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Reba Smith- Cheer Coach Flowery Branch JR. Falcons PARENTS PLEASE READ!!

I'm a close friend of a concerned parent who had a child on the 11 year old Jr. Falcons Cheer Team. I was just apauld by the things I was being told by my friends daughter about this coach that I had to look into this more before writing this review. I myself as a parent really felt the need to step up and let other parents and the community know about the head Coach on the cheer squad Reba Smith.. I had initially only heard good things about this Coach until the season started. PARENTS please rethink about putting out the money and time that we have to invest into our children into this Coach/cheer squad next year. Reba Smith is a very cold and rude women. Some of the comments she had made to the girls on her squad are very degrading and not professional at all. The girls are supposed to have fun and look forward to cheering as a "positive fun" sport. There have been 4 girls on the squad that have left due to the meanness and unprofessionalism of this Coach. I have also learned that her husband has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for sleeping with a teenage girl that was on the squad last year which has lead me to believe a lot of this woman’s aggression to the girls is being taken out on them due to what her husband did which I find to not be fair at all to these girls. This Coach would not show up to her practices and games late and would put her tardiness back onto the girls by making them feel bad or making them do push ups, she would make comments to the girls on the squad on multiple occassions that she does get paid to do this and that she is volunteering her time to them and that these girls are the worst girls/squad she has ever had. I had heard her on multiple occasions screaming and making the girls do push ups. It has just been one thing after another. I hope that this is seen by parents and so hopefully the same thing will not happen to you or your child that has happened to my friends daughter. I have tried communicating this to the board as other parents but they have taken up for her as the “Victim” and so many parents have been left with no other choice but to pull their child from the squad. I’m a firm believer that “Leadership reflects attitude” and it shows with these girls always being upset and not wanting to cheer or participate because of the way their Coach treats them.I hope that I’m heard and can prevent this from keeping another child for having their “cheer” taken out of cheerleading. Thank you for reading this and please pass this along.
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Wow! Wish we knew of this earlier.


Is she still coaching? Sorry if I missed this in your writing, I was just aback in reading it.

I have grandchildren in this area.

I am going to research more from them in case she was their coach. Thank you.


I think she is an amazing coach and this is coming from the whole 2014 squad!


Preach it ugh she is so annoying but you know what cheerleading is cheerleading and I prefer competition but life happen and coach Reba just is going to coach Reba and I'm going to deal with it so yeah love ya coach Reba plus she does things the way she wants when she wants


I do not have a log in however feel I should post a comment. Hi I'm Reba Smith and have read your complaint. I am shocked and infuriated that you are blasted my name over the world wide web with false accusations, so I'm here to set the record straight!

Yes I am know to be hard on the girls (that's part of being a coach). If I were to not push these girls to work hard they would not succeed in cheer. Them doing push ups is for a few reasons: 1 - for fun for saying woooo, they all know this and although it sounds *** to most people they laugh about it and bust each other and themselves for saying it. 2 - breaking rules. I have rules in place just like parents, teachers, principals do. If they talk about one another (drama), not listening and interrupting repeatedly, laughing during stunting after warnings have been given (this is for safety). 3 - for touchdowns as mentioned by this other poster. In middle school and high school they do the total amount of points each time. I only have them do the current play 6 or 7.

Now for the part of me bashing these girls...yes I admit I have told them they are my worst squad FOR DRAMA!!!! These girls will go through drama and ups and downs all their lives. I want them to work together...not against each other! The issues were addressed to the girls singly, then together and then I went to a meeting with parents to correct. It was then that some other things came out...I will address that in a second. So, I had 3 girls causing issues but since then all has been calm and peaceful. It is true I have had girls quit this year. I had one quit before the season even began because her mom couldn't assist me and she chose to play a different sport, one quit right after jamboree because her daughter didn't want to cheer anymore and didn't like it (her mom actually thanked me for the opportunity since this was her first year cheering), one quit during all the drama because she didn't want to cheer on a squad with so much drama (she has since returned) we all rallied together to get her back and then lastly a girl quit from my only knowledge because she had to sit out at halftime after missing a practice where we practiced our routine. Due to safety reasons if anyone is not present to practice the halftime routine (with stunting) then they do not perform. This was told to the girls and parents at the very begin of the cheer season. It's not punishment to the girl that missed it's keeping the other girls safe. This one particular girl was one of the 3 causing the drama by the way and has been in trouble at school since then as well. Since the last girl left we have been drama free and are working quite well as a team now. I told the girls that I was ready to have fun and not be so "mean" but the drama thing had put the fun on the back burner which I did not like at all. I reached out for assistance from the parents to rectify the situation. I believe it has been and we have been having fun ever since. Since then the only push ups they have done have been at the game. My 4 year old even does them with them! And I can assure you I'm not pushing her or being mean to her to do them either. She actually did them because 2 of the girls asked her to and she likes it.

As for my tardiness I reached out to the parents and explained it is sometimes hard for me to make it on time however I have also been early at times also. I work a full time job, have a long commute and have to ensure my child gets fed dinner since I am at practice so late. It may put me there 5-10 minutes late on occasion, however I have parents that, again for their daughters safety, sit with the girls until I can make it. I do not like the fact that some parents merely drop their 12 yr old off and drive away. I will always make sure they are safe and with an adult. I recently asked a parent to sit with the girls at practice so that I may take a bathroom break so they were not left unattended. I have never nor would I ever punish the girls for my tardiness and if anything I apologize to the girls for my tardiness. So I'm not sure why that was said?

