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I am a former employee of First Solar. They are a Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant with numerous locations and one in Perrysburg, Ohio . I have been ( in my opinion and as the facts stated will show you) racially discriminated against by this company. I was driving Forklift in the shipping dept. working 12 hour shifts. I went into shipping in Feb. 2007. In May 2007 I picked up a pallet of panels and didn't realize the pallet was bad, upon making a turn the pallet broke and I was written up. Long story short ( there is more to this ) I was terminated. Yet, an African American man with the same number of Forklift incidents was kept. Please read the story of what actually occured at my free site and at I filed charges with the EEOC in Detroit Michigan.
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I've worked at First Solar and on my shift, if you were african american, you could do whatever the *** you please. The supervisor was african american and always gave perks and special treatment to all the african americans workers.

If you did the same thing they did though, write ups or threats of firing occurred. Not much you can do about it since there's no union or actual rules. They can fire you for literally no reason. I've seen it done a few times.

If a supervispr doesn't like you, they'll make up something and your canned. The happiest moment of my life is when I got out of there.

Shady business all around. I've never seen a place so poorly ran and people treated like they do at that place!


You can read the whole story at Just put the words First Solar in the search line.

We also posted an email from another previous employee. See what he states, and why he says First Solar wrongfully terminated him also. We have kept his email address un disclosed , We have given it to our Attorney incase he wants to contact him also. FIRST SOLAR EMPLOYEES.



They hired one man who could not pass the required test to be hired into production. Yet the CEO Told them to Hire him anyway, Going against their own Company Policy and requireents.




Hey Gerry, "stunned" is more than likely an HR employee trying to take the light off of the Racial Discrimination facts that we and our Attorney, and the EEOC has.

The great thing about this is that, they can't retract the "under oath" unemployment review hearing audio disc we have of them lieing. Nor the other eveidence I will not mention until our Attorney brings them to court. We now see how so called friends from First Solar treat you when you stand up against Firs t Solars lies and injustice.

Funny how this guy, or gal keeps coming back making statements , as if it makes a difference. Let's just wait and see how it all turns out once the true facts with written and audio proof gets to the courthouse. FIGHT ON AGAINST THE RACIAL DISCRIMINATION COMMITTED BY FIRST SOLAR. WHO CARES WHAT A FEW SO CALLED FRIENDS HAS TO SAY. THESE WERE NOT AND ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYWAY. FRIENDS WOULD LOOK AT ALL THE FACTS . LIKE I SAID THIS IS MORE THAN LIKELY A PLOY BY A FIRST SOLAR REP TRYING TO TAKE THE LIGHT OFF OF THE ILLEGAL ACTS THEY HAVE COMMITTED. IT WON'T WORK . So I say Gerry, fight it all the way to the SUPREME COURT if necessary . Down with Racial Discrimination . We're in this for the long haul.

Im Gerry's Father and Proud Of it, and NOT AFRAID TO TELL YOU WHO I AM


LARRY - THAT'S Dad for you who don't know .


To "stunned": I did hit a pole regarding my first incident, I never denied that or tried to shove the blame. I took that responsibility.

But when I asked managment to take a look at the pallet after the second incident, they amazingly "couldn't find it" when I placed it by supervision's office in North plant. Regarding my Third incident, if a supervisor says "come in" and you come in like they said, you should be able to trust them to do what they said they would do. No animousity towards that team lead, but regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incidents, the problem is regarding racial discrimination. A black male has had 3 similar incidents, and was overlooked.

As a consequence, I returned to the fork which led to my third incident because I was lied to and told I would not be canned. After all, the black male which had 3 wasn't canned, why would I think I would be? So I returned to the fork. However, things were not as I was told from more than one source.

I was terminated contrary to what I was told would happen. I was treated differently than another employee - simple as that. And yeah, I'm not too worried about losing any so-called friendship with you. I'm sure you were shocked to see a person stand up for their civil rights and do something unlike what many cowards would do.

But I don't fill the "take your lumbs" mold. The law requires that be corrected. If it were possible to lose my case, then it doesn't change the fact that First Solar is a discriminatory company - and that will not change despite what happens to me. So why not fight that?

I will. I'm sure I'll spend long winter nights sitting up, grieving about the wonderful friends I've lost, but for the time being, I couldn't care less. I saw another former employee out, and he was fine with me. Don't care one way or the other.

It's just you (the one person trying to throw out your illogical half-thought out adverse comments) that have a problem with the recourses I have taken.

Get a life, dude. I'll live mine to fight injustice.


First of all im not afraid of you or anyone else. I mean what are you gonna do come beat me up.

All this is about is you guys trying to sue for money and when you lose then what? Second of all the whole truth like his first incident was him hitting a pole out in the middle no where at full speed. Second incident faulty pallet? Yeah right how turning the corner to fast and losing the load oh yeah which fell on a pole.

Third incident hitting the door and blaming somebody else it is your responsibility to make sure the door is all the way open. All of which im sure were write in which you get three right ups inside a year and you are fired. That is anyone at First Solar not just Gerry. I did feel bad for Gerry and would of wished him well but I didnt have his e-mail, his address, or his phone number.

