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Case Study

Road to a 5-Star Review Management for a Financial Consulting Company

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Our client is a financial advisory company that helps people invest their money wisely in precious metals, stocks, etc.

Given the peculiarity of the industry, the client especially cared about their online presence. Consumers are cautious about choosing a financial advisory company because they are about to trust it with their savings. Even one negative review can scare a potential client into choosing another company.

When the client saw the negative reviews on PissedConsumer, even though there were only 13 of them, the company representative immediately contacted our specialists to consult on how to resolve this issue in the most quick and efficient way.

Client's Needs

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    Resolve all existing complaints and identify their cause

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    Increase the number of positive reviews to raise the rating to 5 stars

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    Receive notification about new reviews to solve them at once

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    Customize the company profile on the platform, making it more attractive for the client’s audience

Solutions We Implemented

To meet the client's needs, we offered them our PissedConsumer review management services, namely the Gold Plan. This solution provided the company with the following opportunities to improve their online reputation:

Customized profile page and review submission form

The client could also customize their profile page's content according to their preferences. Moreover, their profile is now on a separate domain, allowing them to use that page to collect testimonials from customers who don't visit PissedConsumer.

An additional benefit of this solution is that the testimonials are not on the company website but on a third-party resource, which adds to their credibility. Statistically, only 35% of customers trust reviews on the company's official website.

The client customizes the review submission form by adding important company metrics. This allows them to analyze the quality of their services better and improve their customer service.

Contact Information of reviewers

All companies using our plans can see the contact data of users who left reviews about their businesses. Having access to such information, the client can contact their customers to address their issues and change their minds about the company. Representatives of the client's company contacted each reviewer personally, clarified the problem, and solved it, making frustrated customers happy. After that, the reviewers gladly changed their 1-star rating to the company's well-deserved 4 and 5 stars.

Notifications about new reviews before publishing

As a Gold subscriber, our customer receives a notice of and a complaint itself before it is posted on the site. This allows the company to contact customers with negative user experiences and resolve the issues immediately. In this way, the complaint does not become public and does not harm the company's online reputation.

Hidden star rating

The Gold Plan allows companies to choose whether to show their rating or hide this parameter. While our client has been taking all the necessary steps to resolve complaints, they temporarily hide their rating. Since all customers have been satisfied and changed their initial ratings, the client will make the rating visible.

Achievements as a Gold Plan Client

Resolved issues


PissedConsumer rating increased by
2.2 points

rating view

New testimonials
in 3 months

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Leveraging all capabilities of the Gold Plan, the client has covered their major needs – to resolve as many complaints as possible. Also thanks to the feedback from consumers who had negative experiences with their services, our client has identified areas for tactical and strategic development of the company.

Along with addressing customer complaints, the client also requested loyal customers to leave testimonials on their profile page. As a result of these efforts, the company's rating saw a quick increase of 2.2 points.

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