I do volunteer my time with these girls this is true and I have made that clear to these girls. I want them to respect me and my time and likewise I respect them. Due to the drama we have not had a "normal" cheer season at least to start but we are on track now, have learned all our routines and cheers and I can see a major improvement in these ladies. I am treating them to a pizza and cupcake party for all their hard work next week (on my dime by the way). We do have fun however it has started later than I would have liked in the season. I always act silly with them and try to push that yes we want to have fun and get along, but when the time arises (stunts) we put on straight faces and focus.

Now on to the toughest part of this...Thank you for your blasting my personal life across this site. It is true my EX HUSBAND and father of my child has RECENTLY been put in prison for sleeping with a minor, however you need to get your facts straight before throwing my dirt out here for everyone to see. By the way I will be seeking legal council on this portion of your comment fyi. So yes my EX HUSBAND is in prison, yes because of a minor, not someone who cheered for me last year (incorrect information), it was 37 years not 50 (incorrect information) and since you kept saying my husband I want to make something very clear to all that read this....He is my EX and this situation happened after we were separated and divorced. I had no knowledge of any of this until he was put in jail. This man has not been around my current squad at all nor any unknown man. I am on high alert more so than ever due to this event happening. I even reached out to past parents to make them aware of the situation. I am always out to protect these girls and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Hope this has cleared some confusion.

I would like to add that every year parents want their daughter on my squad BECAUSE I'm tough. Cheerleading gets tougher and tougher once they leave me and go on to middle and high school. I have had many past cheerleaders and parents thank me for being so tough on them because I did push them to work hard and succeed at cheer. I also tell all my girls past and present that homework is most important. When they get into the higher levels they wouldn't be allowed to cheer due to bad grades.

Not sure if this has resolved your concerns. Thank you for voicing your concerns however I would have much rather you brought this to my attention personally than blast me and my personal life out like this. I felt it necessary to defend myself and my current squad due to your comments. I am never on this site so this was brought to my attention by a parent/friend. Feel free to respond as you wish however I may not read it.

And for anyone reading this on my current squad or anyone for that matter please see me if you have any questions or concerns about this post. I am an open book and stated that at our parent meeting so please keep that in mind. I will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.


I would like to throw my two cents in here. My daughters are both former cheerleaders of Coach Smith's.

And while I will agree that she is very tough on the girls, she is simply preparing them for the rigors and demands of middle school and high school cheering. There are many parents over the years who have requested her specifically as she has the highest number of former cheerleaders currently on DMS and FBHS squads. That speaks volumes to her coaching abilities. As for the push-ups, those are simply part of warm-up exercises and I know for a FACT that they do push-ups to "CELEBRATE" when the football players score a touchdown.

As for her "EX-HUSBAND", while it's true there was a situation that was brought to light last year; this was well after they were separated and divorced and the young lady involved has already suffered enough not to be dragged into this mess simply because you disagree with a coach's ability and methods. Most sympathize because she is now a single parent and still volunteering to coach these young ladies and help them with their future cheer aspirations. No one asked them to place their child on the squad and they had every right to pull their child. Also, to my knowledge (not hearsay) their has only been 1 child to leave the squad simply because their parent(s) were unhappy that since she missed a practice where a routine was covered she was unable to perform said routine at half-time, but that was a safety issue not a punishment.

In closing, if you plan to attend another game, please pay attention to those push-ups; did the players simply score a touchdown?

And in watching the half-time routine, did you not see the hard-work and skill that goes into making the show a success? And, if not properly learned when taught could possibly get a young lady hurt if she didn't know EXACTLY what she needed to do and when she needed to do it.


I have a question that has been bothering me for years. Why all of a sudden do cheerleaders need coaches?

When I was in school there wasn't cheer coaches. There were cheer leaders period. Yes they had a female teacher that went with them to games, but there was no coaching involved. Oh yes!

cheerleaders also wore clothes at that time. There is absolutely no reason for elementary school kids to be in anything pertaining to cheering and taking part in competitions with make up on like on the Toddlers and Tiaras program.

gerald claude

who is going back and forth? I just dont think you now like the way you came across.....does petty and self serving come to mind.....I guess there always has to be one to carry the torch....if that makes you like a big girl. Personally - it all reads like spilled milk....but thats just me.....and yes you have every right to post....and I thank goodness have every right to challenge.....

gerald claude

If what you say is true....you might want to rewrite your first few sentences to reflect 1st person.....just sayin....it comes off as gossip and hearsay.....and i doubt you ran this rant by legal. BTW....the easiest way to make a difference is by voting with you feet and dollars......participate else where

Ohn Ppv
reply icon Replying to comment of gerald claude

I have already clarified that this is not gossip n hear say and have no need to rewrite anything again. As for seeking legal counsel nor do I need to justify that either since I already clarified that too..the …voting may work for some situations but not this one again another point of mine that was missed above again.

I'm not going to keep going back n forth with you about this ..

i have every right to be here and try to prevent this happening again to another family. The truth is the truth like it..hate it ...it will be told.

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