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Recognizing companies that have turned their consumers from complainers into brand advocates

Great Customer Satisfaction Proven by PissedConsumer Users

Consumers Choice Award is an annual recognition for companies that have earned appreciation and high ratings from consumers on the PissedConsumer platform over the past year.

Achieving this award showcases the company's commitment to addressing customer issues and focusing on their positive experience. An increasing rating on the PissedConsumer platform proves the significant effort these companies put into increasing customer satisfaction.

By awarding companies, we aim to inspire all businesses to prioritize customer satisfaction and foster positive relationships with their customers.

Consumers Choice Award

Who Can be Nominated?

Eligibility for the Consumers Choice Award is contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Businesses must have received reviews on PissedConsumer within the last year.
  • Businesses must have a PissedConsumer star rating of no less than 3.9.
  • Businesses must have demonstrated an increase in the rating during the reporting period.

Nomination for this award is open to businesses of any size or industry that showcase growth in customer satisfaction in the past year. They have accomplished this through a responsible approach to responding to reviews and effectively resolving customer issues, which resulted in an increased star rating on the PissedConsumer platform.

How We Determine the Winners

We use a comprehensive evaluation approach that considers multiple criteria to rank nominees. The evaluation system considers various factors, such as the quantity and content of reviews, star rating and its progress over the past year, company responsiveness, and commitment to addressing customer concerns and issues.

Applying a complex mathematical formula ensures that these criteria collectively contribute to identifying top-performing companies and determining winners of the Consumers Choice Award by PissedConsumer.

We prioritize the award's integrity, ensuring fair and honest winner selection through comprehensive review analysis, and combining human and AI moderation processes to prevent manipulation of star ratings.

Winner’s Benefits

Build trustworthiness image

Build trustworthiness

Use the award as a testament to business excellence, demonstrating great confidence in existing customers and building trust with potential clients.

Stand out from competitors image

Stand out from competitors

Award winners receive new options to distinguish their companies in competitive markets and position themselves as industry leaders focused on customer satisfaction.

Elevate brand recognition image

Elevate brand recognition

Gain positive publicity through various channels, increasing brand visibility and awareness because millions of potential customers will know the names of awarded winners.

Our Mission

PissedConsumer's mission is to build communication bridges between brands and consumers to help them achieve successful outcomes.

Consumers Choice Award 2024

Consumers Choice Winners

Consumers Choice Award 2024

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