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First Capital Insurance Customer Care Review

Horible service. Too much selling instead of listening to what im asking. Policy quoted not the coverage gained. Unable to speak with principle agents to gain clarification
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Middleburg, Florida
First Capital Insurance Customer Care
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Poor customer service

My Homeowners Policy got cancelled!

Signed up for Home as well as Auto Insurance through Ist. Capital. My auto policy was revised without my knowledge and my credit card was charged more than $300. monthly. I never signed an application for auto, was never notified about increase in premium. I communicated with the office via email mostly. I had my credit card company disputed and refunded me. I changed auto to different carrier. Received mail from American Integrity Insurance Group stating my Homeowners Policy will not be renewed- 1st. Capital Insurance, Inc no longer represents them as a Voluntary Agent. Now have to look for new Homeowners Insurance!!
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A notice about an increase in premium would have come directly from the auto carrier. Please call the office regarding your Homeowner's policy.

The American Integrity policies are being rewritten.

Thank you.

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Florida, United States

Poor service/ inadequate staff/ unlicensed individuals posing as licensed

Wow what an experience,never thought when I hired them to help me with homeowners insurance all I was supposed to do was pay them and the rest was up to me. No correspondence from them or a phone call when citizens needed better info. They just let receptionists handle insuring my property. When I called to find out why Citizens sent me a new bill, I was told by the receptionist that I had to send colored pictures, no one explained how I was supposed to do this and the staff pretended they weren't there since it was 15 min away from quittin time... what a joke, amatuers, folks beware you get what you pay for and Guy Vardi is the biggest joke, he was offended by my anger, great customer service skills Guy. Haven't heard the last from me....
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:cry me a river

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Boca Raton, Florida
New Reviewer

New Homeowners insurance policy: not paid in full???

My homeowners was cancelled by State Farm (I had them for 22 years). I waited until December to get another insurance policy in hopes of getting a better price after hurricane season was over. I got the insurance policy through 1st Capital Insurance and paid the premium of $1969 in full (which was a great price!). Well, a week after the policy was issued and mailed to me along with a bill for $793! The agent even asked if I wanted to pay the premium in full or over time! What should I do now??? I'm afraid this Citizens Policy isn't even real!!
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please email me alimad5@***.net


I have had this happen two me twice I just changed carriers I think I will be seeing my 3rd rodeo. It's called bait and switch.

Oldest trick in the book. Unacceptable.

They are not fined so they continue this lawlessness. Trish Krause


I have had this happen two me twice I just changed carriers I think I will be seeing my 3rd rodeo. It's called bait and switch.

Oldest trick in the book. Unacceptable.

They are not fined so they continue this lawlessness. Trish Krause


Please email me the info at bobj813@***.com


i have information that can help you get justice. leave me your email and ill send you the investigators info


if you would like to make a complaint against them to the people who will bring them to justice i can help you. just leave me your email and ill send you all the info needed

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Washington, District Of Columbia
New Reviewer

L O S E R S =1st capt insurance

some "professional" building they have. Poor losers are not even certified and we do have the proof to prove it this time :) When the board comes ringing on the door this time, you are going to be chopped and screwed. Have fun f*&%king everyone else over! Don't worry, we will continue to call and complain and get our money whether you like it or not. Suck it you *** ILLEGAL insurance douches! Victory will be ours for the win while you all sit behind bars and get stuck with legal fees. Have a great day 1st Capital Insurance! You sure know how to *** ALL of us over :)
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Employee from. 2009 are u avaulable to talk?

We are currently working w/ a lawyer. We can coordinate via email or phone.


Whoever says these people are Licensed is full of ***. I started working there in 09 I was the first employeee at the margate office.





Unfortunately for you, you most are NOT. It will be a pleasure seeing you again when your not stoned Jeff.

When you have a NEW employee working with you, don't sit across desks talking about getting high as the sky with MIKE. YOU HAVE A FAMILY ***


Unfortunately for you, we are licensed. I am sorry for your luck.

You can threat all you want. It is so sad. Good luck!

We will do wonderful without you. Thank God for that!

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Tampa, Florida
New Reviewer

1st Capital Insurance Theif and liar Mr. Vardi!

I work for this **** for a few short months. This **** finally paid me after a month and a half!!! That's not the worse part, the check was only for $250!!! Are you kidding me Mr. V??!!! I put in my two weeks and still did not receive my check!!! I am livid at this Guy Vardi! As far as the fraud goes, this **** hires people with no insurance license!!!! How in the world is that legal?? There is still people in his office selling and binding coverage!! I am 100 percent sure of that. Moral of the story, something HAS to be done! How did this **** even get a chance to open an agency?? Let alone 2!!! If anyone reading this is a customer of 1st Capital Insurance, I suggest you ask your "Agent" if him/her are licensed and switch insurance companies immediately!!!!!
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if you would like to take the Vardi's down leave me your email and ill send you the info you need to get justice served. i know your pain. his time is just about up


I am too waiting on my final check and it has been a year. Guy Vardi was licensed as a 220 agent back in jan 08 and 2 weeks later he opned 1st capital insurance.

He had the money to do so because in the past 9 years he has had 7 companies he's owned and had opened for two yrs max and shut them down. fishy,huh? I was the first agent he had working in the margate office when it opened in dec of 09. I was out of 11 employees the only one licensed.

When I put in my two weeks he fired me and has not sent in my check. I'm out $800. But the thing is is that guy is a ***. He's a little punk coward and the one running the show even all the way from tampa is his fiancee tara valentine.

Someone needs to review these complaints. Five of us have gone to the oir and they have started an investigation. They has pictures of everyone that has walked in and out of that office, what's going on with the investigation I don't know.

