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You may have the very best service or product on the market, but still lose customers due to poor performance of your customer support. Provide great customer service to ensure and improve customer satisfaction

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Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Solutions

PissedConsumer Review Management Services

Customer service audit

Get a complete and deep understanding of the current customer service gaps inside your organization

  • Analyze documentation, workflow, technology and business processes
  • Review claims and manage escalated issues
  • Check the work of the existing customer service team
  • Identify bottlenecks and growth points
  • Provide a report with audit results and recommendations


Build an effective customer service process with the help of our experts

  • Create a customer service strategy
  • Create templates and scripts
  • Set up customer service tools and software
  • Provide customer service instructions and guidelines
Developing a business process
Full outsourcing


Delegate your customer service to our team of professionals

  • Provide multichannel 24/7 customer support
  • Monitor customer feedback on different platforms
  • Resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently
  • Expand your customer support team promptly as your business grows
  • Increase your customer satisfaction score and retention rate

Create the best customer service with us

  • Omnichannel support

    Omnichannel support

    We provide great customer service to your clients across different communication channels

  • Real-time tracking & prompt reaction

    Real-time tracking & prompt reaction

    We help businesses identify problem areas and track unresolved issues

  • Expert approach

    Expert approach

    We define a personal approach to every customer to solve their issues, meet and exceed their expectations

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Our workflow

  1. Conduct a customer service audit

    We analyze your current customer experience, evaluate and improve the ongoing processes

  2. Build an operational plan & budget

    We set specific objectives and create customer service strategy

  3. Improve customer service

    We set up and constantly improve customer service processes

  4. Maintain customer loyalty

    We define methods that can help you increase the trust and loyalty of your customers

Michel Podolsky
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To stand out from the competition, it’s crucial for your business to improve customer service and implement client programs that help you connect with your customers

Michael Podolsky,
CEO of PissedConsumer.com

What Our Clients Are Saying?


Great attitude and very helpful when questions come up. Excellent professional knowledge for resolving customer issues and customer communication. We are generally satisfied on how complaints are solved, except for the issue of anonymous complaints.

Christopher Fay
Bath Fitter

Your customer service is extremely skillful and professional, no complaints and we appreciate the service! The Emails that we receive alerting us that we have received a complaint against our company. This allows us to stay alert and aware of what our consumers are saying and consistent updates concerning how we can give the customers more of what their expressed needs are.

Beachbody Team

My name is Jane, I am a customer support manager with Nuwber, Inc. Thank you for the guidelines, they are really useful. We are serious about our reputation management and we are interested in enhancing communication with our customers using your website.

Jane Karpovich
Head of Customer Support at Nuwber

They've been very helpful and responsive. Things have been great. They've had answers to all my questions to date. I'm satisfied. Keep doing what you're doing.
Thank you!

lan Bell

We've been with you guys for so long. Overall, we are happy with our partnership.

Christopher Piper
Director of Market Strategy at Drivetime

Think we are in good shape. Thank you for the partnership!

Mark Bell
Director of Social Media Care at Frontier Communications

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