Tyne Dky

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Ordered a wiring harness, waited for an email. No email or shipment. Just canceled the order without telling me. Won't buy from again!

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Didn't complete order, didn't notify me I won't buy from again. Can't trust them to deliver product.
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Preferred solution: Apology

Thomas F Tuk

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| map-marker Indianapolis, Indiana

I had a Christmas tree with decorations on it that I wanted to keep in one bedroom people with fire dogs knocked over Christmas tree busted ornaments and just left them lay on the floor like nothing w

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Workers knocked over a Christmas tree that I was wanting to keep and busted ornaments on the tree which were antiques and left it lay not saying anything about it nor cleaning it up. Also they removed an old snow plow that had hydraulic lines that they cut into and left hydraulic oil on my garage floor and did not offer to clean it up. Also done very poor job of cleaning up after themselves. I would not recommend fire dogs to any of my friends or Neighbors. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 317-523-****
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User's recommendation: Would not refer them to friends or family because of my experience

Michael Z Hij
map-marker Plainfield, New Jersey

Installation by Firedog? Never, Never Again

I had to schedule two appointments to install my TV on a motorized lift cabinet. They did not show up on the 2nd date and would have missed it entirely, but for the fact that I called and had to wait for their arrival over two hours after the scheduled time. The installers were rushing and not happy about coming at 6:00 PM. The two young men did a lousy job, dropped screws on my new wood floor scratching it and left nylon fasteners wherever they landed. They handed me a ball of garbage and a bunch of extra parts, asked if I could operate the mechanism and beat a path out my door as fast as they could. Don't, I repeat, don't ever engage Firedog to install anything. They do not honor their appointments and their installers are amateurs. I got zip for $299.00
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Pete i Uba
map-marker New York, New York


Several years ago, I had components for a home A/V system installed by Circuit City. Circuit City subsequently spun off its service division into a separate entity called Firedog. So, because I’d felt satisfied by Circuit City’s service in the past, I chose Firedog to handle two minor adjustments to the set-up. After reviewing Firedog’s offerings on line, on 6/6/08 I called Firedog to purchase the simplest option, called CONNECT3. But when confronted with my request, the salesman said that I should purchase the more expensive BASIC service instead. His stated reasons constituted gobbledygook to my ears, and when I politely asked him to please repeat himself, he did -- but with no more clarity than before. Years ago, before the Giuliani administration cleaned up the Times Square district here in New York (where I live), the neighborhood was infested with what some Manhattanites called gun-in-your-back electronics stores. Independently owned and operated, they specializing in over-priced, “gray market” merchandise (much openly labeled “NOT FOR SALE IN THE U.S.A.”), and the shops were staffed by greasy-haired salesman with shifty eyes reminiscent of two olives rolling around on a plate. Highly manipulative and exquisitely skilled at playing upon customers’ emotional vulnerability, these fast-talking ne’er-do-wells had a well-deserved reputation for being a pox on the city. Strangely, though my Firedog salesman represented a reputable, national chain, everything about his demeanor screamed that I was dealing with the sleazy, gun-in-your-back type of salesman. But against my better judgment, I allowed the guy to sell me the BASIC service. The pounding breathlessness with which he processed my credit card information and swiftly terminated the call was reminiscent of the hurried footsteps of a mugger, running away with my wallet. Two Firedog servicemen duly presented themselves at my apartment and performed the requested service -- which wound up being nothing more than turning a few switches on my already-installed equipment and explaining what to do if problems arose again. Ten minutes later, as I signed the contract acknowledging its completion, I remarked aloud that it seemed to me that CONNECT3 would have been the appropriate service package for my needs and that I felt I had been tricked into buying BASIC instead. “Oh,” one of the men declared, “customers complain about those Firedog salesmen ALL THE TIME.” Furious with anger, the next day I called Firedog to complain about what had been done, and the salesman openly admitted that my observation was correct. He explained that the sales staff works under strict instructions from management to try to over-sell services, and staff is even limited to exact language that is allowed with customers. Repeated entreaties to management for permission NOT to have to treat customers with such aggression had been to no avail. In any event, he could not make an adjustment to my purchase. Instead, that had to be done by a Massachusetts-based office, where the phone number -- 800-347-**** -- was handled by representatives devoted exclusively to Firedog services sold over the phone (as opposed to in-store or on line). It took numerous phone calls -- and long waiting periods on “hold” -- to get anyone to take action on my behalf. But eventually a conference call was set up with someone working under R.M., who is the operations manager for New York. The man queried me about exactly what the technicians had done. He then agreed that CONNECT3 -- not BASIC -- was indeed the service package that I should have been sold. The prescribed remedy was for me to buy a CONNECT3 package (costing $155.99 including tax), and I was promised that I would then be credited the full price of the BASIC package (which had cost me $187.19 including tax). A credit subsequently did appear on my credit card statement, on 6/12/08 -- but for only $20.80. Dismayed by the mis-handling of the issue, on 6/20/08, I wrote to Circuit City’s corporate headquarters in Virginia (“Attention: Firedog Customer Service/Refunds”), enclosing documentation and requesting that corrective action be taken. My letter never received so much as an acknowledgement. I also sent a copy of my letter (with its enclosures) as a “pdf” file attachment to an e-mail addressed to firedogsupport@***.com, and the response I received was simply a statement that I should call instead. Erroneously thinking it would be a simple matter to correct the problem, I didn’t keep track of all my subsequent calls to the Firedog office in Massachusetts. But conversations with at least a dozen customer service reps and repeated empty promises of follow-up finally led me to realize that I’d better start documenting everything -- so I’d have solid evidence of misconduct to present in Small Claims Court, which is where I inevitably seemed to be heading. Interestingly, after each customer service rep read through the files that had been created for each of my service orders, there was NEVER any disagreement about the issue: Firedog owed me $166.39. But returning my money to me could not be done without approval from someone else -- who would NEVER grant it. The last customer service rep I dealt with was R.S., an “elite agent” on Firedog’s so-called “G. O. Team,” whose three e-mails to Field Service Managers J.B. and M.L. never received responses. Finally I asked R.S. if I might be granted PART of the money owed to me, and he said “yes.” At his request to Circuit City’s corporate office in Virginia, a credit of $155.99 was finally issued on 7/29/08. It is UNCONTESTED that Circuit City’s Firedog is holding on to $10.40 of my money against my will, but I assume that management figures -- correctly -- that I do not consider that amount worth pursuing in Small Claims Court. Management can pat itself on the pack with pride over the success of its theft, but Firedog’s ill-gotten gain surely was offset several times over by the salaries paid to employees who had to deal with me. In the end, of course, EVERYONE loses in this case. It also bears mentioning that management policies unencumbered by the structures of integrity are unsustainable. So I daresay it is only a matter of time until Firedog management undergoes a pogrom perpetrated by higher levels in the Circuit City hierarchy. Either that, or competitors for whom business practices are based upon principles of fair dealing will eventually force Firedog to close altogether, for lack of business. If any Circuit City or Firedog employee who reads this posting has access to his/her employer’s computer records, the accuracy of my account can be verified by looking up my orders and reading their accompanying customer service rep notes. The Order Numbers are 4488-79**** and 4478-80****.
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coolboy p
map-marker Dekalb, Illinois

