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I am disappointed that it takes so long to maintain equipment .I have seen two-three machines out of order for more that 3 weeks. Also the cable TV is no-longer available. My concern is that they are having difficulty to properly finance the "Fit For Less " locations and eventually they will all close down. The staff do not have any understanding of what is happening with the equipment maintenance etc. etc. I am disappointed that it takes so...
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We pay our membership fee to work out, not to sit and wait for members to get off machines once they are done their texts, AND I do not need to hear conversations between two men which every 2nd word began with a "F" Like the variety of machines, location is good. Some employees friendly but for the majority you never see them. Another problem/pet peeve would be that I can not submit this unless I have 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100...
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Anonymous "I people hear people swearing, therefore this is a bad gym D,="
Lol. Get over it.

Not happy with this gym. Not much equipment to choose from and it gets really busy which gives you even less equipment to choose from. I've completed a year with this gym and now if i renew the cost of membership has gone up. Totally not worth it, I would rather pay a little more and go to a real gym. Too bad there isn't many 'World Gym' locations in the GTA cause they charge $10 a month and its by far a way better gym than fit for less. I...
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Fit4less Gym Facility Review

Very bad!!! They have no water. No good air circulation. No proper changrooms. Staff acting very bad. Equipments out of order for many months and more and more! When I contacted their office and talked to them about my concerns, they responded by saying, You only pay $10 per month and we can not do any better. I will never go back there again!!!