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I bought a product some time ago and realized my college program had dropped that language course, so I asked years later if I could swap it for another language and they happily obliged. To my knowledge, there is no better computer-based language learning software. The content is expansive (some courses go up to level 5) and the customer support is one of the greatest I've ever encountered. Most people write reviews after they have a bad... Read more

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I purchased the Italian box set but it is no longer supported by the program necessary to run it! I can't find any customer support information on their website. Read more

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Payed $405 au for a online downloadable fluenz in Mandrin. No contact or email or service or help. Dont buy it. Im one pissed customer. Read more

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I use the program daily despite great difficulty with the technology. After attempting to install an upgrade u can't access the French program on my iPad. The phone support is a recording referring me to online support. The online support info screen will not accept a platform where it requests one be entered and since the firm is not complete it will not send my request for assistance. I will need an external drive to load the disc included... Read more

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Imagine my surprise after spending hundreds of dollars on all 3 Italian versions to learn that none of it now works with Win 7, either disk or download version. Try to talk to Fluenz to find out a patch or workaround? Their website has no 800#. Try the 800# on the disks? They don't answer it and tell you to send an email. Send them an email? They say "they're on it" and no response. Very, very frustrating and surprising poor customer... Read more

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I bought fluenz French through amazon the product described and what I received do not agree It suggest several cds. I got one and it works only if I was on line Amazon does not respond So who is at fault me. Will I get my money back to my hard drive. Read more

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I purchased Fluenz German after using the example on their website. I am former military, and was afforded total access to the RS library as part of training. I wish we had had this product instead. I never understood German more clearly or functionally than I do with Fluenz. Because it is geared to the English speaker, the verbal and grammatical flow just make sense now! I will be using my new skills to speak with my friends in Frankfurt,... Read more

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I purchased the language software called Fluenz French (Version 2) directly from While I was very happy with the product itself, I am very surprised at the poor customer service provided by the fluenz staff. Customers who purchased the software prior to May 24 2010 were supposed to receive a redeemable coupon to download a foreign language film from iTunes - the idea being that hear the language in a different setting would help the... Read more

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This Mandarin language course has been wonderful. I am still learning from it but it by far is the best such course I've tried. As a result I've been keeping with it. There are a few quirks here and there but this course broke new ground and is much better designed than the Rosetta Stone course I borrowed from the library and tried. I'm told from a native speaker (who thinks the course is good too) that the instructor Sonia Gil has a... Read more

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