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I'm extremely disappointed in Fitbit. We purchased a Surge 15 months ago. And as many of you have experienced the underside of the band has cracked, the top of the band is de-laminating, notching holes in the band have torn, and the face is not registering "swipes". While Fitbit has some great features, their service policies stink. We paid over $200 for an electronic device that now has no value or capacity to provide the intended functions.
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I liked
  • Relatively accurate monitor
I didn't like
  • No repairs after 90 day warranty

100% full

Why would I want to purchase another watch when it was obviously going to do the same thing. I had posted a link from a Fitbit community posting of many others who have the same exact problem. Apparently this is a known and common problem with this watch. I would not purchase for ever recommend another fit bit product since they're not standing by their product.
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My Fitbit died before its warrant was up and I have been promised a replacement for months. They messed around by saying they didn't have my correct address. I complained to you v I got three e mails saying it had been shipped. I told them yesterday it hadn't arrived. Got e mail saying it will be shipped in the week. Poor product. Poorer company. Liars. Lots of cheaper better products out there. .
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I liked
  • Tracking steps and sleeo