Dont mean i didnt concider him a friend.

When i seen that he is blaming everyone else that works there besides him made me realize what type of person he really was. Good riddens and good luck cause you will need it.


If your going to try to quote scripture , please look them up first. Money is not the root of all evil. Again your facts are distorted. The biblical quote is found in 1st Timoty chapter6 vs.10 "FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL" Money is a tool , that's why you work isn't it ? The issue we have against First Solar is the Racial Discrimination and unfair treatment Gerry received. Even Paul in the Bible appealed to Rome, You need to read God's word before you start bringing Jesus into a public conversation.They killed Jesus because he spoke the truth and it made them angry. This is what's happeneing here and at my ripoffreport. People like you just can't handle the truth.

Numerous Lies were told from First Solar. We have the 100% recorded proof. If you don't like what were doing TOUGH. We want justice to be served. That's why we have a Judicial System.

Now , leave room for smeone else and go on with your life

Signed "DADDY"


So now ( Mr I will hide behind the name ''Funny") , wants to bring Jesus in to this. Yes , You are afraid , You are a Coward.

That is why you do not post your real name. I am just stating the facts just as I always have . If you knew Jesus or his Father you would have read his word and found out that he to gets angry when his children are mistreated and abused. It's called LOVE .Read what he has done in the past to those who came against his children.

I'm not sure you would understand. Yes, we can see how fond you were of Gerry, again , Where is your concerned phone calls since last January ?

Where is your concerned visits ? And so you can understand , Gerry was racially discriminated against, so, since the proof we have so far has the interest of the EEOC and our Attorney we will just see if the case has merit. evidently the Attorney sees it, and the EEOC is investigating it, and I think I might already know who you are.

You may be that guy who claims christianity ,yet pre judges people beore you get to know them. Regardless we really are not too concerned with your opinion. We're just making sure to tell the WHOLE TRUTH. and the people we named are directly involved with the case.

You need to know what your talking about before you run your mouth too much. It's interesting how people like you don't even know the real truth,makes a very uneducated statment. Let's just wait until the EEOC is finished and The Attorney and the Court system does their job. One thing for sure everyone, including you will answer to God.

All Liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire. Jesus is my brother.


Ok daddy get mad and start throwing insults because somebody disagrees with you. Im sure Jesus is proud of you.

I wont put my name up because it is none of your busines what my name is. Im not afraid of you or First Solar because as you can see Im defending you. Im also just an average employee like Gerry was not management. At one time I was very fond of Gerry but I have now lost all respect for him.

I guess when we hit hard times we see how quickly we turn on our friends. You flat named people that had nothing to do with Gerry being fired just average employees just trying to make a living not management. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

All this is about is money. Remember it is the root to all evil.


I want to say , Gerry received numerous e-mails and phone calls other co workers at First Solar. We have saved them all and have turned them over to our Attorney and The EEOC investigator.

It's interesting how some of you encouraged Gerry with e-mail and phone calls etc.. Telling Gerry as J. S. did. "Go for it Gerry", and " We're all behind you." Now that he has Went for it, your behind him alright. so far back we can't see or hear from you now. I'm glad we saved your e-mails .And it's amazing that phone calls can be recorded too.

Thanks for the encouraging words, e-mail and previous comments, but , where did you go ? Then that last statment from "STUNNED" who is so much of a coward he or she hides behind a fake name , says how much he or she liked Gerry H-M-M-M We didn't hear our phone ringing from your friendly calls, we didn't hear the door bell ring as you stopped by to visit and see how Gerry ( whom you supposedly liked so much) is doing. So if you ignore him when you see him somewhere. I don't think he will know it's happening. Ha ha ha ha. it's not like you were a friend or something.

I have contacted a major T.V. talk show host about Racial Discrimination. Specifically about what has happened to Gerry at First Solar, If we get the go ahead from our Attorney to Tell our Story

This will finally get some national and maybe even world wide recognition. If the talk show host wants to run our story I will post the dates it will aire at the site. view the whole story at the site .Just put the words First Solar in the search box at the site.

Hopefully one more story out there will help get this kind of treatment stopped at companies that think they can get by with it

Gerry's Dad, and Proud of It.


The charges Gerry Filed with the EEOC has plenty of merit, You Mr. or Ms( hide behind the word "stunned") don't have your facts straight.

but, our Attorney and the EEOC investigator does. We now have an audio tape where the First Solar Rep. Lied under oath. Your the one that dosen't know the whole "true story" I'm sure Gerry could care less if you ignore him or not.

He's a real Man ,and dosen't just "take his discrimination lumps" as you suggest. and walk away. That's what cowards like you would do. Were gonna fight this Racial Discrimination all the way to court if necessary and could care less what you think about it.

Now Mr.or maybe it's Ms. Hide behind a phony name when you post.have courage , post your real name . Ha, I'm sure that will never happen.

So. just go back to your corner and hide

Larry, Gerry's Dad, and I'm not afraid to post my name

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