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All Issues with Mr. Ed Zigo and The Flexite Company Have Been Resolved

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Please Note: All issues between Mr. Ed Zigo and The Flexite Company have been resolved in a nice, friendly manner. Mr. Zigo is part of the Flexite Family and one of the very best lab technicians in the USA. Mr. Zigo has full permission of the Flexite Company to advertise Flexite products on his new website. xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
Poet Ajz
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The Flexite Company's Bright Side, Mr. Lee Soroca

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Updated by user Jun 29, 2016

The pissed Consumer site makes it difficult to remove posts

Original review Jun 28, 2016
My name is Ed Zigo and I am the owner of Zigo Technologies in Phoenix. There have been a lot previous posts made to The Pissed Consumer regarding Mr. Lee Soroca of The Flexite Company, New York. Contrary to what was written, I want to clarify all facts regarding Mr. Lee Soroca truthfully and too the point. The whole matter in dispute was based upon a lot of miscommunication between Mr.Lee Soroca and myself. It wasn't until all facts were presented to he and I, that what we both had written about each other, could not have been further from the truth. The truth is this. I have had the distinct pleasure to know Mr. Lee Soroca for over three decades. In that time, we grew to be very good friends not only professionally, but personally. Both of us had gone through very difficult physical and emotional times recently. At times it seemed as we were receiving more than our fair share of it all. As much as we tried to console each other, the fact of overwhelming distress resulted in ones ability to assume. When communication breaks down it is from not seeing the big picture clearly. It warps perception and reality to suit whatever you want it to be, at that particular time. I am sorry to say, the things I said and wrote about Mr. Lee Soroca, I regret very much now. Mr. Lee Soroca to me is this. A true friend. One who's understanding and commitment to being a friend is unwavering and steadfast. If it wasn't for all of Lee Soroca's understanding, generosity and integrity, I as a business person would not have survived in the field I am in. Mr. Lee Soroca was always there for me and my family through out the many years of being associated with the he and The Flexite Company. I say to anyone reading any of the posts that were written by me regarding The Flexite Company and Lee Soroca to understand this. Mr. Lee Soroca in fact is the the Bright Side of the Flexite Company. He aways has been, but gets so little praise and acknowledgement for it. I only wish and aspire to be as he, a true reflection of his father, Mr. Sol Soroca. Thank you lee from my heart for all you have done.
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Reason of review:
For everything
Willie Eqw
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Flexite - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category

The partial model Mr.Zigo made for Flexiteis a Flexite partial using our Flexite plastic. He made a Flexite partial for which he is being paid. There was no signed contract as to what we can or can't do with the completed Flexite partial. No legal agreement what so ever. If Mr. Zigo wanted anything more than getting paid for processing a Flexite partial it should have been discussed before he voluntarily made us the Flexite partial. And it should have been made a contract with our signature in agreement before it was made. If Mr. Zigo wanted anything more from Flexite then getting paid to make a Flexite partial we would have had another dental lab make the partial for us. Mr. Zigo has no legal case. Mr. Zigo told us to remove him from our website last February so he asked to be discontinued with his Flexite association and he stopped purchasing our Flexite plastic. So it is Mr. Zigo with all his website Flexite listings on Google search tbat is in violation of our legal Flexite trademarks. You can not have Flexite mentioned in your website listings when you no longer use our products. We did not ask him to leave. Mr. Zigo told us to remove him from our website listing. We simply followed his instructions last February.
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Ed treated my daughter like she was mentally retarded . I will report him in due time.

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I would never treat anyone in this manner. Please explain why you would say this about me.


All issues with Mr. Zigo has been resolved in a nice friendly manner!

Mr. Zigo is one of Flexite's very best laboratory technicians.

Willie Eqw

Wasting your money Ed. A check for $398 is in the mail.

Poet Ajz

Lee Soroca and the Flexite Company have been turned over to our attorneys for payment.

Willie Eqw
reply icon Replying to comment of Poet Ajz

A $398.00 check was mailed to Mr.Zigo yesterday. We deducted $627.00 for the invoice Mr. Zigo owed The Flexite Company.

