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Our client is a large manufacturer and installer of custom vinyl windows and doors, which has produced and installed millions of vinyl constructions across the United States. In 2018, the company's management observed a decrease in orders. Around the same time, the first negative reviews started appearing on PissedConsumer.

As the number of negative reviews was increasing, their sales were declining. Having recognized the apparent correlation between the two processes, the client sought help to dig deeper into the root causes of customer complaints.

Moreover, the client wanted to effectively manage existing negative reviews to demonstrate to potential customers that proactive steps were being taken to improve their services and customer experience. As experts, the company chose PissedConsumer because of our in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and psychology, which we have built up over 17 years, and our wide range of services, covering all client's needs.

Client's Needs

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    Resolve existing complaints and identify their causes to prevent similar issues in the future.

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    Increase the number of positive reviews to raise the company’s rating to 5 stars.

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    Identify places for improvement regarding customer service to increase customer satisfaction rate.


After thoroughly discussing the client's concerns and needs, we jointly decided to go with the Gold Plan. This PissedConsumer solution provides comprehensive features to handle negative reviews, process complaints, and resolve customer issues in a timely and effective manner. What is also important, the Gold Plan includes the services of a personal customer care expert who will assist a company in improving its online reputation and customer satisfaction.

This expert analyzed negative reviews of the client's company and identified a pattern of problems that consumers noted in almost every complaint. Afterwards, she developed an action plan on how the client could address the issues identified in their business processes to improve customer satisfaction.
In full compliance with our recommendations, the client has implemented the following business process changes over three months.

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    Enhance communication channels to provide timely updates on order status, installation schedules, and resolution of issues.

  • 2.

    Revise transferring requests from customer support to the specialists responsible for window installation.

  • 3.

    Implement a more responsive customer service system to address inquiries, concerns, and complaints promptly and effectively.

  • 4.

    Establish post-installation follow-up procedures to solicit customer feedback, address any issues promptly, and ensure satisfaction with the installed products.

  • 5.

    Incorporate consumer review analysis into continuous improvement initiatives.

Achieved Results

They leveraged all capabilities of PissedConsumer solutions, especially customer service representatives, to tackle brand reputation issues. This effort's most crucial aspect was locating the root of all problems, eliminating them, and preventing any future occurrences of such problems. Additionally, they were able to identify areas of tactical and strategic development for the company.

Only 2
negative reviews between 2016 and 2023

Only 2 negative reviews between 2016 and 2023

222 testimonials
on PissedConsumer over 7 years

222 testimonials on PissedConsumer over 7 years

PissedConsumer rating increased by
3.6 points

PissedConsumer rating increased by 3.6 points

Satisfaction rating increased by

PissedConsumer rating increased by 26%

In 2023, positive feedback was received constantly and for quite some time, so the client was sure that they took everything they could have from the Gold Plan and decided to discontinue.

This success story serves as an excellent example of the impressive results a company can achieve from a long-term perspective, utilizing the full potential of PissedConsumer services and focusing on increasing customer satisfaction.

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