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How a Gardening Business Decreased Customers Complaints by 47% in Just Two Months

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Our client, a gardening business, has been providing quality wholesale plants, trees, shrubs, and ferns in the United States for over half a century.

Last year, they started facing a challenge of their customers being dissatisfied with their customer support. Many inquiries and complaints went unanswered, and consumers were becoming frustrated while waiting to resolve their requests.

This led to negative reviews, reduced ratings on important review platforms, and ultimately, decreased sales.

After searching and analyzing many options, they chose PissedConsumer as an online reputation and customer support expert.

Project Goals

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    Improve online reputation and get better reviews

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    Increase the efficiency of customer service

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    Increase customer satisfaction

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    Reduce the number of refunds

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    Reduce the number of customer complaints

potted plants growing greenhouse

We Started with Reputation Management and Customer Service Audits

A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved. That’s why we always recommend starting with audits. Having started with reputation management and customer service audits for the client, we’ve revealed the following areas of improvement.

  • Lack of professionalism of previous customer support representatives

    It included customer disputes, removal of unresolved requests from the database, and negligent attitude to work duties.

  • Lack of clear inquiries processing framework

    The client's customer service needed a highly-structured workflow to solve common cases quickly. In addition, response time needed to be consistent and not to exceed 48h.

  • Lack of process automation

    All of the processing of customer inquiries, particularly creating tickets and tracking their resolution, was done manually. This routine took much of the customer support team´s time that could have been spent on resolving customer problems.

  • Lack of data consistency

    Customer service team used numerous support-related software that needed integration. Different data being located in different programs hindered managers from seeing a clear view of the situation and affected the customer support team's performance.

Solutions We Implemented

Based on the results of the audits, our experts implemented the following solutions to improve the performance of customer service and our client's online reputation.

Dedicated customer service team

We established a dedicated team to empower the client's customer service department. These highly-professional experts resolve all new incoming inquiries and mitigate any negative impression from unprocessed complaints. Now all communication is built on a customer-centric approach using best practices in customer communication.

Customer support workflow

Our team has created a comprehensive workflow for the client’s customer support department. This includes templates for answering everyday inquiries, communication scripts, tracking customer satisfaction rate, and advice on handling complex cases. This systematic approach allows customer support representatives to work more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it simplifies onboarding of new team members through well-thought transfer knowledge.

Maintenance of omnichannel customer service

We ensure customers have a smooth and uniformed experience across various communication channels, including phone, email, chatbots, and review platforms. We also recommended using Gorgias as a single customer service solution and integrating it with BigCommerce and ShipStation. This ensure consistent data flow across all company departments, contributing to overall business performance.

Review management

We recognized the most influential reviews platform for our clients and focused on improving the company's star rating on them. The list included such platforms as PissedConsumer, TrustPilot, Sitejabber, and ResellerRating. We have processed all reviews since September 2022. Our experts contacted customers who had negative experiences and worked to resolve their concerns, encouraging them to re-rate their score once the company addressed their issues.

Achieved Result

Complaints & inquiries
have decreased by 47%

Resolution time
has decreased by 64%

First-response time
has decreased by 78%

One-touch tickets resolution has increased by 14%

In just four months, our review management services improved the online reputation on the following review platforms:

star star star star star
3.2 chevron up 4.1
star star star star star
4.1 chevron up 4.2
star star star star star
3.8 chevron up 4.2


Our client's family business no longer has to worry about customer service because the client entrusted it to the PissedConsumer team. We helped solve the problem at the root and prevented it from occurring in the future.

As a result, the client's online reputation is repaired, and customer complaints and inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently.

Improved customer experience encourages customers to return multiple times, contributing to the business growth of our client.

We continue working with the client to ensure that their customer service operations are successful in the long run.

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