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Bought a house in FL and when we walked through(before)we purchased the house noticed the dishwasher was not shutting. Bought house and dishwasher still not shutting. They had 2 different companies come out one was horrible wanted to take my dishwasher out of the house. The other was great but their hands were tied because of this crappy business. NEEDLESS to say we have been in the house for 4 months and still dealing with this issue. IE I...
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I've experienced a problem with both my dishwasher and oven for over a month now. First, I reported the dishwasher and then followed up with the over. They referred me to a Contractor who spoke English so poorly that I could barely understand them. The only thing clearly stated in perfect English is that you must pay $65 and this is stated multiple times. Then I finally had a call window and he was an hour and a half past the window when he...
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I didn't like
  • Bad service wait a long time for service they dont care
  • Zero accountability for anything
  • Hold time