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This is the ABSOLUTE WORSE finance company, they stopped repairs on my car & contacted my insurance company & told them my car was repossessed & that they had my vehicle, which was a lie, my car was still at the bodyshop & left me without any transportation for over a month. I would NEVER deal with this horrible company again or refer them to anyone. Customer service is HORRIBLE, only two good reps over a two year period. If there is any way... Read more

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You stated, "there is no way of making a payment with them where you are not charged a "processing fee" unless you mail a check, which I did ONCE. It took over 2 weeks for the payment to be posted to my account, therefore I received numerous phone calls, and one nasty girl that more or less called me a liar when I told her I mailed my payment." I have only had my auto loan through Flagship for 4 months. Each payment has been made on time.... Read more

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I have been with flagship for over 4 years. For over 4 years they accepted a late payment when needed. Now I've accumulated a ton of late fees and they are saying they will only accept a full amt! Like where am I supposed to get the full amount from after you have repeatedly helped me accumulate these late fees. Now out of the blue you give me a date of when it must be paid in full? 2 weeks? Where am I supposed to get 2000 from? Help flagship!... Read more

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I want to return my car. I am finished being harresesd.willie 251 213 5157.i need to know the drop off spot.

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Company Calls 20x a day, no voicemails. Call from several different numbers. Mailed check, refusal to listen. Supervisor says he is "only person to talk to", threaten to repossess after 25 days. I told them to come get it. More threats came my way. When I recited law to them, he got belligerent, and continued to threaten. I laughed.. and laughed. I offered them to come get car and gave them address. More threats. Company relies on bad credit,... Read more

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Flagship Had The Worst Customer Service. Waited 30 Minutes To Speak a With A Represenative Only To Be Put On Hold 5 More Minutes & Be Told Nothing Could Be Done For Me. Please Avoid The At All Costs!! Read more

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Very bad customer service name oscar superviser very bad customer service given bad spk w me, this company is bad employers have, i am dont recomended to going credit w you , my self have 10yrs working customer service strive for 555, for 10 yrs have only 2 bad cards you oscar only diserve 111 bad customer service Read more

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I had financed a 2011 Mazda CX7 through this company. In September 2016 I was involved in a car accident. My insurance company totaled the car. In addition I had gap insurance. I carefully kept track of when the insurance payments were made. I continued to make my regular car payment. In November, my gap insurance made their payment. I contacted the company and asked what I owed after the gap paid. I was told I owed $173 (rounded to the nearest... Read more

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This experience with this company has been the worst ever. It started off okay. Recently I wasn't behind and they repossessed my vehicle. I called on a Wednesday and they told me I needed to pay X amount and I would need to speak with my account manager to discuss further. I called three times that day and she never answered nor returned my call. On Friday, I called to set everything up and make the payment. She then told me a different amount... Read more

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I bought a car at the end of July, and they happened to be the financing bank. I have been making payments on time, since my first due month, September, and have never been late. On my 4th payment (December), they added $98 (2*49) on my account without my knowledge. When I called to ask them about the fees, they said that the two ($49) fees were late fees because the dealership should've told me that the first payment was due in August instead... Read more

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