2016 Fleetwood Rv Bounder Rv Reviews

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They convinced me to buy a 3000 mile used Bounder Class A. Now I have all the problems of a probably lemon vehicle. So many problems popping up and they scheduled me for 30 days to repair. They are putting me off for the 30 day warranty they have to fix things. Calling the Florida AG tomorrow, not gonna deal with this. Wish I could find the previous owner and get the low down why they dumped it. I was told because they wanted a larger unit....
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Purchased a 2016 Bounder. When we arrived for our scheduled walk-thru the unit was a mess: dirty inside & out, dirt on floor, stain on carpet, most of the lights were out or only dimly lit. A "punch list" we submitted was ignored. The person doing our walk-thru was unfamiliar with the Bounder and couldn't answer all our questions. Unit also has a hydraulic leak and upon returning it 2 days after we picked it up, the dashboard was smoking. So...
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I didn't like
  • How we are treated after the sale
Sad *** RV!!!!!!Our plumbing broke out and *** was flying everywhere. Fleetwood needs to own up to it poor workmanship!! It's been in the shop more than on the road. And the dealers are just as crooked plus the wood Trim falling off down the road! Slide out blew out, 10 others items went south!! Really. Stop hiring cheap help! And USA made by illegals!! My lawyer will be contacting you. , dealer cannot fix anything either you have the blind...
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  • Interior layout
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  • Customer service
  • Garbage 2015 35k bounder
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2016 Fleetwood Rv Bounder Rv Review

Have major issues with 2016 Bounder with my slide out, and slide out canopy. Had the RV longer in the shop than on the road. Stay away from them, just a big expensive Lemmon. Hope to trade in as soon as I can.