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Received Defective Cellphone from Extra Virgin Tech Company through Amazon

Purchased Motorola phone on from secondary seller called Extra Virgin Tech. I received the phone promptly but the phone was defective and now I cannot get in touch with Extra Virgin Tech to get the phone replaced or a full refund. This company does not have a phone number so everything had to be done through emails via to the company. I sent many emails to Extra Virgin and still no help. I even offered to pay for the return shipping to get a prompt replacement for the phone. Still no reply. So I finally had to get Amazon directly involved to get me a full refund, which they are now working on. The people at Amazon are very nice people. Bravo Amazon, but Booooooo to Extra Virgin Tech company. When I purchased the phone I sent an email to Extra Virgin Tech asking them to please checkout the phone being several people said they received defective phones. The lady that sent me an email said they would check the phone but apparently the phone was never completely checked out as the 3G,4G, and Text did not work and the speaker phone part was much lower volume than my original Motorola phone of the same model. The phone worked as a normal phone only. The Sim Card I used from my old phone, which was the same identical phone, only my original phone had a broken power jack. So the phone sim card setup ok under Verizon but it was clearly a defective phone. I checked the Network too to make sure it was properly turned on 4G,3G. That's the story. Tonight I go to Verizon Store and I purchase a new phone.
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leesoroca S

Don't think this retailer is in business anymore. I think maybe got too many complaints about poor service etc.



Ok Dan,

Being your company cannot execute a basic return tag properly I am paying to return the defective Droid Bionic Phone.

See enclosed PDF attachment with copy of UPS tracking label.

This defective phone will ship with my other business packages on Monday Afternoon April, 28, 2014.

Monday evening or Tuesday the tracking number will show up in the UPS system when you go to track this package.!input.action

I am returning it to you via UPS ground. So you will receive this package in about 5 business days. I wasted my time driving to the post office to mail the defective phone back to you last Wednesday,.

I am not going to waste any more of my time using any of your USPS return labels. UPS has a much better track record than the USPS. If you are a gentlemen you will promptly send out another phone on Monday April 28, 2014. If you make me wait until you receive this package back, then just refund me the money as I will definitely purchase another phone from Verizon.

Or I will order another Droid from some other reputable firm. If you ship another phone to me on Monday maybe I will have it by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. All I can say is that I would be out of business if I took care of my dental customers the way you took care of me. For the records, if we make a mistake, which can happen, I always apologize and then ship another order usually next day to my customer ASAP.

I do not make my customers wait 5, 7, 10 or more days to replace their order and ship another shipment. I know it is expensive but I maintain an excellent relationship with all my customers this way. We are celebrating our 50th year in business now. I look at it this way, I spend thousands of dollars each month on magazine ads and internet ads and direct mailing to customers.

So I look at it as a part of doing business and an advertising expense. I am very disappointed in the way you handled this exchange. Like I said before, if you had called me and spoken to me or even communicated with me in any decent manner last Monday or Tuesday of last week I would have gladly returned the phone to you immediately at no cost to you. Just so you could ship me another unit.

And if you insisted, I would have even overnighted it back to you if that is what you needed to ship me another unit promptly. Defects do happen but a good company goes the extra miles for their customers and tries to keep them happy. On Monday it will be 10 days since I received the defective phone. This is unacceptable.

I really don't know how you stay in business. Business people need their cellphones ASAP. You just don't understand or really care enough to understand this. I do believe that there is a force in the universe that guides us and looks after us.

People who are especially kind and nice and caring are rewarded. People with don't care attitudes will get their just rewards too some day. What goes around comes around. Actions speak better than words.

You can apologize to me from now until the cows come home, but your actions speak for themselves.

And so far your actions are very poorly executed even if your intentions are genuine.

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leesoroca S
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New York Safety Council On Line Course Has Problems!

Updated by user Sep 08, 2012

Complaint is about New York Safety Council On Line Course.

Complaint by Lee Soroca who works for Flexite.

Not a complaint about Flexite.

Flexite is a great company!