No laptop from circuit city nor no answer fro them when i going to get it back

I bought my Compaq laptop on Aug 2004 from circuit city. it worked fine for few months but it stated giving me problems. thank god i had extended warranty so they fix it but same issue it's circuit city people. they said they fix it and send me back after week or so it's same problem. so it went on for few years. but i had it so i went to circuit city store in Bloomingdale, IL. i told them issue that i had. they said they can't do anything so they have to send there department to fix it. i gave my laptop on July 18Th. they call me back after 2 weeks and said it's fix and i can pick up from the store. i was happy finally i am getting my laptop back cause every thing my work is done on my laptop. so i went in to store to pick up my laptop. because i know the issue i had it before so i told them to check it and turn it on front me so i check that it's working. but guess what it doesn't work. the fire dog people try many times. WOW!!!!! so i ask them what happens now and i can get new laptop since you guys can't fix it. he said they have to send it there department to fix it again. i was angry when i heard that but i guess it's OK i can't do anything anyways. so about week i called Bloomingdale store to ask what's status on my laptop they transfer to fire dog department, and they said they don't know so they have to call and find out and they going to call me back next day. next day no call from them. so around 5 pm i called again same answer they don't know so they are going to call me back. same again today i called again same answer so i kinda got angry and asked for new laptop instead of my old laptop, but they being nice to me and they hang up on me. so i am going to call there corporate tomorrow to get some answer from them . but still it's been 22 days and they are still fixing my laptop and no answer for me about my laptop.
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ralph s Jff
map-marker Seattle, Washington


i just bought a digital camera from circuit city.as part of the deal i got an online camera and setup training course by firedog.after checking out their website it didn't take long to figure out firedog is a complete ripoff.their service cost 49.99 and all the info comes free with any digital camera program.check out their website and you won't believe the prices they are asking for info that comes free with the wardware or is free on the net.do not be ripped off!i've talked to the tech's in india several times and they are free!
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map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Circuit City Fontana and their association with Firedog

My mom hired Firedog to come out and install a DVD player. The guy told my mom said she needed a HDMI cord, and wanted $60 for it, then he went down to $35. My mom told him to put it on her Circuit City card, the guy asked my mom for a personal check, and wanted it in his name, not Firedog or Circuit City. Red flags should have gone off, but my mom is a senior citizen, and feels everyone is basically honest. He took advantage of my mom...so Seniors beware or anyone else from Firedog that sells you unnessary things you don't need. Very unethical. I had my mom put a stop payment on the check.
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60 was for the premium cable set, 35 was for the lesser cable. These were normal prices for these high end cables when they came out.

Installing a dvd player? Really?

map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Firedog lost my laptop in 2007.

What the *** circuit city?! I have been waiting for 8 *** months and you *** lose my *** laptop?! What the ***! I want my frickin laptop now find it *** it! it has been gone for 8 *** months now and i keep calling to check up on it and all you *** keep saying is "no it's not back but we're looking for it." it appears to me that you little *** are *** with my patience and that you *** are doing a *** job at your job and you *** should be sued.
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