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Resolved: Horrible company filled with horrible people

This company and their 'friends' are truly the worst people I have ever come across. They are mean and nasty and hateful. I don't think everyone is harassing me. I can prove I am being harassed by this company. Don't believe this nonsense. They can't even write a comment that isn't full of venom and hate. I suffered a terrible trauma at the hands of First Class Cleaning. Instead of ever even once showing any concern, they have attacked me full force. Be careful with this company. I find the comment get a life very amusing. I have a life. But these people who make these comments seem to have nothing better to do than research my personal and professional information and then they post it to the web. Does that sound like sweet, kind people? i'm sure the vast majority of their cleanings are fine. But things happen, and a professional company would handle it in a professional way. What I'm getting instead is hate. I sincerely pray everyday that God shows them a better path in life. For every hateful, mean thing they write or get their "friends" to write, I receive kindness back 10 fold. It's been amazing to see God's love through other people during this time. God is good and he sustains me. I truly pray he will change these people and they will see the love and kindness that life can give. Just as a point of reference. This was posted to my yelp account yesterday. This person pulls up my yelp account every day and posts a new, ugly thing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things I Love watching you make a fool of yourself..haha. The day you decided to put my personal info in a review (my name) is when I decided to put your info out there. 2 can play this game. Stop making yourself look like a need a shrink for all of your issues. Pathetic!! My Hometown Arlington TX Why You Should Read My Reviews Only speak the truth and not here to only bash and lie and assume Don't Tell Anyone Else But... You are an ***...shhhh, well im sure we all know that now Most Recent Discovery you based a diagnosis on someones "opinion"?? YOU'RE AN ***!!!
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issue resolved


I got an email today from pissedconsumer asking if this company has contacted me and resolved the problem. Given all the hate from the comments, you can see that they will never make any attempt to resolve this issue.

It's really strange to me why they won't. It's part of doing business honestly. I filed a complaint resolution through Angie's List since that is where I found the company to begin. This company of course refused to settle but instead sent a very large letter to Angie's List.

The very kind young woman who was helping me with the resolution process gave me a heads up that it was coming. It was an envelope about a 1/2 inch thick. I didn't open it but instead threw it in the trashcan that was at the street just waiting for the trash truck. I live a life of love and kindness.

They don't get to send their hate to my house.

Love and peace to all even to First Class Cleaning. I hold no hatred in my heart for anyone.


This is so sad. All the anger that flows from you and anyone associated with you breaks my heart.

I can only feel pity. All the hateful things written about me, I have never once responded in anger and hate. I haven't spent one minute looking for your personal or professional information. I don't care.

You are not relevant to my life. I don't know you or anyone associated with you. I have a legitimate concern with the carpet cleaning and the technician and First Class Cleaning. You don't own this company.

Why do you care? This is a closed issue. Move on with your life. Certainly you have a life.

One of your reviews mentioned your daughter having a baby shower, focus your attention on your coming grandchild. Grandchildren are a wonderful blessing. I was in the room when my baby grandson was born. To witness his first moment was incredible, I will always cherish that memory.

He came out and my heart sang. He was beautiful. And now when I visit, he runs to the front door to give me a hug and kiss. Family and love are what grounds us.

Focus on that and please leave me alone.

Maybe consider some anger therapy. If you work on your issues, you will become a happier person. Life is too short to be filled with anger and hatred of someone that you don't know.

I have no idea what is going on in your life that would cause you to spend so much time on me. Figure it out.

Change your life. You will find peace.


I don't know if you realize this but everything done to my review comes to my email. Everything I tried to say to you seems to have just bounced off your body and floated away.

Already you mark the review with a down arrow.

i feel very sorry for you.


um actually no, I did not mark that with a down arrow, someone else did. and just to be sure, I did click it to verify, I have NO reason to lie to you because you are NO sweat off my back!

I dont care WHAT goes to your email!!! I have read your reviews and replies. for the record, I am a very happy person, I dont need counseling or anger management. Everyone is entitled to a review and an expression....just like I am entitled to reply to EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that is posted.

But there is a difference between reviewing, and slander of a business. You are just spinning your wheels and you make no sense. You really need to know what you are talking about before you start spewing *** out of your mouth, im not talking about your reviews with First Class, im talking about what you have posted as far as in MY reviews and comments. As of this morning, I have read your responses and I told myself that I was not going to lay it to rest.

HOWEVER, it appears that you keep feeding fuel to the fire. Laura - I have absolutely no problem laying this down..but I WILL NOT lay it down while you keep on and on and on!

