any entity in the business of selling or leasing motor vehicles. This action voided the $539.45 refund I was due on the unused warranty that I had purchased at Uftrings on 7/11/05 when I bought the vehicle. I managed to obtain a copy of the fraudulent repair invoice #FOCS387501 dated 5/23/08 by going to Uftrings and telling a cashier I needed it for my records. It was done in my name using my personal information as if I had brought it in for the repair and warranty authorization # 0824**** had a check sent to Uftrings for $1267.24 to cover the repairs. I sent a local police officer to Uftrings with a copy of the invoice and they sent me two warranty refund checks totaling $539.45 on 6/10 & 6/19/08 and they claim to have returned the warranty check (I contacted the warranty company). Fort's was then billed for the repairs and sent Uftrings a check #060889 on 7/21/08 (the same day they were required to respond to the Illinois Attorney General's consumer fraud division on file case # 2008-CONSC- 00221****). Quote from letter on file from Fort's sales manager Ben Weaver 7/21/08 "They (Uftrings) informed us that the vehicle was covered under the customers' extended warranty and there would be no charge for the repairs." A response from Uftring CFO Kirk Johnson in a letter dated 8/25/08 quote "Fort's Toyota Of Pekin brought the vehicle to us to repair under the customers extended warranty. We mistakenly relied upon the representation that Fort's made to us that the customer had approved this transaction." Fort's hasn't even as much as apologized and Patrick Fort keeps claiming I told them there was a tire problem. How would he know? He has never responded to me and left all the dirty work to his minions. Patrick Fort continually claims that it was their intention all along to pay for the repair when the written and documented proof is on file with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General and I also have copies. Unfortunately Tazwell county states attorneys office won't do anything. They should at the very least be fined. I would have been put in jail for identity theft and deceptive practice if the tables were turned. Corporate Toyota also has done nothing. Toyota and Fort's should both be ashamed!!
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I feel your pain, I bought an 06 Malibu there and paid $12k for it. A month later I found out the entire front bumper and grill inserts were held together by zip ties.

Yeah, *** zip ties. That dropped the value of the car down to about $7k and when I brought it back to show the used sales manager, the smug *** said there's nothing they could do about it.

That was a safety hazard in a BIG way, what if it fell off when I was doing seventy down the highway? They're a bunch of *** artists there, don't go to forts unless you want to throw you're money away.


i was going to buy two vehicles next week there now im heading to peoria


To SALLY: That's a pretty sexist comment coming from a "WOMAN". Possible identity issues?


Yeah, that stinks that this happened to you. Now, be happy it's over with and get on with your life.

You're like a woman loving all that drama.

Act like a grown woman... man, excuse me, and get over it.

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