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How a Furniture Company Increased Performance of Customer Support Department by 1110%

How a Furniture Company Increased Performance of Customer Support Department by 1110%

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Our client is an online store for furniture and decor, offering a wide range of sofas, loveseats, pillows, table clocks and other accessories, with delivery services across the United States.

The company has always prioritized customer satisfaction, treating it as a fundamental aspect of its operations. However, as their online presence and customer base expanded, the support team faced difficulties managing heavy flow of customer requests. This resulted in more unattended requests and complaints and decreased customer satisfaction to less than 50%. This, in turn, harmed the entire company's profitability.

The company recognized that they couldn't handle the crisis on their own and started looking for a reliable partner to outsource customer service. They specifically sought a company with a proven track record of providing excellent support, which led them to choose PissedConsumer.

Project Goals

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    Increase the efficiency of customer service

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    Increase customer satisfaction

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    Increase the number of returning visitor

Finding the cause

Finding the cause

We performed a comprehensive audit of our client's customer services. It covered all aspects of the customer support workflow, from the scripts used for various issues at different stages of the customer journey to each team member's job responsibility.

The primary issue was the inefficient way requests were handled in, creating a bottleneck in the system. Only the department supervisor had the power to make decisions about resolving problems. At the same time, the customer support team only gathered information. As a result, there was a backlog of requests, causing even the simplest ones to wait in queue for several days.


We started by restructuring the client's customer support processes, which included redistributing responsibilities and approaches to handling requests globally. Our customer service experts developed a solution that involved building a multi-level support team from scratch. After approval, we began implementing the solution developed by our customer service experts.

New Structure of the Team

A new structure of the customer support department adopted a decentralized approach. It had to eliminate the bottleneck of having one decision-maker review all requests and complaints. Several new positions have now been added to the team:

Coaches are the PissedConsumer customer service mentors committed to improving the skills and knowledge of the staff by teaching them specific techniques and best practices in efficient request processing and problem solving. They also handle complex inquiries and complaints related to billing and refunds.

Quality assurance analysts are the PissedConsumer experts with deep expertise in building productive communication with customers. Their task is to review support conversations, suggest improvements if they spot a mistake, and monitor overall support.

Smooth Team Scaling

Our experts provided the client with a customer support department, considering the development and scaling of their business. We have developed a strategic plan for onboarding new customer support representatives. Our specialists select and interview an average of 4-5 new team members each month, if necessary. We also designed and established an advanced onboarding system that allowed specialists to fully integrate into our company's operations within a month.

The structure of the customer support department

  • Before:
    support department before
  • Now:
    support department now

Achieved Result

After one year of hard work, our client has 23 people with a clear focus on the customer experience. These are professionals capable of achieving the best results across all support channels, including social media, phone calls, emails, review websites and others, who genuinely care about customer satisfaction.

Our customer service solutions helped the client achieved the following outstanding results:

One-touch tickets resolution
increased by


Average issue resolution
time decreased by


Average processed requests per day increased by


Returning visitor number
increased by


Сustomer satisfaction
increased by



Online furniture marketplace does not have to worry about customer service because now they have a highly efficient customer support department, revamped by the PissedConsumer customer service experts.

The current team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, performs significantly better, and encourages customers to return, which helps our client’s business grow.

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