So, either we can end this NOW..or you can keep on replying and I will do the same. The ball is in your court to drop it or lets keep going!


my typo above - I told myself I WAS going to lay it to rest


first of all, this was posted to YOUR yelp account? No dear, this was posted to MY account..get it right!

Also, per your quote: "This person pulls up my yelp account every day and posts a new, ugly thing." Being that this was NOT posted on your account, you actually had to go to another persons account in order to see this stuff, this is not information that is available unless you go to the persons account. You sit here and type all of this nonsense that makes no sense. You are just as bad as I am!

Again, your comment: "But these people who make these comments seem to have nothing better to do than research my personal and professional information and then they post it to the web." Apparently YOU also have nothing better do to than to research someones yelp account to see IF they put up anything new, and like I said - your personal information was thrown on the web AFTER you decided to put MY personal NAME in your review. So before you go and blame others, and make you out to be the "good one", make sure you do the same.

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Poor customer service
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Resolved: Beware of First Class Cleaning in Mansfield or Arlington TX

Update by user Nov 26, 2014

Please, Please just leave me alone. I know that you are on the internet trying to find out anything about me.

Why? Please, Please go away. Focus on you! This pissedconsumer review has been out here for over 2 months.

All the sudden yesterday, three people post hateful comments? Come on... Tend to the business on your side of the world. I am not an interesting person by any means.

There is nothing to be gained from your anger. All this does is hurt you. I have a friend who told me that revenge gives a person a short term feeling of satisfaction but in the long run causes emotional pain. Please read this in the sincere way that I mean it.

I'm sure that outside of this issue you are a perfectly nice person.

Fall back on that and use it as a guide for treating others. Just go away.

Update by user Sep 23, 2014

I've had the weekend to think about this some. And do not ignore my review.

The owner of this company has done everything to defame my name and behavior. I decided I will NOT BE BULLIED. They seemed to be upset that I am writing reviews all over the internet but that just means that I getting to them which would be a table turned thing. I've written reviews in several places only to later find they have been deleted.

What does that tell you about this company? I've spent the last 2 months in despair and depression from their work. What they did to me, changed my life.

It rocked my faith pretty hard. Please prevent this from happening to you.

Update by user Sep 19, 2014

I tried to delete this posting but this service does not allow updates or deletes. If you read it, please ignore.

I'm being bullied by this company and am trying to stop them from continuing by removing all of my reviews.

Original review posted by user Sep 19, 2014
This site does not allow room for me to write an extensive review of this company. So if you would like to read my story, go to yelp and look for the review under Laura L. This situation has gotten way out of control and that truly reflects the culture of the company. I am very saddened that this has become necessary. If they had just done the right thing to begin with, no one would ever even know. Please before you hire this company read my story. You need to be aware of their practices and the types of employees they will send into your home. Also, every person that employs a company for a service has the right to write a review either negative or positive. First Class Cleaning is trying to take that right away from me. The takeaway -- Be warned. Have a nice day. I believe in Karma
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issue resolved


For a response to your update for today - as I stated in the last reply, I have no problem leaving you alone..HOWEVER, apparently you are loving this or you wouldn't keep on replying to me, and updating your review, you keep adding fuel to the fire. Oh honey, Im not on the internet finding out things about you..dont flatter yourself lol.

Yes, I may know a few things..but AGAIN, as I stated..I will lay it down as long as you STOP replying. You reply, I reply..see the pattern? Thats how it works.

Actually I am a very nice person outside of this issue..too bad you wont ever see that part. Ill go away...when you stop feeding my fire.


I posted this comment on my other review but it is applicable here. These people, who ever they are, can only spew anger and hatred at me.

I do not know any of them. I have a legitimate dispute with First Class Cleaning. Where all these people come from, I have no idea. They don't know me and I don't know them.

Honestly, given the way they write about someone they don't know, I never want to meet them. Life should be filled with goodness and kindness and love. To live life any differently, is to live a life of waste. Focus on your life.

Leave me alone. If you can only feel anger, go to an animal shelter and volunteer. If you are Christians, look at opportunities through your church. Focus on being a blessing to those around you.

I can tell you that serving others will pull you outside of your paranoid, strange world. Serving others is humbling.

And please consider anger management. Something is seriously wrong.

Get some help. Find love and peace.


Be warned about this reviewer. She is out to seek attention, she thinks everyone is after her, harassing her, and whatever else she can get sympathy for.

She is the most pathetic person I have ever heard of. If you literally do not kiss her A**..she will blast any company that serves her. She is a money seeking, greedy, low life human.

Be warned about her. Good luck!


You are such a dumb person!!! Get a life!!

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Keller, Texas
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
To warn others to beware of this company

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