Original review Sep 08, 2012
I started the New York Safety Council Course last night. When you start the course it asks you several security questions that you have to answer several times throughout the course. Also it has you type a phrase like: "Hi my name is ****************" nine times. Several times last night it asked me to type this phrase which I did ok. Several times it asked me to answer the questions I had already chosen when I signed up for the on line course. And a few times the computer refused to move forward and came up with error on the screen. Last night I was fortunate that the program repaired itself and continued the course for 3 hours of my time. Tonight I need to complete the last two sections of this On Line Traffic Safety Course. I started through about 8 pages and then it came and said loading with an error statement on top. I tried to move back and forth and it did not clear and then it just locked me out. I had only 8 days left to complete this course. I needed to finish it over the weekend which now I cannot do. I called the telephone number with the program and got a recording that the systems are down for another 3 days. I only have the weekend time to complete this course or I loose my $34.50 payment. I do not have time on Monday to complete this course. So I called my credit card company and asked for a refund. May I suggest that you do not waste your time with this on line course. Just take the 6 hours course locally from your drivers school, church or some other organization. These on line courses have lots of glitches and usually you cannot complete the course without getting locked out for no good reason at all. A few years ago another course I tried to take on line used telephone voice recognition and the same thing happened. I spoke in my normal voice when it asked to recognize me and I was locked out. Buyer beware. I wasted 3 hours of my time last night on this course and was charged $34.50 on my credit card. Should have just gone to a local school to take this course to get the savings on my car insurance policy.
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I recently took the AARP Safety Drivers Course on Line. It was a wonderful course, well designed in content and with software that worked flawlessly without any problems.

I highly recommend the AARP Safety Drivers Course. A+ Bravo

leesoroca S

I recently took the AARP Safety Drivers Course on line and it was a pleasure. Not only was the course well written and produced, the software was excellent too.

I had no problems with voice recognition like I had with the previous course from The New York Safety Council in 2012. Bravo to AARP.

A job well done and a really great course for us older students.


Took the New York Safety Council defensive driving course. Locked me out twice!

Put me on hold for 52 minutes when called customer service! Then finally got in hold of somebody who was very rude! and then told me to re-take the exam even though I was 5 hours into the 6 hours exam!!! I could not believe it!

Terrible customer service!

Terrible program! Never recommend it!

Lee S Sfh

The Support Team at the American Safety Council, Inc. reset my course again for me to try to complete the last two sections of this driver safety course. Well guess what. I got locked out again on the second page after starting.

It asked me a question about how long I was working at my present job. Then it proceeded to the next page. I read one page and then pushed the arrow to proceed to the next page.

KEEPING YOUR COURSE SECURE came up on the screen with a Error: undefinded message above it. I was then locked out of the course for the second time. I wasted 3 hours taking the first two sections of this course. I only have a day or two left to complete the course and it seems to be a hopeless. I sent another email to The Support Team and told them I have requested a full refund from my credit card company. I will take the 6 hour course at a drivers school locally on a weekend.

End of story. Do not waste your time with these on line drivers safety courses. Just take the course in your neighborhood.

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Flexite S
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Unfair MTA305 Tax for small businesses

Would like to hear from other small businesses on Long Island that are unfairly being charged this MTA305 tax. I have no problem paying my tolls when I travel each week to New York City and take the Mid Town Tunnel or Bridges. If I use the train I have no problem paying my fee to travel. I never use buses. All my workers and I use a car to get to work. No one at my small business takes the train or bus to work. We pay over $1200 a year for this unfair tax. I would rather give this money to my hard working workers or use it to hire another part time student after school to help with our business. I understand engineers that drive diesel trains get extra money when they switch to drive the electric trains. Excessive pensions and wasted money should not be coming out of hard working small businesses that are struggling to survive here on Long Island. My business expenses have risen greatly and I have had to reduce my prices due to overseas competition. My salary is decreased also. I ask our governor to please consider dropping with rediculous MTA305 tax. Other business people please feel free to contact me via email @ Flexite@***.com Thank you.
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leesoroca S

Follow up note. New York State has since eliminated this MTA305 tax for small businesses.

Bravo New York State and Thank you to our legislators.

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