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I am in the process of purchasing a house and the utilities have been turned off due to it being a foreclosure.i contacted Met Ed to have the electric turned back on for inspection and the first time I called I was on hold for 40 minutes which is absolutely ridiculous. When i finally did get someone on the phone I find out that the previous owners "tampered" with something and that I needed to have an electrical inspector go out to make sure...
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I didn't like
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We had our power cut off for one month being late.They claim their was 3 attemps of notice, for sure we know at least one wasnt. Not as an excuse for us but we just bought this home and we had; sewer back up in the house twice , neutrilizer break and that caused black mold to grow , air condition break all in and around the same time as the bill was due. We over saw it and by accident missed one month. If we would have gotten the one call prior...
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h.kitchener You are avoiding responsibility for your actions. No pay, no service. Simple.

Never got a shut off notice.I know I was accidently late on my bill I just got it in the mail the day before and said a double payment was due in september. I work up and bam power was out I paid the bill and they refuse to turn it back on same day. I have a infant in the house and I know it was my fault I owed them ,84 dollars. But really shut my power off for being a month late. Btw this is the first time in my whole life I have been late...
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Anonymous Same , and I mean the same exact thing happened to my family today. They said the called and left a message. 1. We don't have an answering machine its 2016 2. All incoming c...