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AngryAnd yes indeed ... would you really like to know how would you like to know I don't think Doug will you be with him
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Karleen G


Explaining about a donation for March 1 2017 and want to know the detail of the actually donation being or have been donated to my charity of choice. But didn't get a chance to explain properly.... The customer service representative was talking over me on what I was mostly concerned of and she didn't give me the opportunity to explain. She was rude and talking over me. Honestly it was like she was rushing me to finish my conversation and concerns.
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Preferred solution: To make sure Autism of society of Alabama received their donations

Faustine Fzc

Triple charged on my donation

Left a message Donation ID D1187****, 279, 278
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
Nieko Edj

Anuerysm awareness walk 2018,sf

furnace in San Francisco California on May 6th I just tried making a donation on to my webpage and I was supposed to type in $50 but it typed in $5,000 my name is Laura Thomas my phone number is 530-908-**** the recipient his name is Gary and Margie Bridgeman again it's supposed to be $50 not 5000
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised