$$$ Scam, Charged me twice for product,

The Guys called himself Randy, Company Flexible Lining Systems 4155 Dow Rd Melbourne Florida. I place a order for spray lining for my fishing boat, 1/2 my order came in then a few days later I received a call from Randy stating that the other part of my order went to the wrong address and that it would be redirected to me, the order arrived a few days later and so did another charge on my card. I called about the charge and he agreed to correct it and didnt, I called my card company to dispute the charge and the his company actually said that I had double ordered, I called him back, he agreed that it was his mistake and that it would be fixed, Nothing has happened, this guy is nothing more than a rip off and a fraud and should not be allowed to be advertising on the internet. HB Kelsey
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Order processing issue
Jisselle Lsx
map-marker Ludowici, Georgia

Almost scammed by Spray-Lining

I am in the business of manufacturing Body Armor for LE, MIL/SEC OPS. Currently in research and development stage. I was looking for Poly urea and Polyurethane products to coat my Armor for testing, to determine which product would produce the best results to mitigate fragmentation and most cost effective. I contacted a company going by the name Spray-Lining ( I spoke to a representative by the name of Jeff Powell. The call started with receiving a 20min. long lecture on chemistry, later he used some high pressure tactic to get me to purchase enough chemical to cover 2000 sq ft at 100mil at a cost of $1.62per sq ft. I did not want to purchase that much of chemical to conduct a simple test with. He (Jeff Powell)was not willing to offer 2 or 3 gallons or enough chemical for 100sq ft at 250mil, he became unprofessional and insulting. Later Jeff calls me to invite me to a trade show on some naval base to purchase a somewhat smaller quantity of coating but, still at $1.62 per sq ft. I would not commit so Jeff became very unprofessional and insulting me by ranting about how I need to make a decision to buy his products or I'm just not going into business or wont have a business if I don't buy from him.I laughed with sarcasm and he hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor or manager over Jeff Powell to complain about his unprofessional conduct and was placed on hold for about 5 min give or take, then a guy trying to speak with a Pakistani or Indian accent(very poorly) introduced his-self as the Production Manager but, I quickly recognized the voice as Jeff Powell aka or Julius Lupowitz and just hung up. Then I found this website that listed complaints against Spray-Lining and Jeff Powell who is really Julius Lupowitz. I am very thankful I didn't fall for this guy's BS. Before doing business with anyone online research the company you are thinking of doing business with first. Spray-Lining is a scam company run by lowlife Frauds like Julius Lupowitz AKA Jeff Powell and whoever he wants to call himself.
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Mahdi Twk
map-marker Orlando, Florida

Review Spray-Lining Rhino Line-X Scorpion

“Spray-Lining” by definition is the coating of surfaces (substrates) with a poyurea, polyurethane, polyurea hybrid or poly hybrid. It is most easily reviewed by reading forums, blogs, article & posts by truck enthusiasts. I never saw anything about the danger of these chemicals, though I did hear about VOC's isocyanates and flash point dangers. But, mostly these things are advertised as safe and not an issue. So, I buy these DIY spray-Lining products thinking, "No Problem". After spraying my truck bed lining I am having issues breathing and a lot of pain. After reviewing further I see that there are all kinds of negative side effects of spraying these materials without proper safety equipment. Why isn't this noted on the TOP of these spray-lining sites. Spray-on truck bed liners are coated by various applicators of spray lining formulas. Spray linings can be applied to many items in need of protection from the elements &/or that benefit from slip-proofing. In my research I compared the two biggest spray-lining brand names, Rhino & Line-X & others with many educated truck owners, applicators & experienced professionals. I found several issues as spray-lining color, UV stability, strength specifications & other considerations as well as price. However, no one really talked about safety except with pure polyurea.... What is that about? Reviews are easiest to locate on Google or any search engine since pick up truck bed spray-lining is probably abused more than other items like trailers or boats. These opinions may matter more when reviewing brands or applicators of spray-lining products for most other valuable assets. However, the point of SAFETY needs to be a higher priority for DIY Spray-Lining. These guys need to get on the ball.
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Green Solutions in Melbourne was a branch office of spray-lining. There are complaints about all coatings in some regard or another.

I was just reading about isocyanates and vocs. OMG, talk about problems and scams. It seems like the whole industry is hiding something. But, when it comes to spray-lining I am not sure they are all bad.

They really focus on training and customer support. Their team is focused on green solutions and even though complaints are common in the industry, at least outside of Line-X they seem to really provide great solutions.

The issue with isos and spraying outside is a big deal to them and they focus on this with their clients.


:grin In response to the last statement, Jeff Powell wit Spray-Lining brings up all these valid points for the purpose of training and support for the professional dealers that he supports. Sprayed Coatings, whether it's polyurea, poly-hybrid or other urethanes have specific attributes that make certain guns and equipment perfect for the applicator. In some environments you have to apply a small amount in many passes in order to visually inspect build and behavior because of space limitations. Like when you;re coatings the inside of tanks or silos.

