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My daughter and son-in-law went without water for 23 days because this company could not find a reputable plumber who would fix it.In 18 days they were able to send out a plumber who took a $65.00 deposit from them and never came back. Never an answer on the cell phone. They were finally told to find their own plumbing company. One of the largest plumbing companies said that they would not work with First American Warranty Company. They took...
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Every time you call to file a claim, they either don't have someone and you have to call and find a repair person , they give you a date over a week away or they give you a date for service and it's the wrong date. Sears was supposed to be here today and I had written the date when the rep gave it to me and now they say it's a week later. Don't know what the heck is going on with this company but they need to get their *** together.
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Scheduled them to fix my HVAC unit, they sent a tech and after 3 hours he said that the unit was fried and needs to be replaced due to an electric surge and they closed the case so I called them and they told me to bring a tech which I did and he found the problem and fixed it, then I called them and they asked me to send the bill for refund which I did and waited over 10 days for a call and nothing happened so I start calling them and it's the...
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I liked
  • Cost seemed reasonable
I didn't like
  • I have to call to see what is going on with a claim
  • Lack of communication
  • Careless attitude

First American Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim Review

Per the gas company our gas was shut off due to Faulty Appliance install venting of Hot Water Heater. First American home warranty company not willing to accommodate and be flexible to correct the problem. Two days without out water.I want First American to rectify this issue first by having this problem corrected, secondly, credit my account for three months.
I have paid for coverage since 2009 and knew the age of all items in house when purchased the policy.Now that I put in 2 claims they are saying both my a/c installed 40 years ago was improbably installed ... I'm Supried lasted this long and even paid for extended coverage....and water heater they paid for 3 years was improbably installed as well. Customer service has lied and hung up on the phone ....They just want to get out of paying for...
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brief version called multiple times , received 3 different answers to the status of my claim.asked to speak with a supervisor 2 times, the first time I was placed back in the ***. The second time I was placed on hold for 13 minutes and hung up on. going on 3 weeks since filing the claim and still no replacement microwave. I called the renewal department since my policy was up for renewal in a week and threatened to cancel. Their response was "...
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