But he and her and his mother too will burn in *** very soon. Trust that

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Riverview, Florida

1st Capital Insurance (Guy Vardi): Insurance Fraud, Employee Abuse, and Theft

I am pissed that this con is trying to represent the insurance industry but he will be investigated and also will lose his license for fraud. I have a 440 insurance agent license, I interviewed with Guy Vardi owner 1st Capital Insurance 2515 N SR-7 Ste 213, Margate Florida 954.623.6164 Ext:101 also owner in Tampa 3619 W Kennedy Blvd 3360* 813.739.8705 Ext: 10. I asked some specific questions during the interview and was told don't worry about it. I started that Monday to find out a fellow student of insurance school was also their working. I asked her for the details on the operations to find out she gets paid minimum wage, recieves no bonuses for her deals, never recieved an appointment which are all essential as a licensed insurance agent and the company currently May 21 2010 has 5 UNLICENSED employees closing, informing, handling payments, coordinating and closing Homeowners insurance contracts as if they knew what they were doing and all unlicensed! THIS IS ILLEGAL!!!!! This office can be shut down ASAP, IRS run through there and he will pull jail time! He is fattenning his pockets through intimidation, and the employees and customers don't both know that fraud is taking place. I quitly packed my desk and after 5 days was out. To *** with his $250 for the week, where do we live in Israel? 6 previous employees had all packed up and left once they put two and two together before me never to see their final pay. My fellow student had been fired the Weds before I left on Friday May 21, 2010 and has filed a complaint with the the Florida Department of Insurance (they regulate the whole insurance industry!), and the BBB and this will hopefully start the investigation process and maybe he will learn that you can't run insurance fraud on americans. I am embarassed for even having to mention this but proud for never lowering to his level and never feeling intimidated by this little kid punk, I thought he was hilarious for being such an idiot and obviously out of his gore not to think he will not land in jail very soon. He called me that Friday evening on my cell that it wasn't going to work out and to never return and hung up never to let me respond! Why would I return and wasn't my cleared desk enough of a sign? He should have thanked me for not calling the authorities while I was there, for not causing a scene as I should have for all that I witnessed. He is highly confused on how to run a proper, legal, professional, respectful Insurance agency in Florida. I feel sorry for all the clients that don't know what they are dealing with. I apologized to his one unlicensed employee that I befriended Zack that didn't know what was "really" going on. Guy Vardi is a thief, a liar, and a con.
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How'd all those lawsuits work out for you guys? Thats what I thought 8)




Your comments fraud. Don't be mad, because you have a bad house and no insurance company wants you...sore loser!


This person has been a *** his entire life. He was a criminal in the mortgage industry before this.

He doesn't know how to run any business, is cheap as can be and his main *** is not paying his employees even when he clearly owes them money. Back when he was in mortgage he didn't even have a biz checking account; he used to pay me with personal checks and that was after hounding him about it when it was clear he doesn't have a legit payroll setup. And to boot he thinks he's a tough guy. He is a p u n k little joke who is going to get it and soon!

Enjoy the Mo's while you're out Guy, that prison food is noooooo good. But your main service in the big house will be something far more beneficial to the big'uns.


I believe he went to Gaither High School and graduated around 1995-****,not sure, but he was a doche bag


I worked there for a short time and like all before I'm still waiting for that last check. Pleas send me an email to kirk2444@***.com because I'd like to network.


sent out email to interested email. if i could contact the neweest commenter that would be nice i would like to network as much as possible to expose this tard for what a POS he is...peoples lives are not something for you to use to your advantage guy vardi,dekal vardi,michael,orlando,jeff hansell, tara valentine are all on our radar and i know you all read this forum. i hope you pay me and the others sooner that later or your world will come crashing down faster than you can imagine


Hi all, me and another ex employee started this page last year. I was the first employee of 1st capital insurance back in dec of 09 when he opened in margate fl.

I was the ONLY licensed agent, besides him, working in his office out of the 11 employees he had there. If the oir looks at the policies bound they will see that they are full of ***. If God forbid a clients house burns down they will see the coverages they do not have because of the lack of insurance knowledge of these "agents". Guy vardi is a fraud and the only one that sucked up to him and fell for his lies was benny benitez at the margate office.

He's the only one out of 11 employees that has come and gone due to his fradulence and the fact he didn't pay us when I left. I tried to put in my two week notice and he fired me without pay. That alone I can sue him for and have gotten a lawyer to do so but as we went further into the investigation we feel that the best is yet to come for guy. They have photographs of every "agent" in the office an they do know who is licensed and is not.

While I worked there I also faxed bound polices to the dept of insurance so that they can start the investigation. That's how *** guy is. I was reporting him for two months right under his nose using His own office equipment to send the oir the information they asked for in order to start the investigation. He also allowed us to vrete our own emails which I still have access to and used to contact the commissioner.

His wife, if we are speaking about tara valentine, had cancer? I didn't know but karma is a *** abd because guy is such a punk coward a lot of the way they run this business came from Tara. So I guess she started to get what she deserved. As I stated we are the originators of the investigation from 2009 and I have seen everyone come and go.

Anyone who claims they are licensed in that office is full of ***. The one time investigators did come throguh the margate office he lied an said another now ex emploee was in charge of marketing, zack blanke. All thw hile he was binding and soliciting insurance as eveyone else.

As a licensed 220 agent I will tell u tat binding and soliciting insurance without a license is a 3rd degree felony. If you were licensed you'd know that so if you work fr guy vardi, you better run now cause the heat is on.


Rain rain go away that's what all my haters say

My pockets stuck on overload my rain never evaporates

No need to elaborate most of these ducks exaggerate

-they probably still not working. lol. they lazy


I worked for this douch before and would like to know what kind of case is brewing. We all know he deserves it. jjprime2011@***.com...also have some info of my own.

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Miami, Florida

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