Then in some cases the goal is getting a thick layer on vertical space quickly which is achieved with fusion sprayers and polyurea. But, for that matter you can spray polyhybrids through the same equipment and get similar results. But, there may be other factors that control whether polyurea or polyhybrid is appropriate to the specific application.

This is where Jeff Powell at Spray-Lining comes in. He uses his experience and knowledge of the industry and of specific application jobs to help dealers of spray-lining learn to use the right material and equipment for the job, :grin

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Biggest scam go through the reports Jeff Powell is fake

Spray-lining and green solutions are a scam to *** people and businesses out of there hard earn money. The product they send dealers is complete garbage


This is a topic of coating application quality, not of some brand of

bed liner being better or different than another brand. Any type of coating is much more dependent of quality of Equipment used, training & experience of the applicator than a brand.

By definition, all sprayed coatings are applied by a person with some form of Spray Gun & some means of propelling the coating through it with correct flow & atomization to create some desired Texture. The functions & qualities of this result in satisfied or unsatisfied job requirements.


Spray lining complaints from Speedliner Dealers are similar with no agreed zone protection also. Most dealer spray-lining complaints here are on the high price per gallon.

Other Speedliner Complaints are this formula of spray-on lining dries very slow. This means slow turnaround times in order for it to dry or cure. Other complaints about this spray-lining is no actual warranty exists. With the others at least the dealer can give you some type of warranty; mostly on his workmanship but nothing on the product.

To prevent warranty complaints, as a Speedliner spray-lining dealer you must warranty your own jobs or clarify that there is no warranty, honestly. As for turnaround time, just clarify that proper cure requires 2-3 days before allowing your customer to pay & leave. Dan Salazar is Speedliner’s main or only rep.

Of these complaints I’ve heard none about him, just the system, lack of zones, price & dry time. Otherwise Speedliner has a great, strong product compared to all spray-lining vendors.


Jeff Powell, employed by Spray-Lining supports Solutions that are Green™. My name is Jason Fistron, I was a Line-X applicator before I got smart.

Technically, Isocyanates are Carcinogenic. That means CANCER causing, proven in lab animals. The “Scam” in any Spray Lining are those brand names that started this industry acting as if these Hazardous Spray on materials are safe. At Spray-Lining™, the actual company is a Team of Polyurea coatings engineers.

Powell provides Poly Hybrid solutions of this Support Team which includes Bill Dalburo, who knows Russell Lewis, the founder of Rhino Linings, professionally. "Jeff Powell and Spray-Lining was always a threat to Line-X", was stated by Claudio Burton, that’s Line-X founder. Any Durable Coating System of Texliner for Bedliner or Polyurea Elastomeric Coatings are represented as safe & easy to spray by these vendors.

In Jeff Powell's spare time he identifies Texliner Scam Artists, fakes, phonies & frauds who claim to be certified Spray-Lining dealers & he apprehends them legally; criminally at times. The Green™ Solutions from Powell's Team are what helps Pissed Consumers, scammed Rhino dealers & Line-X franchisees who got to join Spray-Lining's team.

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That is bull Jeff Powell is the scam artist screwing businesses out of hard earned money for *** that doesn't work


Spray-Lining complaints are growing in the industry for obvious reasons. Rhino, Scorpion, Line-X, Spray-Lining, and others are growing.

The industrial and auto coatings spray-lining demand is going up all the time as we produce more vehicles and continue to protect existing investments.

Chronic respiratory issues and brain damage are side effects caused by the improper application of industrial and auto spray-lining coatings. This effects and causes complaints by both the installer and the people within close vicinity to the spray site.

Spray-Lining complaints grow, directed at improper use of equipment and materials across many vendors. These are large industrial jobs all the way down to the small auto body shop that gets complaints about cracking and peeling bedliner.


Some applicators of Poly Hybrid or Polyurea are certified by their Spray-Lining Vendor; others are certified by organizations like SSPC, PDA Spray Applicator Class & NACE. The highest paid applicators have verifiable certifications from both their Spray-Lining vendor AND at least one credible training entity.

As for DIY most spray-on lining complaints with Truck Bed Lining are with low quality DIY kits available retail or online.

To distinguish between low-grade vs the high or professional-grade DIY bedliner deals, look for suppliers that reveal facts, display product specs, provide “real” spray guns or spray lining equipment and/or compare with others in some logical, informative way. Also you can be Spray-Lining “Scammed” by “Professionals” using low grade DIY bedliners and representing these as Line-X, Spray-Lining™, Rhino Linings which are Professional Grade vendors.


Well, look at the spray bedliner review for good side by side general comparison of Rhino and Line-X. Pretty good information.

It's not TOO deep which is kind of a good thing. I think with the chemical makeup and private label industry, it's hard to really get too deep, cause it's all different and mostly really good for the average consumer.

Just my thoughts

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