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I've been with this bank for going on 6 years. I usually have no issues bc I have direct deposit. I don't o negative in my account or anything. But recently, in the last year or so, things have changed. I have a military account. It used to be free but not anymore, I have to have direct deposit. Money orders used to be free (and a major selling point) but not anymore. By some stroke of bad luck I had an item go through that sent my account... Read more

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I was told that a check I deposited would be held for 7 days and the 7days have came and gone. The bank I wrote the check from said the check hasn't been presented to them for it to be deposited. What is the problem. Both banks are in Texas. I'm gonna close this account. Not liking how you guys work.

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I have two checking accounts with this bank. I set up an one time auto bill pay for $275.00 to be drafted from my account. In error I set it up to come out of the wrong account which did not have the funds available. Instead of the transaction being cancelled or notifying me that there were insufficient funds or even taking the account that had the funds available they processed it anyway resulting me being charged $168.00 in overdraft fees! ... Read more

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I been this bank over 3 years!!!!! I filed some disputes on my card 3 i handle on my own 1 they gave me my money back. With that they gave me a PREPAID card not linked to my account. So now that i have had a wrecked, no car, no money! At home with a toddler and broken foot, they continue to tell me to go inside the bank to transfer money!!!! How? Its not my fault its scammers in this world. I WILL NEVER BANK HERE AGAIN LEAVING A CHILD HUNGRY... Read more

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When I opened my account I was told once my direct deposit hit I would be credited $9.99. Never happened! I went to the bank and spoke with Customer service about it and both times it was "supposedly" sent to a supervisor for credit which never happened. The Fees are ridiculous! I am supposed to have overdraft but guess what? They return items and charge NSF fees due to items that are in pending status and have not come through your account... Read more

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I have the same problem with this bank when ever I have alot in my account, they u won't post any ach payment from my other credit card company, but when I didn't have enough in my account they will quickly post 2nd day and charge me nsf. I aint never see bank post ach from other credit card company for just 1 day. All I see is 3-5 business days. But if I had enough to pay the ach payment they delay for 4 days to post cos waiting for me to spend... Read more

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After some time of having around 20 or so dollars in my bank account, as a student out of work you don't put money into a second bank account, they deactivated it making it impossible to use any of the funds. When calling about this they asked obscure questions about my account and accused me of trying to steal my own identity, the customer service representative was unsure how to deal with the situation and unsure how to navigate the web sight,... Read more

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This bank was the cause of the errors on my account, then refused to waive the numerous fees on my account. I reported them to the BBB today and I'm currently in talks with an attorney to take my case to small claims court. I'm speaking with different media outlets to get the word out about this bank and every single time I see them trying to get someone to sign up I make sure to stop them before they make one of the worst mistakes. I will not... Read more

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I opened a checking account about 4 years ago, cause Im in and out of town and needed access to cash, kept a balance of 200-500 dollars, last week got a statement that they were charing me $35 for 10 month of inactivity...called and raised ***, they basically made fun of me...the asked to send me my balance and they had a $5 fee for that. Those bastards stole $40 from me for them to use my money. I never got a notice or any type of warning. ... Read more

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I cannot believe that this bank would rather not waive an overdraft fee as a one time courtesy that was only there for one day, than keep me as a customer. I swear they have no kind of customer service and they are not willing to work with you. I would not recommend this bank. Not worth it. Unless you like to pay fees for everything, including calling customer service. It will be more expensive to bank with them regardless of your direct... Read more

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