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I have had a absolute horrible experience with Fletcher's located on union hills and 35th Ave.the customer service is terriable, I had numerous excuses as to why I won't be helped finally after 5th visit after being told I don't need and appponitment. " we don't have time today, our tech isn't in today, ITS NOT MY PROBLEM, someone else quoted you that not me, I have other things to do" I received attitude over the phone and in person was...
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I originally took my vehicle to fletchers on 35th ave and union hills.They would not release my vehicle they had done so many extra things to my vehicle without my consent that I could not pay for. So I actually had a mechanic look at my vehicle and they said that all i needed was alignment. This was a friend of mine. So I took it to fletchers for the alignment. They told me it would take a few hours so no problem. Then they called me and said...
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Had my car in three times. They ordered the wrong parts twice. Charged $700 first visit and $1800 2nd visit. Kept my car longer than was they said they would keep. Tried to go through emissions 2nd time but was told it would fail because the gas cap hadn't been replaced, which was clearly indicated on the emissions failure document that I left with Fletcher's the first time (perhaps they can't read either). Feel like I've been financially...
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I liked
  • Convenient location
I didn't like
  • I do not recommend fletchers tires
  • Unexpected costs and time without vehicle